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A Uni Watch Look at Last Night’s NFL Draft

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Good morning! The Mariners will be unveiling their City Connect uniform later this morning. I’ll have a post about that as soon as they go live.

Meanwhile: We’ve talked a lot about the collar and chest seam on jerseys rendered in Nike’s new template. But as Bryce Young posed with Roger Goodell after being selected by the Panthers as the first overall pick in last night’s NFL draft (as shown above), it became apparent that we also need to talk about the back of the new jerseys.

See those seams running from the bottom of the nameplate down toward the bottom of the jersey? Those seams were present on almost every jersey that was held up onstage last night, although the seams and topstitching were more visually apparent on some jerseys than on others. Take a look:

So those teams are apparently all using the new template. There was, however, one exception. After squinting at more photos than I’d like to think about, I’m pretty sure that the jersey held up by Falcons draftee Bijan Robinson did not have those rear seams:

So maybe the Falcons aren’t using the new template..?

Other notes from last night:

  • As you can see in that gallery I posted earlier, two draftees went with JrOB.
  • For the second consecutive year, Goodell did not wear a tie for the draft, so I guess that’s his official style now:
  • There was a brutal apostrophe catastrophe looming in the background of every onstage shot:
  • ESPN initially used the Eagles old wordmark but then changed it to the new one:

  • The three murdered University of Virginia football players were made honorary draft picks. “Besides D’Sean Perry being from Miami and being represented by a Dolphins jersey, I’m not sure why the other two were represented by the Ravens and Jaguars,” says our own Jamie Rathjen. “It’s not where they were from, so maybe they were fans of those teams.”

Did anyone notice any other uni-notable moments from last night’s event?



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    If you go to the Panther’s shop store, you can definitely tell the blue color has changed. As well as, the new jerseys have fixed that crazy stripe problem with the old “game” jerseys on the sleeves vs the shoulders.

    OMG! That museum of failure stuff is great. I remember (or at least I *think* I remember) at least half of those. The “Bic for Her” pens remind me of Stanley Hudson’s “Papyr” link

    It’s pink, scented and silky soft. Today’s paper is too masculine.

    Since the Museum of Failure section appears to be such a hit, I’ve removed it from this post and turned it into its own stand-alone post. Thanks for the positive feedback!

    The new rear seams are going to be as big of a problem as the seams from the old template. Any 2-digit number is going to fall across the seams (unless a player wears #11 on a team uses a font with a “stick 1”, because Nike loves to smash them as close together as possible… ugh), and it looks so improper.
    Speaking of improper: Roger, you’re the leader of a $20B/year business. Put on a tie and look like an adult. You’re never gonna be cool, stop trying to be hip for the millenials.

    Of all the things to complain about regarding Goodell, not wearing a tie at the draft is really the least of our problems.

    True, but it is a new aesthetics-related complaint; we beat him up for the other uniform-based stuff fairly regularly (Nike, bad designs, Color Rush, socks, base layers), but your point is taken.

    As much as I miss Goodell’s formality of dress befitting his position, I miss the simple handshakes with the draftees marking the importance of the occasion even more. It all looks so silly now. -C.

    Wild mass guessing about the Falcons: that HUGE ATL on the front would probably interfere with the seam on the new template so by logistics, they can’t make it work and will still have to stick to the old template until they (hopefully soon) redesign the uniforms.

    I think the Falcons are on the new template. My guess is they had to get rid of the seams on the back to accommodate the side panel. I don’t see the triangle-shaped seams on the back like the old Untouchable template.

    This new jersey template is just horrendous and the only way Nike and the NFL will find out and care about it is when stacks of them remain unsold in shops and warehouses. Don’t buy them and they will be changed before you can say ‘production chain problem’.

    I really never pay attention to the draft but I noticed all the draftees holding up the color jerseys instead of white. I assume this has been a normal thing for a while? We’d probably see the seams better if they were showing off the white jerseys.

    Did anyone notice any other uni-notable moments from last night’s event?

    – I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was Paris Johnson that put on one of those over-sized baseball caps that New Era complained the Braves were wearing in the dugout.

    I can’t find an image and not sure if it’s something I’ve always missed or if it’s new but when Goodell was handing JSN his Seahawks jersey, there was some sort of 12 patch representing the 12th man. Is that new? I’m trying to find a picture.

    Here’s what Patrick is referring to:

    It comes from this video clip (skip ahead to 0:37): link

    I can’t figure out where that patch is situated on the jersey. Anyone..?

    Is that V seem that vital to jersey tech that they are willing to make every jersey with some sort of chest logo look worse? Every, single one is pushed down now and crammed against the number.

    I remember when the previous Nike jersey template that’s been worn the last several seasons was released, they made a huge deal about how the jerseys had almost no seams and how “innovative” it was. It’s so strange that this new jersey template is suddenly bringing back numerous seams all over the place. The new jersey template isn’t nearly as bad as the original Nike NFL template with the Nike-lace and sweat boxes, but it’s still a downgrade from the previous template, in my opinion. Also proves yet again that all of Nike’s “innovations” are just marketing BS.

    Anyone else not see this logo on the giant video board as the Buccaneers drafted…Sorry no screen shot… link

    During the comments made about Devin Chandler, it was mentioned that his goal had been to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars. So that’s why they used that jersey for him. It got very dusty in our living room during that segment of the show.

    I know the Bills have the new jersey template on the store but they have their first round pick on the older template. Don’t know if that means anything

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