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Iowa State Cyclones Release New Football Uniforms

Iowa State football unveiled a new uniform set yesterday. Here are key takeaways:

  • There are three jersey colors (cardinal, white, and black), three helmet colors (same, although the white helmet has multiple logo options), and four pant colors (cardinal, white, black, and gold).
  • Sleeve stripes, which had been absent since 2017, have returned.
  • The “Iowa State” wordmark has been restored to the jersey chests.
  • The return of gold pants is a surprise, as head coach Matt Campbell was supposedly not a fan of that color.
  • The “Jack Trice stripes” patch has been retained on the jerseys.

Here are some photos:

Iowa State opens its 2024 season on Aug. 31, at home against North Dakota.

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    1. I see black pants too.
    2. On Twitter yesterday, I saw a navy blue jersey. Was that just a joke?

    Might have also been someone photoshopping blue onto the current set. There’s a subset of ISU fans that call for a return of the tertiary blue from the Cynado logo era. IMO it’s just people wishing we’d move on from the I-state logo

    Major uni news out of Coral Gables: The University of Miami is rebranding as the Cyclones. (Apparently, climate change is real in Iowa and Florida.)

    They look good! black a not a school color, so even though I like the simple black and white, I hate the uni!


    Taking over from one of my friends as “that guy” (he’s huge into ISU and cyclone history, digging up old newspapers and stuff like that), but silver and black were the original school colors. link
    I recall hearing something about the black n white uniform being a call back to that. While myself personally, I don’t like the all black and white set, I can respect that. I also believe that they would have put some cardinal and gold on the blacks originally if they weren’t going for that callback. Kinda like how the old anthracite jerseys had red and gold numbers

    Iowa State should be focusing on making their logo something other than the single most generic logo in all of D-1 Football.

    I would guess you will see a lot more early releases this year due to the new game coming out in July. I know my school is going to have their new jerseys revealed after and it will be an update (DLC likely) to get the new set in the game.

    Iowa state also posted a teaser of these jerseys back on April fools day, so this also could be a “we promise it wasn’t a prank” thing

    YAYYYYYY! Some more BFBS mono-colored uniforms!!!!!!!! Thank goodness! Very original Iowa State!

    These are fine. I wonder if the black set will look too bland out on the field.

    So does every icy whiteout uniform.
    And yet SO many people from SO many schools go nuts over such a yawn-inducing concept.
    I seriously do not get it.

    Surprised theres not a white w/ black jersey so they can do BFBS on the road. They seem to like mixing and matching with that combo

    As an alum of the University of Iowa, I’m obligated to hate everything about our little brother. But this is a much cleaner look for the team and a definite upgrade. The Jack Trice logo is an important part of their identity. I’d like to see them make that their helmet logo.

    I like them, except the black. Being a USC grad, I’m glad they went with this sleeve stripe, instead of going back to their shoulder stripes that looked a lot like USC’s uniforms. Actually, if USC ever decides on introducing an alternate uniform, which I hope they don’t, this white helmet and uniform option would get my vote.

    Iowa St. Is one of those classic, good looking teams. And then they go BFBS. Scrap the black set that the Cyclones are on point.

    Black is not a school color. Very disheartening given all the support for cardinal and gold we put into the university from the time we were students, to parents of students and alumni. Who cares what the coach doesn’t like. School tradition weighs more.

    Where do you see multiple logo/decal options for the black helmets? I only see multiple options for decals/facemasks on the white lids.

    The BFBS really reminds of of the state of Iowa’s “blackout” license plates. The state’s popular, if sucky, vanity plates made flesh.

    Glad that Iowa State is checking all my favorite boxes. No sleeves. Biker shorts. And BFBS. Sigh.

    “no sleeves”. How is this different than any other football uniform? Jersey’s haven’t had sleeves for decades now. Except for the occasional QB like Aaron Rogers.

    Get ready for the cease and desist letter from the NFL/Chiefs. If Houston gets one from the NFL/Titans, we know the Chiefs are cooking up a letter right now.

    I’m probably in the minority that misses their whirlybird logo from Seneca Wallace’s days. Overall the uniforms are pretty solid, and if they’re going to stick with having a black kit, at least they are only black/white and not a bunch of yellow and red all over them too. The black & white kids are super sharp for a team that is actually black & white, probably not Iowa State IMO.

    The old Cynado does seem to be popular with students. Back when the bookstore first launched a collection with the 2000s logos, it sold out pretty fast. Apparently my mom had to keep calling the bookstore to ask when they’d get more stock in when she got me the sweatshirt. Now, three years later, the only logo I saw more on campus is the walking Cy logo. The Block I logo is barely ever seen on students. They need to go back to the bird
    Source: ME, a recent ISU grad who’s parents also live in Ames so I will go back frequently when I want to see my childhood dog

    I agree with halfmanhalfdonut about whirlybird and also the reverse oreo set looking sharp.

    How long until football shorts are as short as the NBA shorts of the ’70s and early ’80s?

    I’m waiting on someone to accidently get a helmet to the knee and see what happens. Looks like they are all ready for the Tour de France.

    I always liked the yellow helmet with the cyclone and “Iowa State” written above it. Was looking for a pic when I ran across this gem. Check out these shoulder pads!!!!!!!!!!! link

    Bike shorts and lack of pants striping aside, I like the look overall. Glad they changed to white numbers on the red tops. When they used to pair the ones with yellow numbers with the white pants, it never looked right to me. I have the same issue with Minnesota’s unis.

    So close to being a “really good” set but that BFBS kills that and puts the set in the “pretty good” category. There has to be something else they can do to get the kids to use the Fire Emoji instead of BFBS, right?

    I’m usually not a fan of most schools’ BFBS, GFGS uniforms, but something about those black ISU unis appeals to me. I think going all the way into white and black, instead of having red/yellow accents, works. The white/black/white combo is better than mono black. I give them credit.

    As an ISU alum, I finding these all right. Probably my least favorite element is the white helmet with the black/white logo, but if you’re gonna go with black & white, I guess at least they went all the way. When they wore white/black/white against Iowa in 2021 they were pretty much unrecognizable as Iowa State. The team has been pretty good lately, though there was a time where I can see where they would’ve preferred to be incognito.

    It’s nice to see they kept the option for the gold pants, though I don’t expect to see them on the field much. I do get nostalgic for the cardinal/cardinal/gold look, but the current trends don’t seem to favor that.

    They should switch from a cardinal mascot to a red-winged blackbird, then do BFBS with red and yellow trim/accents. It’d be so much cooler and unique

    If Iowa can be the Big 10’s Steelers, then Iowa State can be the Washington Football Club: link
    I like the stripes!

    Uses gorgeous stripes as background, barely uses them on the uniform. Put those stripes on the pants and we have a winner.

    If you *have* to go BFBS, I prefer the white helmet and black jersey to the ever-so-boring, just-like-every-other-Nike-school mono BFBS.

    But you don’t have to go BFBS. The rest of this set looks fabulous, and no longer looks like USC’s midwestern campus.

    This is not my school so I don’t care, but those friction stripes are tantalizing. Those old pictures of guys with the friction stripes just look so badass.

    I feel like that could be a really great look for them, but when they tried it on a modern template last year it didn’t quite work. Maybe it just doesn’t work with big front numbers. Plus, they probably can’t do black/white friction stripes because of the referees.

    That chevron-stripe logo is pretty cool, though. I think they could do more with that. It’s distinctive, but pretty simple, and can work with different color combinations.

    It’s hard to say what this team should do, though. Either they look too much like Kansas City, too much like USC, or too much like every generic bad-guy team in a sports movie.

    Another step towards all schools wearing black or white only and treating their original colors als alternates. Players just love this so in order to get them to play for you, a school needs WFWS and BFBS uniforms, preferably without school color accents. We want to look tough. I like the cardinal jersey, by the way, but if it was up to the players I guess they would wear it only once a year. At a road game.

    Solid pants. Nothing special. And the solid red ones? Toss in the garbage.

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