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Capture of Prison Escapee Has Surprising NFL Twist

The intense manhunt for an escaped Pennsylvania prisoner ended today with a unlikely uni-related twist: The fugitive, Danelo Cavalcante, was wearing a Philadelphia Eagles hoodie when he was captured this morning.

Cavalcante had escaped nearly two weeks ago from Chester County Prison, which is just outside of Philadelphia.

It’s not clear how Cavalcante acquired the hoodie, but it seems likely that he stole it from a shop or clothesline. Unfortunately, it can’t be returned to its previous owner, as explained here:

Video from a news helicopter showed Cavalcante being led by heavily armed officers dressed in military-style uniforms to an armored police vehicle. One of the officers cut away with scissors a Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirt Cavalcante was wearing before he was placed in the vehicle in handcuffs and driven off.

So the hoodie is now in tatters. But Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro is offering a replacement to the person from whom Cavalcante may have stolen it:

Interesting to see that Gov. Shapiro prefers the Kelly greens, just like everyone else.

(My thanks to Scott M.X. Turner and Dave Benedick for their contributions to this piece.)


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    This is taking the Eagles’ fans adopted motto of “No one likes us, we don’t care” to a level that even I find a little uncomfortable as a lifelong fan. Go Birds!

    Peer editing: “escaped … escapee” at the top of the page

    Can probably either remove the ‘escaped’ or change ‘escapee’ to ‘inmate’.

    I thought it was a little embarrassing. It took 50 guys dressed like Seal Team Six to capture this guy, and actually our dog got him.

    I hope you were trying to be funny. A manhunt for a murderer with a rifle covering 600 square miles is going to take more than one guy in a slouch hat and a knife. Would you do it through the night without body armor? The dog did the dirty work at the end since, again, the guy had a rifle. Posing for the picture at all was a bit controversial, but that’s a different point.

    The real interesting clothing piece from that story is the reporter who asked “is there any possibility he teams up with another small man to get in a trench coat and escape Little Rascals style”

    One of my fav Uni Watch posts. What if he was wearing a cowboys hoodie in those parts? Could have been bad.

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