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New Contract Leads to Lamar-Themed Salt Box in Baltimore

I’ve written a few times about Baltimore salt boxes, which are big boxes of road salt located throughout Charm City. They tended to be pretty battered and dilapidated until a local artist named Juliet Ames got the idea a few years ago to start beautifying them, which became a city-wide phenomenon. Here’s a good video report on her:

Some of Ames’s designs have been sports-themed, and now, as you can see at the top of this page, she’s done one featuring Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. On Facebook, she said she added the Jackson design to the box back in December but didn’t promote it until now because she was waiting to see how Jackson’s contract situation played out. Now that he’s inked a five-year extension, Ames is publicly showcasing the design on social media.

Incidentally, if you need a receptacle for your own salt, Ames sells these little 3D-printed plastic salt boxes. I have one here at Uni Watch HQ, which I use to store my kosher salt. Fun!

(Big thanks to longtime reader and proud Baltimorean Joe Hilseberg for letting me know about the Jackson-themed box.)


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    I love this so much! As soon as Juliet posted this, I reached out to her. I actually have the 3D-printed salt box at home and use it every day!

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