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New York Giants Throwback Could Be Unveiled on Monday

The New York Football Giants were established back in 1925, so their 100th season will begin this fall. They’re poised to make an announcement on Monday relating to that milestone.

Over their first 99 seasons, the Giants have a deep and rich uniform history. You’ll note that until the mid-1950s, the G-men wore red in about equal proportion to blue (while their unofficial nickname is now “Big Blue,” they were as much a “red” team as a “blue” team). In fact, if you go back even further in time, roughly 1925-1936, red was predominant.

Back in April, Paul reported that the (so far always correct) Twitter account CTESPN Network (aka Antonio Brown) leaked a possible 1933 fauxback uniform that would be worn for the 2024-25 season. Since this account has broken several correct leaks, we’re reasonably confident this one will happen as well. At the time, there was no indication of when the throwback might be released. Now it it looks like that unveiling could be taking place this Monday, based on the announcement at the top of this page.

Will this new 100th season announcement be for the 1933 fauxback? It’s likely.

If this is indeed what will be revealed on Monday, this begs a couple questions. The team currently has four uniforms (home, road, “Color Rush” and throwback), so they’re at their “limit.” Therefore, one of their current uniforms would need to be excised in order to fit in the four uniform (jersey) maximum. Which one will that be? Also, the Giants currently have two different helmet shells — a royal blue metallic shell they wear with their primary uniforms, and a navy blue throwback helmet. If this 1933 uniform is introduced, what will they use for a helmet shell?

Back in 1933, the team wore leather helmets, and actually used two different versions, one of which was dark blue with red leather stripes. They could modify either current shell to create a reasonable facsimile, as shown in this 1933 throwback concept:

As mentioned above, the Giants are currently at their “maximum” number of allowed uniforms, so in order to accommodate this throwback, they’d need to jettison one. If we’re going by the “five-year rule” (once introduced, a uniform must be an option for a minimum of five years), the team could dump the color rush alternate, which was first introduced in 2016. That would give them the home/road and two Legacy (throwback) uniforms. Since Nike took over the uniform contract in 2012, I don’t believe any team has ever worn two different throwback uniforms (from different eras) in the same season.

In theory, the team could scrap their throwback uniform, but that has only been worn for two seasons, and as such, would need to be an option for the next three if the NFL’s uniform rules remain in force. Based on that, the team probably will have to keep the throwback through the 2026 season (five-year rule). So it’s likely the color rush would be scrapped in favor of the 1933 throwback (if the leak proves to be correct).

Since the purported leak shows only the jersey, we cannot be sure how they’ll treat the helmet, or what pants they’ll pair with it. Back in 1933, the team wore tan canvas pants, so the concept depicted above shows them with tan pants. And of course the socks, which are all over the place with seemingly no uniform enforcement, could be anything from the gorgeous red, white and blue stripes to solid red, white or blue.

Again, the 1933 throwback is not yet confirmed, but it is highly likely, based on Antonio Brown’s track record on leaks. Will this be what the Giants announce on Monday? We’ll just have to wait and see.

[Big thanks to Paul for the news of Monday’s announcement.]

Comments (13)

    The Giants should commemorate 100 seasons by using the uniform that they wore at the beginning of their second half-century in 1975 — and, more importantly, the helmet. That logo is amongst the best in the entire history of sports; for it to have been worn for only a single season is a travesty.

    1933 week 1 must have been a stunner of a color v color game. Giants vs Pirates. Perfect. They should go away with the road whites. Color rush is far superior.

    I know the uniforms are from the same time period, but the Dolphins have routinely worn both aqua and white throwbacks during the same season multiple times since 2012.

    Right. And the 49ers too.

    I should have been more specific to say something like “different eras” of throwbacks.

    Such a nice looking throwback. I hope it’s just like the mock up.

    If something’s gotta go (and I hate saying this)…dump the road set, designate CR as away, and there you go.

    I’ll agree with you on keeping the CR jersey and pants, but they need to keep the “ny” helmet logos (even if they don’t *quite* go together). That would basically be the equivalent of this uniform: link

    There’s too much red (and no blue) on their current roadies: link

    Keep the CR jersey and pants, and pair it with the “ny” hats and it’s good to go!

    they need to keep the “ny” helmet

    No…they don’t.

    And while an “nj” helmet would be more accurate, what they *need* is to go back to the blank sides with the properly sized helmet numbers on the front and back.

    Dump the color rush and keep the road. I think every team has to have a road.

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