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Updated with New Photo: Apparent Leak Shows Mariners’ City Connect Jersey

A series of photos purporting to show what appears to be a retail replica version of the Mariners’ upcoming City Connect jersey began circulating today. The photos do not show the front of the jersey but they show the back, as seen above, as well as a sleeve patch and a slogan above the jock tag:

The “PNW” on the sleeve patch presumably refers to the Pacific Northwest, and the “My oh my” slogan was the signature catchphrase of longtime M’s broadcaster Dave Niehaus.

Are these images legit? I haven’t been able to confirm the answer to that question, but at least four things point toward their legitimacy:

  • The color scheme matches the T-shirt leak that we saw back in January.
  • Remember those City Connect sock leaks from February? The mountain graphic on the “PNW” sleeve patch matches the graphic on the earlier M’s sock leak:
  • In addition, the “P” in the “PNW” design matches the “P” in the Seattle Pilots’ old wordmark:
  • In-store retail leaks have consistently proven to be legit in recent years.

The Mariners are slated to officially unveil their City Connect uniform on April 28.

Update: Now we have a photo of the front of the jersey as well:

That matches the earlier Pilots-inspired T-shirt leak, so I’d say this is the real deal.

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    Looks good *so far*

    Wonder if the pants will be white, royal, cream…or gold…

    Common sense would say white, but there’s a part of me that legitimately wants to see them wear gold (yellow) pants

    Me too!! That was the first thought I had…as there’s little to no white used in trimming or outlining…

    These photos look promising, it is a nice design. Great color combo.

    As for the pants, given recent trends I am expecting them to match the shirts but let’s hope not. White pants would be the safe option and probably look good.

    How on earth could the Mariners have NOT gone with a green jersey and “Emerald City” on the front? Is it trademarked by MGM or something?

    I think the Pilots Throwback is a better option because the color is more different from the actual unis. The Mariners already have a green (teal).

    I kind of hope the front actually says pnw because the mariners aren’t just Seattle’s team, it’s the main baseball team for all of Washington, a good deal of Oregon, Idaho, even Alaska. As someone who lives 2.5 hours away and gets my hometown insulted regularly by those who call Seattle home, it would feel nice to have the team recognizing that regionality

    As a former EWA kid, I get that sentiment, but these are “City” Connect uniforms, not “Region” Connect. The sleeve patch is a nice PNW nod, but I wouldn’t expect anything more than that.

    From the patch photo, it looks to me as though there’s going to be an “S” in the upper left chest.

    Can I just say that I’ve always found the Pilots connection odd? Yes, they were first and they had a good aesthetic (I believe), but they only played for one season decades ago. I’m middle aged and they existed well before I was born. I’m not trying to make anyone feel old, I just mean it’s odd to reference a team that played one season long enough ago that a lot of people don’t know the reference. They’re really more the Brewers legacy, anyway. I just don’t understand the yearning some have for this identity that virtually meant nothing in terms of real history.

    The Brewers have never leaned in on their Pilots’ history, ceding the connection to the Mariners. Milwaukee’s move from the AL to the NL furthered that separation.

    Funny that the Brewers finally got around to wearing their Pilots uniforms the season after they moved to the NL…then again it was ’99 and they were throwing back to ’69.
    I don’t like that the Mariners have helped themselves to that branding (or when other teams take similar liberties) ; even if the Brewers are OK with it, I’m not ; )

    For a “city connect” jersey, it makes perfect sense to me for Seattle to leverage the Pilots’ history as Seattle is the city the Pilots played in, even if it was only for a year. I understand that a lot of people believe the “corporate history” of relocated franchises takes priority over the regional history, but this is a really cool way of them acknowledging the history of baseball in their city and seems in line with the theme of the City Connect line.

    I really dislike the recent tendency to favor corporate history, with records from multiple cities amalgamated as long as the team is the same corporate entity.

    Years ago this view was the minority. Particularly if the nickname changed; nobody combined the records of the old St. Louis Browns with the new Baltimore Orioles; or the Washington Senators with the Minnesota Twins (recently I saw an internet poster claiming that the Twins won the World Series in 1924 with Walter Johnson pitching for them, which totally confused me until I realized that you could connect those teams as a corporate entity). I’ve never seen the Yankees claim to have been founded in Baltimore in 1901; their history begins in 1903 because that’s the year the New York American League franchise began.

    Jerry Seinfeld said that because we’d support any athlete wearing a uniform with our city’s name on it, we were rooting for laundry. But the new paradigm seems to be rooting for a corporation without even any regard for where it puts the team.

    Agreed 100%. The physical presence of a team in a city is what creates the history, not the corporate or individual owner. It’s weird to me to see teams hanging banners for championships and retired numbers from cities they no longer call home- those things weren’t celebrated there, so to me they shouldn’t be honored there, either. To me those tributes belong in the city the team was taken from.

    I think people mostly just like the Pilots jerseys. Given the choice between a modified Pilots throwback or the usual City Connects horrors, I’ll take this as a win.

    These give me a little bit of hope that the entire uniform won’t be hot trash like most of the CC unis. Cautiously optimistic here.

    Note the open box visible at the top of the feature photo, where we see an insignia inside the collar and the top of the jersey lettering. The lettering appears to cross the placket, and the shapes of the tops of the letters resemble the old Pilots wordmark. Looks like lowercase seattle to me, but that’s conjecture. The collar insignia appears to have a line of text atop crossed emblems. Looks like forks or brooms to me, but probably more like paddles.

    I could do without the “SoDo Mojo” slogan in the interior collar. I generally find these little “Easter eggs” to be played out and tiresome. It seems like it’s nothing more than a ploy to entice one more fan into buying the replica jerseys (which will also have them so they seem that much more “authentic!”).

    I know they won’t be seen on the field (thank goodness!), but I’ll still know they’re there, and it will bug me at least once during the time I watch a game when they’re wearing these. At least it’s not as embarrassing as “Bird Gang” or “Protect the Nest.” ::insert eyeroll here::

    You can see a little bit of the front of the jersey in the first picture – looks like wordmark across the chest. Seattle in Pilots font?

    The crossed tridents in the collar are interesting….Mariners just broke out a gold trident for homerun celebrations in dugout….nautical /mountain/….maybe with pnw sleeve it’ll be regional on front.

    Okay, this one looks like it’ll be pretty cool, and I’m digging the nod to the Pilots.

    Here’s another leaked pic, of the front of the jersey. Although the font isn’t exactly the same as the old Pilots jerseys, it’s certainly a nod to that style (especially the T’s). You can also get a better look at the crossed tridents in the collar, along with the team’s “Sodo Mojo” slogan.

    M’s City Connect: link

    Pilots: link

    Personal conjecture on the rest

    Hats – S with crossed tridents…
    Pants – Either matching blue or white.

    The Pilots road jersey is incredibly rare to find. Mitchell/Ness did great job before they sold out. I am at the Rangers game tonight and it’s 4/21 which is on the hats and unis. I would be shocked if they didnt wear the CC tonight.

    The Pilots road jersey is incredibly rare to find. Mitchell/Ness did great job before they sold out. I am at the Rangers game tonight and it’s 4/21 which is on the hats and unis. I would be shocked if they didnt wear the CC tonight.

    Not really a connect to the city, as much as a connect to a team that was there for one year. I really don’t understand the point of this “program”.

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