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Loony: Minnesota Twins Give City Connect Design Clue

We’ve known for a while now that the Twins’ City Connect uniforms would be making their on-field debut on June 14 (which, like so many CC debut dates, is a Friday). My assumption was that they’d do the unveiling on the preceding Monday, June 10, and today they’ve officially confirmed that.

Also: If you play the “video” embedded above (really just a static image with some audio), you’ll hear the sound of a bird call. That’s a loon, which is the official Minnesota State Bird. So the CC design will apparently be either loon-themed or lake-themed (which would be appropriate for a state nicknamed “the Land of 10,000 Lakes”).

For what it’s worth, loons are pretty striking-looking:

Black legs — fits right in with the CC dark-pants protocol!

The loon call is the only hint we have so far. Unlike so many other CC launches, which have been beset by leaks, this one has been airtight, at least for now. But a lot can happen in a month’s time, so we’ll see if anything emerges over the next few weeks.

The Twins are one of nine MLB teams getting new City Connect uniforms this season. Here’s the rundown on the other eight teams:

  • Phillies: Already debuted.
  • Mets: Already debuted.
  • Rays: Already debuted.
  • Tigers: Already unveiled, debuting tonight.
  • Guardians: Unveiling date uncertain but probably next Monday; on-field debut scheduled for May 17, but there’s an apparent sock leak.
  • Cardinals: Scheduled to unveil on May 20 and debut on May 25.
  • Blue Jays: Scheduled to unveil on May 30 and debut on May 31.
  • Dodgers: Unveiling date uncertain; on-field debut scheduled for June 21.

Once this season’s CC designs have been released, all MLB teams will have joined the CC program except for the Yankees (who reportedly aren’t interested) and the A’s (who aren’t CC-suitable because their home city is currently in flux).

(My thanks to Twitter-er @cttrace for bringing the Twins’ announcement to my attention.)


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    Are the Twins a red team or blue team? hmmm. I like the home whites. Simple and basic. Not garish at all.

    Really the answer is both and. The Twins are a red, white, and blue team. This is because they came to MN in 1961 as the original Washington Senators. Their color scheme is based on the colors of the US national flag since they were the “national” team. So, generally they have slightly more emphasized red because red is the most prominent color of the US flag (41.5% versus 36.9 white and 21.6% blue). However, the one really unfortunate part of their otherwise excellent recent redesign is that they made the blue incredibly dark, many shades darker than the navy on the US flag. So for all intents and purposes they are now a red, white, and black team visually.

    Wonder if they’ll have the same color scheme as the Minnesota United team. They have the black and light blue and the Twins already honor them with Loons Night that has a black and light blue jersey you can purchase. I’m not saying they’re just going to dress up as the Loons but maybe an insight to the color scheme?

    Light blue would be awesome, for some reason that color just screams Minnesota to me

    Also noteworthy that Minneapolis is nicknamed the “City of Lakes” so it could definitely be water-related similar to what the Timberwolves did with their city jersey design this season.

    It won’t have anything to do with Minneapolis; they aren’t the Minneapolis Twins! It’ll be Minnesota themed of course. That said, lakes does work for either, but loons not so much. Lok a are more Up North so I’m thinking it’ll be a Northwoods theme or just Loons, which would be awesome.

    Hopefully the Twins CC uniform will borrow from and refer to the epic Laser Loon state flag redesign idea: link

    Will be interesting to see what they do with the loon. Going to be hard to beat how MNUFC incorporated it during their NASL days with the red button representing the eyes of the bird

    The loon’s coloration pattern looks like another miserable sublimated Nike softball top waiting to happen.

    “That’s a loon, which is the official Minnesota State bird.”
    – Screw the loon. I’m hoping the Twins uniforms are inspired by Minnesota State! I was a big fan of Coach Hayden Fox and the Screaming Eagles.

    Watching the Twins this year it seems like the size of the numbers and text on the back of their jerseys is slightly larger than the “standard” new smaller text – compare the White Sox or Royals (basically any other team that doesn’t have a unique font for numbers/NOB). Is this just an illusion due to the Twins custom fonts? Or are they subtly grandfathered in because of their redesign last season? Other aspects of the league-wide redesign are clearly apparent – position of the MLB logo, sun collar, etc. Has anyone else noticed this – or other similar slight variations?

    Loons are incredible birds. Their red eyes are so striking, and the way they carry their young around is out of this world. And of course their call is iconic.


    This is a GREAT sign. I was hoping for either a northwoods theme ala Northern Minnesota or a grain and farm theme ala Southern and Western MN. A loon theme would be perfect! Both of my kids have stuffed loons from the team store at Target Field embroidered with the Twins logo, so it makes sense. They even play the loon call when you squeeze them! This might be one of better CC options perhaps. Fingers crossed…

    Watch. Nike will have little sublimated circular shapes all over the shoulders and sleeves claiming those are the 10,000 lakes. Cap? A profile of a loon’s head. Across the jersey? Leave it to Nike to splash “10K Lakes” on the chest. The CCs are downright looney. The unveiling video can feature the Looney Tunes theme.

    All black uniform with white spots and striping. Black hat with a red loon eye on the front. Sky blue NOB and numbers. 10 pagers of storytelling in which the 10k lakes, wide open spaces, hockey, Prince and the astrological sign of Twins will all be featured and will all have a detail on the inside of the jersey (so not visible) and the undervisor of the hat.

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