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Denver Broncos Announce Unveiling Date for New Uni Set

We’ve known for a while that the Broncos will be unveiling a new uniform set shortly before the upcoming NFL draft, and now we know when we’ll get to see the new designs. The team announced today that the new set will be unveiled on Monday, April 22. No word yet on the exact time.

The Broncos’ new uniforms have prompted a ton of speculation, most of it based on as-yet-unverified information provided by two sources, both of whom recently gave me exclusive interviews. You can read those interviews here and here. If what they told me turns out to be accurate, we can expect to see a white helmet and lots of City Edition-style details based on Denver’s mile-high elevation and mountainous topography.

The Broncos are one of four NFL teams expected to unveil new uniforms this month. Here are the others, and what we know so far:

  • Jets: Promoting their throwbacks to primary status. No announced unveiling date yet.
  • Lions: Design details uncertain. Unveiling scheduled for April 18 (four days before the Broncos).
  • Texans: New white-over-navy combo recently leaked and was then confirmed as legit by the team. The rest of the set will be unveiled on April 23.

Teams like to unveil their new uniforms right before the draft so their top picks can pose with the new jersey designs. This year’s draft commences on Thursday, April 25, so the Jets will presumably unveil prior to that date.

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    Holding onto hope that the jerseys will not suck as a stand-alone element – not confident that (m)any of combos will look good, especially since the white helmet will be the new standard.

    I figure the pointed seam in the promo image is a nod to the mountain motif that will be on the jerseys. Sigh.

    Be prepared for the worst, including snowcapped mountains and a huge 5280 somewhere. Amusement park uniforms.

    Hopefully a less fluorescent shade of orange will be used, i.e. similar to what the Philadelphia Flyers did this year. White helmets, snow capped mountains, most football players are mountain sized men, unfortunately there’s a bit of new uni logic there.

    The strings emerging from the 4’s…a hint of contour lines to come? I like the font if this is an indication of how the numbers will look. Looking forward to the reveal on 4.22.24. Blue helmets, please.

    That font wouldn’t work on the torso of a jersey in its displayed format. Wider than it is tall. Jersey numbers are usually 10” tall or more, any number higher than 20 would wrap around the sides.

    Texans already released the date of 4/23 for the new sets, not sure where I saw it for you to reference.

    At least we know in another 5 years, the Broncos will make the right decision and get rid of these new ones. Without even seeing them, I know these are going to be a gimmicky mess.

    Unless they win a Super Bowl in the 5 year period, then we can be stuck with them for a long time, i,e Broncos current set, and the Pats, which was a mediocre look (although based on today’s standards – improving by each new unfortunate reveal)

    I’m not so mad about the mountain motif, but I WISH They would at the very least:

    1. Use the Restomod type D with the update Bronco on the Helmet (One Navy Helmet, One White Helmet)
    2. current helmet logo on the sleeves (if necessary layered on the Mountain Motif).

    3. Orange Crush jersey, Navy Base to Mountain Motif, White Cap on Mountain, Bronco logo covering base of Mountain, White Numbers, Navy outline.

    I understand the Jets are promoting the throwback to primary status. Has anyone heard the word yet? Are the Jets continuing with the Gotham green or are they switching the shade to kelly green?

    Hearing rumour of a white Broncos helmet. Current Broncos logo would not work well on a white helmet unless they modify it. The white bronco will not stand out well on a white helmet.

    Gotham, Kelly (since the Eagles haven’t trademarked that yet) – doesn’t matter as long as they keep the current color of the helmet…so glad the Sack is back, baby!

    I’ve read the Cyberhorse will have a metallic gradiant orange to navy blue as a border to make it pop on the white helmet.

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