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Texas Rangers Unveil City Connect Uniform

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The Rangers have officially unveiled their new City Connect uniform design. The main design is shown above — a cream jersey with extremely dark-blue caps and pants. I’m assessing this on the fly and will continue to add photos, info, and thoughts throughout the rest of the morning.

Some thoughts:

  • Personally, I think the light jersey with dark pants looks interesting, but I also think it’s not gonna fly with most fans (and most players, for that matter). We’ve already seen the Rockies and Dodgers swap out their dark CC pants for white this season. What do you think is the over/under on how long it’ll take for the Rangers to come up with some cream pants for this uniform?
  • That number font is pretty funky — look at the zero! Here’s how it looks from the back:
  • Speaking of the back: NNOB! Looks kinda nice to see those big numerals without any competing typography.
  • The team has created this infographic breaking down all of the “storytelling” elements, which are rooted in Texas’s baseball history (additional info here):
  • That stylized “TX” logo on the jersey and cap doesn’t work for me at all. Looks more like “FX,” or “IX,” or just an abstract jumble.
  • See that little logo at the top of the left pant leg? That’s similar to the little logo on the Cubs’ road pants.
  • Speaking of the pants: They’re going with a white belt! Insert “It’s not Memorial Day yet!” jokes here.

Overall: This feels like a weird mishmash of elements that don’t cohere very well. I do like that the whole thing is based on baseball history (not just local history), but it’s not a very effective uniform.

The Rangers plan to debut this uniform this Friday and Saturday, April 21 and 22, and will then wear it for Friday home games for the rest of the season — a total of 14 games.

Next up on the CC schedule: the Mariners, who are scheduled to unveil their CC design on April 28.



Can of the Day

There are lots and lots of vintage lard and shortening cans out there. Two things put this one over the top: the product name Shortnin’, and these illustrations on the side of the can:

Oh man, is that great or what?





What Paul Did on Saturday

My friend Elise and I did some vintage shopping in south-central New Jersey on Saturday. I didn’t buy anything, but I was sorely tempted by this amazing set of letter/number decals, complete with the “Duro Dan” mascot character. So cool!

The vintage shopping was just the prologue for the main event of the day, because we were headed for a classic New Jersey beefsteak taking place at the Masonic Fellowship Center in Burlington, N.J. It was the usual beefsteak scene that I’ve described many times before — unlimited beef, beer, and fun — but this time there was the added bonus of being surrounded by Freemasons. I’m pretty sure we were the only non-Masons in attendance, but everyone was super-friendly and welcoming (and one guy tried very hard to recruit me). They also liked how we dressed for the event (the bicycle and other items in the background were being raffled off):

Burlington is much closer to Philadelphia than to NYC, so a few people gave us a bit of shit because they were Phillies fans, but all in good fun. It was a really fun time, plus we learned a lot about Freemasonry!

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    Your can of the day is also kinda uni related. Farmer Peet’s was the company Denny McLain was convicted for embezzlement of their pension fund.

    I really don’t like these City Connects — the TX logo absolutely ruins them. Among the worst of the entire City Connect set so far.

    Never seen a front chest number that high on the jersey before.

    100% that will have a negative effect on the umpires understanding of the strikezone. The traditionally low numbers provide a visual point of reference that they use to size up their zones. Now that the number is high, guys are gonna be getting nailed high ones. How are these excel dorks in the front office not thinking of shit like that?

    That seems like a reach. There so much analytics on the umpire side that I’m guessing the physical letters on the jersey have almost no bearing on the zone anymore. We don’t even use it in the language at the lower levels (although, in practice, I’m sure some umps use it).

    Ditto on this being a reach. There are so many teams that don’t have front numbers at all. Why would the umps use the rare numbers as a reference?

    And, is it any higher than the Reds’ chest numbers?

    The TX looks like some made up Chinese symbol.

    I do like the creature on the right arm. Anyone know the story behind that?

    Yup. A fake Chinese symbol that some college bro got tattooed on his chest to look “cutting edge”…

    In the storytelling infographic, they say that the creature is a mix of two former minor league identities – the Dallas Eagles and Fort Worth Panthers. So a panther with eagle wings. I appreciate the creativity.

    I expected the Rangers’ CC jersey to little more than the state flag tailored plastered to a Nike template. The leak gave me a little hope as the Metroplex had many well-adorned minor league clubs. Are these an incoherent mash-up of those? Yes. Could it have been worse? Absolutely.

    Bring on Seattle’s…because that city connected so well with the Pilots…

    my knee-jerk reaction is below, but after having time to ponder it, i really would prefer these to their current set (with a blue top, cream pants away uni, particularly if they had the guts to do a white/cream cap with a navy brim, and red squatcho).

    I’m with you. Remove the Spur on the pants and match the pants and jersey color and it could be their primary. I’m also all for the dark dark blue, especially on the hat. I’ll probably wear this hat every day this summer!

    I love ’em. White shirt over dark pants is so retro – we’re talking 1880s retro!

    I’ve hated virtually every CC so far but I love this one.

    Don’t think white shirt over dark pants has been regularly worn in MLB since the late 70s White Sox.

    another CC uni that makes me say “i don’t know what this is going for.”

    i can’t say i hate it, but oddly, even more so than the red sox CCs, this doesn’t feel like a rangers uni. i’ll need the corporatespeak/storytelling to explain the gryphon logo on the sleeve, or maybe someone familiar with arlington? it’s odd to me that there are 3 logos here: the gryphon, the state/spur, and the TX. the state/spur on the pants feels the most “texas rangers” but also the most unnecessary. the gryphon says nothing indicative of the franchise (maybe it does to a local), but is pretty cool looking, and has a certain retro detroit lions “we don’t know how to draw” kind of vibe. the TX is a nice piece of design but its a little busy, and feels more like the logo of a steakhouse to me.

    i can’t say it’s interesting, and i can’t say its not a nice looking uni, overall, and therefore it becomes the most interesting uni they have save for the tex avery cartoon looking throwback. it’s over-designed by maybe 10% (which is practically a miracle of restraint for nike, these days), but after all this, i actually think that i’d be fine with them adopting this as their main look (aways can be navy tops, cream pants). but that’s coming from someone who isn’t a rangers fan, and isn’t a fan of their current unis.

    now that I’ve see the “storytelling”: thanks for all the 4/21s, but please explain WHY it’s important, please remove it from the cap, and please go back in time 24 hours and decide to wait until 4/21 to unveil these (that part seems like a no-brainer, but i’m sure they want to build the retail hype). the TX is trying t hard to retain the shape of a D, and it makes it hard to read. the peagle can stay, but the spur logo still seems like one too many logos. let the pants striping be pants striping, come on. overall, a very nice jersey for a team that needed one badly, but one that is in need of a slight edit.

    April 21st is San jacinto day. It’s the day the murderous, treacherous, dictator Santa Anna surrender to the valiant Sam Houston in San jacinto, thus ending the Texas war for Independence. But you’re right there needs to be an explanation. I wouldn’t expect non-Texans to know this.

    Here’s the thing, I really think white tops over black pants could look very cool. The problem here is that every other visual element on the uniform is just PUTRID…

    I’ll withhold full commentary until I see these on the field Friday night, but initially, I don’t hate these.

    Definitely NOT a traditional baseball uni, and those pants are going to look like shit if worn pajama style. Even with the CC socks, I don’t know if I’m going to like the slacks-like look. But let’s see how they look on the field.

    Typography is interesting, and not totally illegible, but certainly not great. I like the “Peagle” on the sleeve (wonder if it will change sides when ads are on the sleeve…).

    I do like the idea of a dark/light/dark (cap/jersey/pant) uni, in theory. Again, let’s see how they look on the field.

    All in all, NOT what I was expecting, and the storytelling on this feels even more strained than most CCs.

    Long time Texas Ranger fan checking in… Based on the rest of the City Connect offerings, it could have been worse. I think if you add cream pants instead of midnight blue, the uniform will be fine. Since they MUST have a story behind them, the nod to Dallas-Fort Worth minor league baseball is a good gesture. The font on the cap is odd but expected. Overall, this grade for me is a B if grading on the City Connect scale. Independently, it would be a C.

    Off topic slightly – Why are teams letting Nike bully them into jersey choice? The Rangers had to ditch the Friday night home red jersey. I held out hope the Rangers would simply reissue that jersey and call it the City Connect.

    Are the Yankees going to do one of these jerseys? I hope not. I also hope they avoid a hideous sleeve advertising.

    This was a hard design to come up with. DFW as a whole doesn’t really have a unified identity and its bookended by two large cities (Dallas is the 9th largest city in the US. Fort Worth is 12th) that don’t particularly like to be associated with the culture of the other. Given the impossibility of that task, this is pretty damn good.

    Also the Peagle is everything. They literally invented a mythical beast. That’s incredible.

    As a life-long Fort Worth/Panther City resident, I’m loving the Peagle. Would love to see the team embrace this mythical creature going forward.

    Agreed. I want the peagle as the cap logo instead of that weird Roman numeral-looking insignia.

    Re: Texas City Connect.

    Pair them with cream-colored pants, and that’s a full GO. The dark pants are a no. Ugh.

    My first reaction was ewwww.

    Now that I’ve given them a second and third glance:
    A.) at least the chest logo and number are aligned horizontally. I don’l like when the number is lower than the chest logo. And it’s interesting that the number and logo are swapped – different than tradition.
    B.) the navy pants are a no for me, but I would like to see the Uni in the field. I’m hoping for a cream pant as well
    C.) not really a fan of the number font, but it’s not a deal breaker either
    And D.) I looooove the pantheagle on the sleeve!

    So all in all, after further review, not bad.

    I do find it interesting as a baseball follower, but I won’t be buying it. Well, I haven’t bought any of the CC merch. But, man they must be money because they sell a lot of them.

    As a Freemason myself, I’m a little surprised to hear that one guy tried very hard to recruit you. Generally speaking, Masons aren’t really supposed to recruit. We are free to answer questions if we’re asked, especially by someone who shows interest in the Craft, but we aren’t supposed to actively recruit.

    In fact, a prospective member looking to become a Mason must do so of their own free will, and must not be influenced or coerced in any way. If you were interested in becoming a Freemason, you would be required to petition a lodge for membership, then, the lodge would conduct an investigation, then vote on whether to accept you. So recruiting doesn’t really fit into that model.

    Dang – that beefsteak was not all that far from my place.
    Next time you’re in Burlin’tin for eats, stop at Amy’s Omelette House (vintage dining car-ish diner, your kinda eatery I’m sure) or go a few extra miles down the road and try John and Molly’s in Eastampton…recommended!

    OK, raise your hand if you too saw the picture and immediately exclaimed to your computer screen “What the hell is that???”

    That TX looks like a Rorschach Test.

    That is one hot mess: All for the sake of ensuring the word “DALLAS” never appears on the front of a baseball jersey. Hard pass.

    I’d hate this less if the TX logo was on the left and the number on the ‘correct’/right side and lightly lower…but I’d still hate it.

    The TX logo is a bit confusing, but I do love the peagle and spurs logos. Like many others have said, I’d cream my pants if the went with cream pants. I don’t know if anyone else has said anything about it, but I really do the rope braid piping even if it’s not super prominent.

    Let’s say it together: No baseball uniform looks good with dark pants.
    Points, though, for NNOB.

    Let’s agree to disagree:
    …though I do not like it when the KC NFLers dress in a similar way.

    Try this:

    I always like the navy pants on the late 70s White Sox simply because they emphasized the… well, the white socks.

    I had to work hard to decipher the “TX.” At first, it looked like a Greek Chi Rho to me. χρ

    While they may ditch the dark pants at some point, this looks way better than the Dodgers/Rockies/Astros because those have the mono pajama look. Here, there’s contrast with dark/light/dark and I think it works way better than those other teams.

    Numbers are nice..the rest of it is just a fugly mess. The City Connect uniforms for the most part have been very disappointing.

    I’ll admit this really doesn’t scream “Rangers” to me but also i honestly love both the logo and *especially* the numerals here. Such a damn cool font.

    That TX is trying too hard to also be a TR or a D or even an F for Ft. Worth.

    Reminds me of the Arlington Renegades squeezing in a D in their logo.

    I have never been a fan of any of the CC uniforms. However, some uniforms such as Boston, San Francisco. Padres, Colorado though atrocious to contact to the city, with marathon, fog, beach, license plate imagery etc. These as well as the Braves seem to connect local sports history rather than the city itself.

    It seems to me, the program as lost it’s focus. Hopefully, the program will go away and teams will return to regular uniforms in team colors rather than try to be like the NBA. Of course with Nike involved, and merchandizing monies involved; the program will remain with uniforms only getting worse.

    I have never been a fan of any of the CC uniforms. However, some uniforms such as Boston, San Francisco. Padres, Colorado though atrocious to view did connect to the city, with the marathon, fog, beach, license plate imagery etc. These as well as the Braves seem to connect local sports history rather than the city itself.

    It seems to me, the program as lost it’s focus. Hopefully, the program will go away and teams will return to regular uniforms in team colors rather than try to be like the NBA. Of course with Nike involved, and merchandizing monies involved; the program will remain with uniforms only getting worse.

    I actually love that Rangers uniform. It certainly doesn’t scream Texas Rangers but as far as a uniform goes, I think it’s gorgeous. The logo and fonts certainly need work but I really love the contrast of it all.

    It would make an incredible football uniform. Black helmet with the gothic logo on the side. Cream jersey with black pants and a black sock with cream stripes. That would be a great alternate of sorts for the Saints.

    I don’t hate the unis. I think actual navy (instead of this almost-black colour) would be better, and even as someone who generally dislikes white hats, I think a white hat with a navy brim would look good with this set.

    This is really a case of the parts, for the most part, are better than the sum.

    There really are some great elements here with this uniform, like the numbers, the rope pipping, the eagle panther logo. I will skip the pieces that fail, since we all know which parts they are.

    But, somehow, when put together, they somehow do not work to make a good uniform.

    Very good description of my second glance at this. I liked it much more than I expected at first, but there are some elements, like the number font and the peagle, that remain good. My overall appreciations has grown less over the last 20 minutes looking at it.

    Not a fan of the Rangers CC. This set feels like a major CWS rip-off. The blue so dark it appears to be black and the TX font is very similar to “Sox” font & logo.
    As many others have said the TX is problematic and hard to decipher because it is too close together. Why is the spur going through the middle of the “x” instead of off the cross of the “T”? How about an offset T & X shaped like a cowboy boot? Spurred T up top with the X below to the right (the lower right corner of the x could swoop out like a tip of a boot)? Fixed Nike. Your welcome.
    I do like a few of the new elements: the rope lasso trim is nice. the secondary & tertiary logos look good. They should put the outline of Texas with the D-shaped spur on the hat & chest and the Peagle creature on the sleeve and pants.

    I basically agree with Paul’s assessment, but that still leaves this as my favorite outfit in the Rangers locker.

    I like many of the City Connect uniforms. Some took a while to grow on me. I don’t the TX thing at all. I’d never guess that was a TX in there.

    If these uniforms are supposed to honor the Metroplex’s minor league teams of the past, then come up with a design where someone who knows those teams might recognize it.

    Not a fan of these in any shape or form. They look like poorly put together slow pitch softball uniforms. Just awful.

    I’m honestly sick of the Nike Cash Grab Connect Uni’s. It’s an excuse to get collectors to part with their money. Even the ones that have looked decent in my opinion still feel soulless to me. I dread what my beloved Phils will look like next year when they have to wear them.

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