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Every NFL Team’s Schedule-Release Video

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I’m always amazed by all the hype and excitement surrounding the release of the NFL schedule. It’s yet another measure of the league’s reach, popularity, and power, which seems almost limitless. It’s now pretty standard for teams to produce schedule-release videos. I’m not sure when this started (anyone..?), but it’s become part of the culture of the league.

After the league released its schedule last night, I gathered together the schedule-release videos for all 32 teams (except the Seahawks, who posted a Twitter thread instead of a video). I haven’t watched all of them — that would take hours — but a random sampling suggests that some of them are very clever, most are unremarkable, and one is embarrassingly bad, like the team couldn’t even be bothered to try. Your mileage may vary and all that.

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona’s video is by far the shortest and most perfunctory one in the entire league. It’s like they didn’t really care and didn’t really try — sort of like with their new uniforms.

Update: It’s been brought to my attention that the Cardinals did a long schedule-release Twitter thread in which they chose a song to go with each game. Here’s the first tweet, which you can click on to access the rest of the thread:

Atlanta Falcons

Baltimore Ravens

Buffalo Bills

Carolina Panthers

Chicago Bears

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys

Denver Broncos

Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City

Las Vegas Raiders

Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Rams

Miami Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings

New England Patriots

New Orleans Saints

New York Giants

New York Jets

Philadelphia Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers

San Francisco 49ers

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks posted a prank video several hours ahead of the actual schedule release:

Then, instead of posting a real schedule-release video, they posted a pretty clever Twitter thread showing each game themed as a 1990s Seattle rock album. Here’s the first post of the thread, which you can click to see the rest of the thread:

Update: Reader/commenter Cole Pessolano notes that Seattle also posted an entertaining video of kids trying to identify the opposing teams’ logos:


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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tennessee Titans

In addition to the video shown above, the Titans also posted this amusing clip:

Update: In response to that last Titans video, the Falcons have renamed themselves the Red Stallions on their Twitter feed today!

Washington Commanders


And there you have it. Feel free to list your favorites in the comments!



Substack Reminder

In case you missed it on Thursday, my Premium article this week is a deep dive on the Denver Broncos’ 1997 uniforms, which remain the most radical design in NFL history, even 26 years after their unveiling. The article includes 10 fairly esoteric fun facts you might not know about and also features a look at this rare vintage brand guide:

You can read the first part of the article here. In order to read the entire thing, you’ll need to become a paying subscriber to my Substack (which will also give you full access to my Substack/Bulletin archives). My thanks, as always, for your consideration!



Final Bacon Report

Back when I was going to do the taste test on the Final Four bacon, Uni Watch reader Daniel Shank Cruz won the right to be my fellow taste-tester. After I learned that the bacon was mostly smoked over standard maple, with just a smidge of Final Four hardcourt wood, I got disillusioned and canceled the taste test. I wanted to give Daniel some sort of consolation prize, so I invited him over to Uni Watch HQ to watch the Mets’ home opener with me. But that game was rained out and then our schedules didn’t align — until yesterday, when Daniel finally stopped by. We watched the Mets/Reds game and, as you can see on Daniel’s plate, checked out the bacon.

And so the final report on the Final Four bacon is this: It tastes like bacon. Like very good bacon, I might add. My compliments to the chefs at Hormel.

I should add here that Daniel is a great guy and a very knowledgeable baseball fan. We had a lots of fun talking about stats, MVPs, broadcasters, and more. Thanks for the good chatter, Daniel — it’s always a privilege to meet a Uni Watch reader!



Cans of the Day

These two cans are new additions to Uni Watch HQ. I like how the top one has a Detroit Tigers-style “D”!

Comments (27)

    I think my favorite of the bunch is the Tennessee Titans.

    Seeing people so confidently wrong about what logos correspond to what teams is just absolutely hilarious to me.

    Titans logo video is a grand slam. I watched about 3 others, most I think are good and fun efforts. Thanks for posting this!

    Hey Paul, the Seahawks did have a video, thhey ad some young Seattle fans try to identify team logos


    There’s a QR code at 1:36 of the Chargers’ video. Here’s what happens:


    Love Daniel’s t-shirt, that bacon looks fantastic, and is that a bowl of Chex Mix (homemade or bag?) on the end table?

    End of the Chargers’ vid seems to indicate a Tomlinson-era throwback uni in the works.

    I watched the first couple of videos, takes a looooong time. I liked the Bears one, even when it was a bit incoherent, I liked the Browns animation with their stereotype depictions and the Denver idea of imitating The Office. Based on the comments above I will watch the Titans video.
    Those cans are really good: colorful, nice typography and big enough to house plants. I like that Mets hat your bacon tester is wearing as well.

    All of these videos are united by a singular theme: pointyball players are absolutely terrible actors. Even those that have somehow wrangled employment in Hollywood (Ben Davidson, Ed Marinaro, OJ Simpson, Joe Kapp) do little to dispel this Truth. Maybe Terry Crews and Jim Brown. Maybe.

    The Jets video is as visually unappealing as, well…the Jets.
    Way too many product placements for me to like the Patriots one.
    If anything is to be gleaned from the Texans, it looks like they are planning on being a red-heavy team moving forward, and it’s full-steam-ahead with the gothic lettering. Didn’t see a trace of that “other color” they plan on throwing into the mix…wonder what that might be ; )
    My favorite: the snippet at the 1:00 mark in the Rams video revealing their week 7 opponent…very satisfying!

    vikings added a new one this morning where the players kids say what team they think it is. It really should of been the one they released yesterday since the drone one made people dizzy.

    “I’m always amazed by all the hype and excitement surrounding the release of the NFL schedule.”

    – I’ll agree that the NFL does a great job hyping a relatively meaningless schedule release. But is anyone out there actually excited about the schedule release? I have yet to meet a person who cares about it. It seems like an incredible much ado about nothing.

    Maybe GB is different because of our size, but since so much is impacted by game days, those planning weddings and other events for five months anxiously wait to see conflicts.

    Also, not as many hotel rooms here (and flights, rental cars for visitors) so the land rush starts right away for those

    And with two ticket packages, fans want to know which games they get. So around here it is a big deal.

    Yeah, but that’s all just logistics, not “excitement.” Plus, with expanded flex scheduling, the date & time of the game isn’t all that set in stone, anyway, so it doesn’t make too much sense to book a hotel room for a Saturday when the game might get flexed to Sunday night.

    Honestly, it’s just the way the NFL does business nowadays, which sometimes begins to border upon, “What, you’re not paying attention to me? Pay attention to me. Pay attention to me! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”

    The draft doesn’t need to be more than a couple team representatives around tables with a helmet phone; it’s turned into a massive display where every “pick presenter” has to troll a massive crowd full of trolls.

    The schedule release doesn’t need to be more than a press release. It’s turned into something where you need to have some sort of cinematic, high production reveal.

    And so on. Just roll the ball out there and play the games, for Pete’s sake.

    I’m not sure when this started (anyone..?), but it’s become part of the culture of the league.

    Here’s a believable suggestion that the first was the Seahawks in 2016.


    In response to the Titans video, during Friday the Colts updated their Twitter bio and renamed as *Not the Cowboys”. Funny stuff.


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