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Report: Oilers to Scrap Navy Alternate Uni After This Season

It’s turning out to be a big Uni Watch day for the Edmonton Oilers. Earlier today I reported that they’re adding a new home helmet advertiser, and now it appears that their navy alternate uniform will be retired after this season.

That’s the word from Edmonton Sports Radio host Tom Gazzola, who tweeted last night that the navy alternates are coming back “for one last season.”

The navy uniform was introduced for 2019-20, so this will be its fifth season. Personally, I’ve never liked it — the navy/orange design feels too stark, the colors too vibrate-y. A teeny bit of white trim would have gone a long way.

(My thanks to Phil for bringing this development to my attention.)

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    Not soon enough! Should be retired now but I will take this as good news knowing it will be retired soon.

    Oilers had it right when they wore the vintage orange WHA uniform with the royal trim as the regular alternate.


    I didn’t mind this one design-wise as an alternate, but I don’t think it ever had much staying power so I’m a little surprised it lasted this long.

    The starkness of the design really amplifies what would otherwise be very subtle differences between the navy blues as they appear in real life on the jersey vs pants vs helmet. As a result, I think this is one of those designs that looks better on paper than it does in real life.

    I’m not a big fan of the “minimalist” (now a way-overused buzzword) approach to uniform design, which attempts to remove as many elements and colors as possible. I think it lends to too many sets that are basically all-white or, in this case, all-navy. Of course, social media goes crazy about how “clean” these designs are (spam fire emojis).

    To Paul’s point, just adding, say, a white background in the logo would really make these pop.

    Also, striping in hockey jerseys has gotten really bizarre.

    Is this tied into Fanatics?

    Then it would make sense…though the next 10 years of jersey quality is going to be less than stellar.

    My guess is yes. It might be similar to past brand take overs where they don’t allow 3rd’s for the first season to “ramp up”. That said the jersey’s themselves are being made by the same company that is making them for Adidas so for now they’ll be the same just with the F logo where Adidas is currently

    Apparently it’s a well-liked design by the players. That’s probably the only reason this eyesore has lasted so long.

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