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Golden State Warriors’ City Edition Jersey Leaks

Remember those NBA City Edition uniforms that leaked last week? One of them was for the Warriors, and now, thanks to a new leak that began circulating yesterday, we have a much better look at it.

As you can see above, the design features some very unusual chest lettering design. Let’s just go ahead and call it one of the strangest chest wordmarks in uni history. Here’s another look at it, this time without the retail tag in the way:

The lettering is apparently supposed to evoke San Francisco’s hilly terrain, because the jock tag includes a little cable car graphic:

As you may recall, last week’s leak indicated that this jersey will be paired with these shorts:

The Warriors will kick off their preseason schedule on Oct. 7.

(My thanks to Justin Adler for letting me know about this one.)

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    Getting really sick of these yearly designs. And practically none of them are ever good. I did like that 2022 lightning uniform they wore but that’s about it. I can’t even keep track of all their uniforms. I think the hilly “San Francisco” is cool, but everything else ruins it. Black and yellow? Just like last years dumb design. We’re not Pittsburgh. (Not that there’s anything wrong with those colors, they’re cool, but that’s not the Warriors.)

    Interesting, just doesn’t land. And the colors, no.

    All these come from Nike’s Throw Sh** Against The Wall Department.

    The upward-sloping chest lettering is pretty clever and makes for a fun design for an alternate. Also, I’m glad they rendered it in BFBS so it will sell well at retail (since that’s the most important thing).

    They should put the cable car on the back…oh wait, that’s been done already. And it was the greatest look! What’s on the belt? Skid marks?

    Hey! 45th Anniversary of this pretty cool song.
    This is the first thing I thought about when I say this word layout on the jersey!


    The lettering is creative but looks clumsy on a basketball jersey. No blue at all? What a mess. Ans those shorts are even worse with that ridiculous GSW logo and lord knows what on the waistband. The hipster fans will love it: oh, wait, this is the uniform of an actual basketball team? What is the storytelling?

    I like this. It’s a great uni overall. Would be a better warriors uni if it was any shade of medium to dark blue instead of black.

    This sort of speaks to my thoughts on ditching script word marks. Teams shouldn’t be afraid to try new looks, even if they have something good/classic. It’s nice to see a nice change sometimes. Now I know “a nice change sometimes”is a gross understatement of the Nike NBA uni program, but the point is change isn’t always bad. I just wish they’d stick with it when it’s good.

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