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BREAKING: Possible Cleveland Guardians City Connect Sock Leak

After we posted this morning about the Rays’ City Connect sock leak, reader Cole Bury got in touch to say that he’d seen what appear to be CC socks for the Guardians:

Let’s take a closer look at those pics:

The person who spotted the Rays’ CC socks got a photo of the price tag, which included the notation “CC24,” so we know those were definitely CC socks. Bury, however, didn’t photograph the price tag on these Guardian socks, so we don’t know for sure if these are CCs — they could be fashion socks. He says he’ll go back tomorrow to the shop where he saw the socks and try to get a photo of the tagging.

Update: Another fan says the price tag does indeed have “CC24,” and that he was prevented from buying the socks when he tried to do so:

So these appear to be the CC socks.

As for the design, the Guardians are named after the “Guardians of Traffic” sculptures on the Hope Memorial Bridge. So if these are indeed the team’s CC socks, it appears that the uniform may depict the sculptural figures holding baseball bats.

The Guardians’ CC uniform is scheduled to make its on-field debut on Friday, May 17. To my knowledge, no unveiling date has been announced, but the preceding Monday, May 13, seems likely.

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    That looks pretty nice, actually. The winged G doesn’t seem to be very popular, so I hope they lean into the guardian iconography more.

    They really ought to try out a winged C. I get that a lot of fans are still skeptical of the Guardians name, so they’re not into the G, but the angular letterform and the wings are the best part of the post-Indians identity.

    Absolutely. The G monogram looks forced. The team has (save the Chief Wahoo years) used a C monogram, so the G monogram was unnecessary and teams generally don’t use their nickname for their monogram.

    If this is the real CC then they’re likely leaning into the red-white-and-blue schemes of the Cleveland and Ohio flags, which is simultaneously tasteful and unadventurous. Now how much do you want to bet “CLEVELAND ROCKS” appears somewhere on the uni?

    i’d say that probably a high likely hood since the team uses that song any time they win at home

    Seems like it’s going to be more of the same. The Guardians whole branding is boring. Say what you want about Cleveland’s previous identity but they had a lot of really iconic and uniques uniforms That they can and should take inspiration from.

    I like the winged G but I would love to see a total refresh for the uniforms to get away from the Indians similarities. Time to move on.

    This has potential. I think if Cleveland had a caricatured logo of the Guardian in a similar style as Chief Wahoo it could be a hit. Their current logo and uniforms are so boring.

    Cleveland’s current set is one of the worst in the league. This doesn’t inspire much hope

    They ended up on a dead end street choosing this identity and they seem unable to turn around. This will not be an appealing set I guess, especially with The Land or a Rock reference included. This is not what the fans seem to want, this is what are the options if you choose terrible storytelling as the basis for a team identity.

    Should have gone with Spiders.
    As far as Dick’s, they display items that are unavailable for purchase? Who knew they were doing so well they could turn down a sale.

    Here I was hoping the CC uniforms would be about the actual city and not the garbage rebrand. Looks like I won’t be buying a new jersey anytime soon.

    isn’t the statue a huge part of the city’s iconography? the statues, the WIllis tower and the lake are the main landmarks

    Lol clearly you aren’t from Cleveland. There’s no Willis tower here, bud. We got a great lake, a burning river, the Terminal tower (might be what you’re thinking of), Rock Hall, Sailors and Soldiers monument, an emerald necklace and yes, those guardian statues. Don’t get me wrong, the statues are cool and all, but I’m not sure even we Clevelanders ever paid too much attention to them. The rebrand is bland and I, for one, was hoping the CC jerseys wouldn’t be the same rebrand repackaged.

    The statue looks like it was drawn by a third grader. Should have done something with green and The Forest Cities. They had a sick logo

    Can we please stop trying to make “The Land” happen? It’s not going to happen!

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