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Confusion Reigns Over Possible Suns Uni Leaks

Late last night, a source sent me the jersey photos shown above, saying they were from a “reputable source at the factory.” The source followed up this morning with the photos of the shorts. The pics purport to show designs slated to become the Phoenix Suns’ primary white and colored jerseys for next season.

I was skeptical, because the “22” suggests that these designs were in the works for last year (and then presumably discarded), not this year. The same jersey photos were apparently sent to the generally dependable Suns Uni Tracker account on Twitter, whose owner says he’s heard conflicting stories from different sources but says he believes these are old prototypes that will not be worn:

I’m hoping Suns Uni Tracker is right, because I don’t like these at all. The chest graphic looks so rinky-dink, like a cheap knock-off of the real thing. Sigh — I really wish they’d go back to this.

Meanwhile: Suns Uni Tracker goes on to say that next season’s City uniform will be similar to the team’s popular “The Valley” design, but in Spanish — “El Valle.”

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    The negative space on the 2’s connecting the 22 together is figuratively killing me, and I cannot “un-see” it.

    I know that would be different for other numbers, but I hate it on these! Hopefully they are NOT the uniforms.

    These are an improvement, but they messed up a few years ago, when they ditched the early-mid 2010’s era set. Those were good, they were almost like a modernized version of the 90s era set. Should have never ditched those. Or, alternatively they can just full on return to the 90s era set, that would also work.

    Paul, it’s kind of ironic that the Suns’ uniform set that you prefer (link) is the one most hated by the fan base. Possibly because of all of the disfunction with the franchise associated with this era, but also because of the complete absence of purple on the home set.

    What absolutely kills this set, for me, is the difference in slope between the striping and the letters. If they rose in sync (and were larger, tbh) it would be vastly improved, but as it stands, it’s jarring and discordant.

    So glad I’m not the only person that was bothered by this. I thought my eyes were messing with me.

    Paul, you pegged it when you called the 2013 uniforms underrated classics; the Suns need to lean in on the orange for the white set. Purple can prevail on the dark uniforms. So help me, why is grey an official team color? That’s the color of a cloud!

    The Suns should just go back to the Barkley era uniforms as their primary uniforms.

    My favorite on is the 70s set with the big suns on the shorts. After that the Barkley era, all the different color versions. This possible set looks horrible with its tiny numbers and indeed rinky dink graphics on both the shirt and the shorts, Paul’s favorite set with the PHX and Phoenix wings on the shorts is equally bad. But his choice must indeed be driven by the lack of purple ;-)

    These are not actually bad and they’re an improvement. However, the SUNS font on it needs to be improved. It looks too clip art like. Also, the number font sucks. Change the SUNS font and make it a little more spread across the chest and use a better number font. The number font is too similar to the Cavs and it’s not a good one anyways.

    They’re OK. Number Font pretty ridiculous. Particularly for an established team like the Suns with several truly superior past uniform iterations.
    What exactly is the point of putting the image of a basketball on the front of an NBA game jersey?
    Reminds me of how the NFL Chargers and Rams BOTH blew their updates.
    How BOTH got rid of TV numbers and still failed to use the shoulder and sleeve space for adequate contrasting details or colors or striping.
    Also reminds me of how Chargers found some ridiculous reason to use ROUNDED and ITALICIZED numeral font on a uniform where nothing is rounded and there was no sensible reason to italicize the numerals.
    Just more and more MEH uniform updates.
    At least they aren’t monochrome, unitard disasters like the NFL Cardinals ….

    In a vacuum, they’re OK. But for a team with multiple better uniforms in their history, these are at the bottom of their list. Not better than their current set, not better than the Barkley
    era set, not better than the Tom Chambers/Larry Nance Sr/Walter Davis Era set (my personal faves). If it is not an improvement, why do it?

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