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Cardinals Unveil Long-Awaited New Uniform Set

The Arizona Cardinals tonight unveiled the new uniform set that we’ve all been waiting to see. I’ll have a more detailed assessment on Friday morning, but here are the basics:

  • Silver has been added as an accent color throughout the uniform set, including a new silver facemask on the primary helmet.
  • Aside from the new mask, the helmet is largely unchanged. The side logos are slightly larger, but most fans won’t even notice that.
  • The red home jersey has a big “Arizona” wordmark across the chest. My initial thought is that the lettering seems to be sitting fairly low, due to Nike’s new tailoring template.
  • All three uniforms were presented with matching jersey and pant colors: red over red for the home uniform, mono-white on the road, and mono-black for the alternate (the team’s third different BFBS uniform, which must surely be some kind of record). It’s not yet clear whether the white and red elements will be mixed and matched.
  • The number font is fairly conventional, although the numerals are pockmarked with little dot perforations.
  • Speaking of numbers: The red jersey has TV numbers; the white and black jerseys do not.
  • They’re still putting the team logo above the nameplate.
  • The one unchanged uniform component carried over from the previous set is the black alternate helmet.

Those are the main things to know. There’s additional info here, and dozens of additional photos here.

Again, I’ll have a more thorough and detailed assessment on Friday morning. See you then.

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    No sleeve numbers.

    I might like the white jerseys if the stripes weren’t truncated and they went over red pants.

    Helmet decals are described as chrome and gradient, so they *might* actually pop a little.

    We waited 18 years for this? Not a fan of this uniform set at all. Maybe St. Louis needs another shot at it?

    Prior to unveil: Cardinals have worst uniform set in the NFL

    After unveil: Cardinals have worst uniform set in the NFL

    I was about to same the exact same, but I think these are slightly better than the Falcons’ gradients/ATL/number font situation.

    I think Atlanta and LAR are worse redesigns.

    Denver now holds the worst “old” design in my book

    All are examples of horrible decisions. Seriously, it’s not hard to design the basic elements of a football uniform and not mess it up. But somehow the biggest designer on the planet works with the biggest sports league in the US and still cannot figure this sh** out.

    The readers of this site have produced at least a dozen designs that would have been great, it’s unbelievable they could actually do worse….

    Absolute garbage. Bring back proper sock stripes and pant stripes and lose the leotard look.

    And please, tuck in your undershirts. I know it’s a style the players wear on the field but it looks beyond sloppy for official photoshoots.

    Judging by the Adidas logo gloves, I think the tshirt is out on purpose to cover the Nike logo on the pants.

    Extremely disappointed. Not a fan of Nike’s vision for uniform design in general. I was really hoping they revealed something closer to their 90’s design with the Arizona flag included.

    The red would have looked so much better if it used the template of the white jersey and was over the white pants.

    They went back to the basics but they could’ve been so much better then what they are, I like the sleeve pattern but make it consistent across all jerseys and the name on the front should’ve been smaller and also on all jerseys,I will say it’s better then what they had but it’s still a letdown

    The red “home” jersey should match the design template of the away jersey and the alternate should be the odd one out. Also the home jersey shouldn’t be the one that says where the team is from, let alone the ONLY jersey that uses the location. If they’re playing in arizona, the majority of the fans should be aware of where the team is from.

    White jerseys are a huge upgrade. Otherwise it looks like Washington State red and Ohio State black alternate.

    Kinda remind me of Ohio St with the addition of the silver. Particularly the close up photos of the sleeve stripes and number outlining.

    Somehow, they managed to make this even worse than what they had… ffs.

    I mean. They took the Cleveland redesign and made it somehow less inspiring and it looks more college than a college uniform… This is like bad Ohio State uniforms.

    The leotard effect… No stripes on the red set… Huge city wordmark… BFBS and just bland, bland, bland…

    Very bad. Someone got paid to design these. I have seen hundreds of concepts that all blow this out of the water.

    I am actually mad. Atlanta just looks bad. I’m not even a Cardinals fan and I feel cheated. This is beyond bad.

    “Somehow, they managed to make this even worse than what they had… ffs.”

    Don’t agree with that at all. It’s not great, but still better than the clown suits they wore before. Those were some of the worst I’ve ever seen, every uniform gimmick from the past 20 years thrown together.

    It’s basically the same stuff over and with the new designs lately, not counting the ones that went “retro”. They got rid of the piping, not mad at that. My fear of the eradication of TV numbers is the unfortunately becoming reality, that’s really the only thing that I care about from this reveal.

    Some of the photos definitely look like these don’t have TVs, but I think they do (and they will when they’re on the field)


    On closer inspection, it looks like they only have TVs on the bloodclot unis. Mono-white and BFBS don’t appear to have TVs. As if they weren’t bad enough

    Quite boring. Copper or sand would have been so much better than black.

    A lost opportunity.

    Meh. That’s it? Cheap looking, underwhelming Ohio State knockoffs. Just what I expected from Nike.

    The red jerseys over white pants and white jerseys over red pants would look at lot better. The red jerseys with no stripes worn with the red pants with no stripes doesn’t look great.

    Don’t like team name in stripes on white jersey. Really hate the big Arizona written on the chest. I’m ignoring the black uniform because I wish it didn’t exist.

    I guess it is an upgrade but we all know the real truth. All of us who read Uni Watch probably would have designed a better uniform for the Cardinals.

    Before the unveil: Get rid of the piping and go back to the basics. Cardinals should be red! Worse uni in the NFL.

    After the unveil: This is too basic and boring. And what’s with the mono-red! Worst uni in the NFL.

    The home uniform set is atrocious. I wish they carried through the black and white template onto the red set. The “Arizona” on the red jerseys looks too collegiate. I also wish the red jersey had shoulder stripes instead of the TV numbers. As far as the red pants, they should have stripes as well.

    Seriously with the team names on pro jerseys. The Cardinals have worn roughly the same helmet for like 60 years and variations on red/white since Chicago. We’re good.

    Missed opportunity not adding more yellow. Replace the silver with yellow, use consistent striping across all jerseys and pants, take the giant wordmark away, use a red face mask – now we have something…

    Obviously, the A R I Z O N A word mark is a tad too big. I think they also missed the mark with the red jersey sleeves. Would have been a perfect place for a flag design. Other than that, I’m satisfied. I can see the mix and match combos working well.

    The worst part about this is it pushes the number down to the belly, which is an…unflattering place for something so large to be. Take a look at Kyler Murray noticing his stomach as he talks about how good he looks:


    Honestly, they could have done a lot worse. I’m not ecstatic about these, but they aren’t as bad as I thought they were gonna be. Wish the BFBS was removed but I knew that was too good to be true.

    I don’t like the all red at home. Definitely prefer red over white. And I truly dislike the “Cardinals” Seahawks wannabe word mark thing on the sleeves that Nike loves to try to slap on jerseys whenever they get the chance. Other than that not too shabby. Again, this could’ve been a lot worse. Look at the Falcons and Jets. Yuck.

    The Bidwell family needs to sell this joke of a team. Why silver? Yellow was speculated as a new color, and I actually would have been fine if they had put yellow where the silver is. The white and black uniforms look too much like Ohio State. And the red should have just been the same as the white and black, without the low billboard size “ARIZONA”. Also, the “CARDINALS” on the sleeve stripes of the white and black uniforms is so unnecessary.

    And why silver? This is the copper state. If you are trying to be representative of where you play, get that part right!

    Hey Paul, since joining the UW+ it’s showing my actual name instead of my user name. When I checked my profile it says my user name is RickAZ, which is what I’d prefer. Thanks.

    The giant Arizona wordmark on the home jersey is so damned stupid. Otherwise the set is meh at best. It’s technically a step up, but a very, very small step.

    First impression ? Besides another underwhelming ShitShow Nike new uniform set ? ….Commanders 2.0
    Has Nike ever delivered with any of these new NFL makeover reveals ? And why do they always feature a Black alternate? Lazy …
    They seem to look like pajamas worn by a NCAA college team. Just god awful. …
    The best uni’s in football feature pants that have a different color. Raiders & Cowboys silver , Packers & Steelers Yellow, 49ers Gold , etc .

    “Has Nike ever delivered with any of these new NFL makeover reveals ?”

    Only when they go back to something that’s close to the traditional look, like the Browns fixing their hideous five-year mistake.

    Cards uniset is far from perfect. But they are an improvement. I like that they went with a someone normal number font, unlike what the Falcons and Titans recently switched to. Would have liked better striping design on the white jerseys (which are my favorite of the three. Maybe even incorporating the AZ state flag like they did years ago. Silver number outline on the red jerseys is pretty cool. Gives them an OSU Buckeye look. Larger helmet decal and silver face mask is also very sharp looking.
    All in all an improvement over they shoulder yoked, black piping looking duds they’ve been wearing. I’d give it a B-.

    So much opportunity squandered… If you decided to make silver/gray a team color, then why not change the actual team logo to reflect a DESERT CARDINAL.

    The uniform set is just boring. It’s modern, sure… but just looks like it belongs to a team that doesn’t have a significant history. Hell, even the red is brighter than it should be from these photos.

    Holy crap these are bad. These look like uninspired college unis.

    If they swap the pants around and create contrasting looks, I’ll reevaluate, but the giant “ARIZONA” on the chest on the red ones is definitely giving Cleveland’s terrible makeover flashbacks.

    Both surprised and not surprised.
    Colors: silver adds nothing, yellow or copper would have been better… black as a trim color is fine, not crazy about the overuse, from the helmet to the entire alt set – particularly when the team got its name for the colors it originally wore.
    Helmet: knew enough not to screw with it, so +1 for you, Nike…
    Numbers: they kept what they had, so it could have been worse. But the font is close enough to a standard Block Varsity that you have to wonder why bother making a bespoke font that is almost generic in the first place? Then again, they could have Niked it up like the Falcons, so I guess, fine?
    Uniforms: to the good, they eliminated the weird piping and sleevelet color inserts and more or less cleaned up a hideous design… to the bad, there is so much irregularity regarding TV numbers and sleeve striping and city name that it’s annoying, and while they have the ability to mix and match, they can go full blood clot, full stormtrooper and full photonegative stormtrooper, and probably will.
    Verdict: DISAPPOINTED, and slightly relieved. It’s not the worst uniform in the league anymore but they could have chosen any one of dozens of concepts floating around this site and others and knocked it out of the park.

    Yes you can say these are an upgrade from the last uniform set, but that’s a pretty low standard. Adding silver allows them to keep up the lazy tradition of a grey face mask. Would it really have killed them to have a red facemask? The wordmark looks like they are in a contest with the Commies to see who can have the most ridiculously loud wordmark, and overall they look very college like.

    I thought the Jaguars’ (most recent) uniform overhaul looked like practice unis – Cardinals have gone even farther. Disappointing.

    Could’ve been worse. Could’ve been better. Just use white pants with red jerseys and I will be OK with them.

    Ooooh god this feels bland. Like Colts-level bland. The previous ones weren’t really good either, but I’d honestly take that instead.

    Seems they and Nike did the same thing when Jacksonville redesigned. Recognize the totally stupid and out of control design was too much, but simplify to the point of a huge yawn. I just don’t understand. Just take 5 minutes and look at the nice design the team wore in the ’70s and go from there people.

    Honestly, I wish they had copied the Nebraska Cornhuskers who make two colors look perfectly balanced, classy and very “football.” Those simple lines would have worked much better. I don’t know why teams refuse to put stripes on pants. It is always an upgrade.

    Every couple of years when I hear of a team getting a new uniform I get so excited, but then after the “big release” I am so let down… because Nike.
    Nike continues to think we want these shitty superhero uniforms and they are so wrong!
    The Cardinals new whites are Ok, if they would remove their name off the stripes and occasionally pair them with the red pants (the only time these should be used) and white socks.

    Also, Arizona is the COPPER state! Copper accents would’ve been better than silver. They wouldn’t have been ripping off Ohio State then

    This is Atlanta Falcons all over again.

    Are they better than what they had? Definitely, no doubt.

    Are they hideous? No, they’re okay.

    Did the team have a way better option based on 80s/90s era designs, and blew it? Yes, definitely.

    So we have to wait five years for them to try again? Too bad the fake leak posted yesterday wasn’t the real thing, they were way better than what we actually got.

    Practice fodder or falling for the underfunded high school look. Very disappointing and bland.

    This looks like a team that knows dark days are ahead and these unis tell that tale.

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