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The Usual Slop: MLB Releases Mother’s Day Caps

MLB’s first holiday-driven merch-dump caps of the year are upon us, as the Ma’s Day headwear has just been released. They’ve really outdone themselves this year — grey and pink is a particularly brutal combination that’s going to look awful on the field.

All 30 designs are shown above. You can get a closer look at each design in this slideshow (sorry about the random sequence — I’m on the run today and didn’t have time to sequence them alphabetically or by division):

As has been the case in recent seasons, there’s no sign of holiday jerseys — just caps — but players will presumably wear pink ribbons.

Ma’s Day is coming up on May 14. I encourage everyone to take Mom out to lunch or plan some other sort of family outing. In addition to being a nice thing to do, it’ll spare you the experience of seeing these caps in action.

(My thanks to Christian Beruman, who was the first to alert me to these caps being released.)

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    I was definitely a bigger fan of the pink/baby blue accents for mother’s/father’s day. If you’re going to do it, go all out.

    Blue Jays logo looks like a pink wig. Keep both parts of the bird dark with a light leaf.

    As for taking Mom out on that date, go out the Sunday before or after. It really is too crowded and hectic for patrons and servers on Mother’s Day.

    If they wanted to sell more in Cincinnati, they should have placed Rosie Red on the side instead of Mr. Redlegs.

    I wonder why the Padres went with ”Padres” on the side rather than the friar. Seems like an obvious choice and not a huge fan of wordmark logos.

    If they weren’t beholden to the league-wide promotion, the padres should come up with a female “swingin’” logo and rebrand as the Madres for the weekend. I mean, it’s pretty low-hanging fruit.

    The Hellscape that is the MLB Special Uni ShitShow keeps chuggin along. I love uniforms, obviously, but I don’t love the current Diarrhetic Typhoon that has been unleashed in professional sports–for no reason other than Merch-revenue…

    These don’t look as bad as I expected.
    The secondary logo for the Pirates looks terrible, as usual. I can’t think of another personal example in which a logo has turned me off from merchandise as much as that one has.

    On the plus side, the team-custom side patches are nice, and less cookie-cutter than usual for this sort of thing. Still very cookie-cutter! But less so than usual. On the negative side, literally everything else about these hats.

    It bugs me that the Pirates have red in their side logo while everybody else’s logos are completely greyscaled.

    Great spot. Wonder why the bandana is red. And wonder if that’s how it will actually look on the field…

    Hmmm… even though most teams have an alternate logo on the side the Braves duplicated the script A instead of the wordmark with the tomahawk. City connect unis also didn’t have any tomahawks. Are these starting to slowly go away like Chief Wahoo?

    Atlanta, like KC in the NFL, have been “on the clock” so to speak since the Cleveland/Washington rebrands. Chicago in the NHL too.

    The NHL has doubled down on supporting the Blackhawks in at least one Facebook post that I’ve seen. I think it’s the right move, as honoring an individual (Black Hawk) is a totally different phenomenon than naming a team after a culture or a stereotype. I don’t think indigenous people unrelated to Black Hawk have any more right to demand his removal than I would have to demand the removal of George Washington from something just because he and I are both white. And removing recognition of a historical figure because of his race/culture feels more like erasure than accommodation.

    In short, unless Black Hawk’s family themselves come out and ask for his removal, I think the correct thing to do is for the team to continue to honor him.

    I actually like the side logos stylistically, and from my personal style standpoint I would probably wear the Yankee one as a fashion cap. However, for actual on-field use I agree they’re a bad template and color scheme for pretty much every team.

    “(F)or actual on-field use I agree they’re a bad template and color scheme for pretty much every team.”


    “I would probably wear the Yankee one as a fashion cap.”

    Bingo. That’s exactly what NE wants. They DGAF about the on-field look, they want people like yourself to soon part with their money.

    I didn’t say I was buying one, just that the color scheme is one I would conceivably wear. As for “people like me” parting with my money, I’m not going to get into a wide-ranging philosophical argument other than to say I think it’s perfectly reasonable to have nuanced opinions. In this scenario, someone choosing to purchase a cap because they like the colors doesn’t preclude them from commenting on whether it works or not as an on-field cap or vice versa.

    Characteristically awful.

    Also inconsistent.

    The Orioles hat looks like it once had actual colors but was left in the washing machine for a week.

    Just curious: do these “special” hats make any meaningful money? I don’t see much evidence that they are purchased in significant amounts.

    Angels have sooooooo many alternatives to the halo A…..the California with star…the Lower case a with halo…the CA….the CA with wings….but they keep the same halo A…..again…..and again….

    Does anyone buy these? And does anyone have sales figures? MLB/New Era must make a profit off of this “Diarrhetic Typhoon” (well said, Milorad V) but I never see anyone wearing these, the Dad’s Day caps, etc.

    I hope the nationals think wear their city connect costumes for Mother’s Day….that’s the only way these hats will make any sense.

    Khaki and pink certainly seems like it’ll work for the women’s sports merch crowd, seems like these hats would work outside of just the mothers day context.

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