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Jacksonville Jaguars Announce 30th-Season Logo

One thing that got lost in the NFL draft shuffle was the Jags’ announcement of their 30th-season logo. As you may recall, the team had invited fans to vote on four possible designs:

And which one was the winner? Here’s the team’s announcement from last Thursday:

I’d say that’s the right choice, at least based on the four options that were presented.

This will be the fourth milestone-season logo in Jags history. The previous three — for the team’s 10th season in 2004, for the 20th season and in 2014, and for the 25th season in 2019 — were all worn as jersey patches, as seen here:

Although nothing has yet been said about the new 30th-season logo being worn on the uniform, it seems reasonable to assume that it too will be used as a jersey patch.


Comments (15)

    The lover of The Good Place in me, and specifically of the Jason Mendoza character, wishes the Jags had gone with the Duuuuuval one.

    Different uniforms for each patch so far! Has a team ever had so many uni iterations in its first 30 years?! And this doesn’t even capture them all!

    Great observation, not that I can recall.

    Seeing a collection of the different unis the Jags have had made me realize how the Panthers have basically stayed put and I don’t want to imagine them in anything else. Funny how both teams did great jobs with basically their initial designs, but the Jags made the mistake of making a change for change sake.

    I would say it was 98 that the Jags perfected their look – I prefer they got their own jersey number font, as opposed to using the block numbers….

    The font for the 30 looks like its from the David Garrard/Maurice Jones-Drew era, probably the height of the franchise

    I wouldn’t be surprised if many Jaguars fans (at least of a certain age) associate it with the 1999 team–for my money, the best Jaguars team to date.

    Didn’t realize the Jags current set has a black outline around the numbers like that. Thought it was just block-ish white. The more you know!

    Right choice-except they are not the best fans in the NFL. Not even close.

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