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Detroit Tigers City Connect Socks Appear Online

The Tigers aren’t scheduled to unveil their City Connect uniform until next Monday, May 6. But the cap, as you may recall, leaked about three weeks ago. And now the socks have appeared for sale on the Dick’s website.

As is always the case with CC socks, there are two separate products. Let’s start with pics of the over-the-calf design:

Now let’s look at the crew sock:

So it appears that they’ll be leaning into the “Motor City” angle (and royal blue, for some reason). We’ll find out for sure on Monday.

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    This uni will 100% have a blue collar and lots of accompanying PR mumbo jumbo.

    Ugh – they’re going to have an oval white name tag on the left breast aren’t they?

    Honestly if they had cursive player first names embroidered on that’d be kinda fun.

    Damn this is making me think that they should have leaned all the way in, and made the jersey tops feature a light blue (or even with subtle white stripes) classic “work shirt” aesthetic.

    I think it would translate surprisingly well to a baseball uniform, and chain stitched “nametags” would have been a really fun detail. Then back up the storytelling by giving a bunch of free tickets and jerseys to autoworkers in the city and their families

    I’m assuming the City Connect reason for royal blue is that GM and Ford’s logos are royal blue. I don’t think Nike will SAY that’s why, they’ll say it’s for a “hard-working BLUE-collar city” or some shit like that, but I can’t picture what other connection the city of Detroit has to royal blue specifically.

    Dark grey would be nice, there are a lot of navy teams and a jersey that doesn’t stain easily would be nice.

    Jack Corrigan, play-by-play guy for the Tribe several years ago, would refer to Detroit at least once a game as the Motor City Kitties.

    Will they incorporate a lunchpail design into their blue-collar look?

    I a betting on a mono-navy blue design to look like (“Inspired By” ™) Dickies coveralls. Black “smudges” representing motor oil and elbow grease because Detroit is “Hard Working” and “Authentic.”

    Surprise feature is that they just bought used coveralls because it was cheaper, pre-stained, and the pants might not explode when Riley Greene slides again

    Gonna try to jump in ahead of the haters: if that’s the color scheme, I’m on-board. Hopefully the design is nice too.

    I still think the best Detroit CC idea would be to remove the names, and put “MILE” under all the players’ numbers.

    Unfortunately that would only work for players wearing 37 and under.

    I’m willing to forgive Blue Collar references for teams who play in the rust belt.

    I am confused. The “Motor City” font on the socks matches the “Detroit” font on the cap leak. So…the cap will say Detroit and the jersey will say Motor City? Please, no.

    And the Tiger head logo is not a fan favorite. Reminds me of the 90s when the Tigers were not great. I think the Ilitiches really like it, but it’s time to let go.

    I’ve never understood how that Tiger head and step-through-D have lasted so long. It’s supposed to look fierce, but there’s something about the eyes and the tufts of hair that just looks really distracting. It’s cartoony enough to not look intimidating, but it doesn’t have any life or character, either.

    That tiger looks bloated. And yes, it will be another blue collar for the hard working people of the suffering city kind of storytelling featuring a black uniform with a blue collar. I cannot stop yawning.

    The hat may be the worst of all City Connect hats. UGH. How on Earth is Nike SO BAD at this stuff??

    The Royal Blue is going to be a homage to the Motown Museum. It has a Royal Blue Font and Royal Blue accents. It also says “Hitsville USA” which will be a nice play on words with baseball.

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