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My Big Uni Watch Anniversary/Farewell Party Is Coming Up!

A friendly reminder: Sunday, May 26, will be Uni Watch’s 25th anniversary and will also be my last day. We’re celebrating that afternoon, from 1-5pm, with a big party at the Bowery Electric in Manhattan. The great hockey-rock band the Zambonis will play, and so will the comedian/musician Dave Hill. I’m pretty sure there will be some special surprises, too.

I would genuinely love to see each and every one of you as we celebrate a quarter-century of obsessing over athletics aesthetics. Join us! Tickets are available here (and all proceeds go to the band, not to me).

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    Hey Paul I’ve been a fan of the site for many years from the U.K. it’s provided great content and a nice change of pace from the stress of the real word. I think it’s fantastic that you have built this little community and I wish you the best in your Uni-retirement.

    I did speak to you once on Zoom about the Rays removing Nameplates from their uniform’s (Which I still miss) but I was super shy and nervous and probably didn’t say what I wanted to.

    Anyway I hope you enjoy the much needed break!

    I have my tickets (which may be a reason not to go) and my wife will be with me (which is a reason to go).

    I am jetting in from Las Vegas (and to visit inlaws up in Binghamton the following week) and I can’t wait!

    It’ll be a treat to meet you, Tom. And hey, give my regards to Binghamton, which is where I went to college!

    I’ll be in Vegas the week prior for a conference. Can we say hello?

    BTW, I will be at the Minneapolis events. Unless my stupid flights get stupid cancelled.

    Paul, it’s been a great ride! Best of luck to you! I’ve been on your bandwagon since Page 2 on ESPN. Thanks to Uni-Watch, I’m considered the go-to guy in my friends group about the latest uni reveals and so forth.

    I appreciate everything you’ve done to make sports (and other minutiae) more enjoyable over the years!!!

    You will surely be missed!

    If May 26th is the anniversary of your first day and your last day, wouldn’t that put the total run time of Uni Watch at 25 years and 1 day? (As opposed to the 25 years exactly stated before)

    I’ll be in Bawldymore next week. Choosing which Tequila Sunrise jersey to wear. I’m leaning towards the Uniwatch Year 19 Purp Walk shirt, but I’m also thinking about an Albuquerque Isotopes jersey which was a giveaway shirt but, oddly, never saw the field of play.

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