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Remembership, Part 2: Mesh, Tear-Aways, and Other Fabric Oddities

[Editor’s Note: Membership card designer Scott M.X. Turner is back with this week’s installment of Remembership, his retrospective series about the Uni Watch membership card program. Enjoy. — PL]

By Scott M.X. Turner

Thanks for all of the kind feedback and commentary on last week’s inaugural Remembership post. I appreciate it all.

As for this week: Mesh and tear-away jerseys are one of those “I can’t believe so many members chose this!” requests, but Paul and I will depict fabric details if the member asks for it. Even within the mesh category, there are sub-categories: Sometimes the mesh holes poked through the screen-printed numbers, while other jerseys used heat-sealed rubber that covered the holes. That’s an important distinction to keep in mind when I’m rendering mesh jerseys. The shoulder yokes were solid fabric, either double-knit or dazzle cloth.

Clockwise from top left: Nebraska Cornhuskers (Justin Hathaway); Nebraska Cornhuskers (Brett Baker); Alabama Crimson Tide (Zachary Smith); University of Miami (Cooper Lake); Nebraska Cornhuskers (Jeremy Glenn); Member’s high school (Brian Schulz); University of Miami (Jeremy Lake); unidentified tear-away (James W. Spears IV).
Four separate members requested University of Nebraska tear-away jerseys; one, Robert Eden, asked that we show the actual tears. His card is included in this next batch, which also includes more mesh and oddities like Rockies pitcher Daniel Bard’s makeshift uni number and the Slippery Rock mascot’s T-shirt:
Clockwise from top left: La Salle (Scott Curl); Member’s high school team (Joe Werner); Nebraska Cornhuskers (Robert Eden); Slippery Rock’s mascot “Rocky” (Zack Tanner); Daniel Bard’s Colorado Rockies intrasquad game jersey (Kary Klismet); Seattle Seahawks (Adam Butterworth); Charlotte Hornets (Matthew T. Green); Texas Longhorns (Wesley Muniz).

Two members asked that we depict smudges on their cards. The first was Jesse Holt, who wanted us to show the pine-tar on Alex Gordon’s Kansas City Royals jersey. (You could do the same thing with Justin Turner, but we’ve never gotten that request.) And then Charles Meisse wanted a smudge on his Tom Seaver-based card — a symbolic nod to Seaver’s famously dirty knee:

From left: Alex Gordon Royals (Jesse Holt), Tom Seaver Mets (Charles Meisse).


Some housekeeping from last week’s post about place-based cards:

  • I inadvertently omitted two designs — Bob Lane’s Shea Stadium centerfield wall, and Tristan Weiss’s Short Courts floor. Tristan supplied the artwork for his card.
  • I misidentified Mike DiLorenzo’s card. This is his Cleveland Stadium card:


Next week: The wide world of the Los Angeles Lakers.

(Want to order your own custom-designed Uni Watch membership card? You can do that here.)

Comments (3)

    The details, like Seaver’s dirty knee or the way the Slippery Rock mascot’s shirt bunches up on one side, are fantastic. They also make me pretty bummed that the 2 membership card designs I’d really love to get are both forbidden.

    Wow, I never expected that my membership card would make one of these segments (Werner #74 in the second grouping)! An additional quirk of my card is that during the creation process, Scott noticed on the picture I submitted of my jersey that one of the letters was set just a little bit higher than the others. In all the years that I’ve had my jersey, I never noticed that! He asked if I wanted the card rendered faithful to the photo, or “corrected” on my card. It was a hard decision, since now I could not unsee the single askew letter, but I decided in the end to go with the letters all set correctly, as is shown here. I think Scott sent me a proof showing both options. I’ll have to see if I still have it in my email, and see if I can link the image here.

    I wonder how many Seattle Mariner designs there are? I know of at least the 2 I have, one of which is a “northwest green” Edgar Martinez.

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