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Big Plans for Purple Amnesty Day 2023

Don’t look now, but Purple Amnesty Day — the one day of the year when I grudgingly acknowledge and even celebrate the world’s most accursed color — is just a month and a half away! And just like last year, when I went out to Denver, dressed from head to toe in purple, and sat with Uni Watch readers in the Rockies’ purple row of seats, I have a live event in the works.

Here’s the deal: As you may be aware, the East Carolina University baseball team has been wearing a new set of “powder purple” uniforms this season. And if you think they look like, um, a bit much in that unveiling photo above, check out how they look on the field:

In short, they are exquisitely garish — and I’m going to spend this year’s Purp Walk celebrating them, in person.

As you may recall, Purp Walk usually takes place on May 17, but this year we’re going to observe it on Tuesday, May 16, when ECU will be hosting Campbell at Clark-LeClair Stadium in Greenville, N.C. Here’s what will take place:

  • ECU will wear their powder purple uniforms for the May 16 game.
  • I will fly down to Greenville, dress up in full purple (or maybe even an ECU powder purple uni, if they can provide one for me), and throw out the first pitch.
  • For Uni Watch readers who want to attend the game, ECU has graciously provided discounted tickets for sitting in their outfield “Jungle” seating area.
  • The game starts at 6pm. Around 8pm, I will leave the game and go to a local bar to host a Uni Watch gathering. Readers watching the game can go with me, or they can stay until the end of the game and come to the bar later. It’s also fine if you want to skip the game entirely and just attend the party. (I thought about holding the party before the game, like we did last year, but we’d have to start pretty early, when most people will be working, so I figured a postgame gathering would be better.)
  • ECU’s live purple-costumed mascot, PeeDee the Pirate, will visit us at the ballpark. I’m hoping he’ll come to the postgame gathering as well.

So those are the basics, but a lot of details are still in flux, starting with the party location. The ECU folks suggested that I do it at Sup Dogs, but that looks like it might be a bit more Barstool-ish than I’d prefer, and I see that there are a few places much closer to the stadium, like Carolina Ale House and Coco’s. If anyone in the Greenville area can recommend a non-douchey place that can handle a group of 20-ish people dressed in purple on a Tuesday night, I’m all ears.

Also, it would be good to have a local point person who I can rely on to coordinate a few things. If you live in or near Greenville and would like to be my attaché, please let me know pronto-like. Thanks!

Naturally, we’ll have a new Purp Walk T-shirt design, and possibly hats as well — that’s all in the works as we speak.

I’ll have more details soon — stay tuned!


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    Oh man, I really hope ECU outfits Paul in a full purp-powder get up! OMG are those obnoxious. I don’t really have any personal issue with the color, but that hue is really bad. Kansas State also has some uni elements (noticed during BBall season) that have a lavender that is also quite nasty.

    Great stuff! I’m in Raleigh, might have to mosey on down to Greenville for that. They know how to party down at ECU…

    Tru dat Sir.

    It was “the” party school in the 1980’s and still holds it’s own. Playboy Magazine would give it an asterisk and not include it in thier polling.

    My American Legion baseball team in the early ’80s wore purple-over-purple. I need to find a color photo and submit it.

    Wish I could be there! I can recommend Carolina Ale House, I used to go there frequently when I had to travel to South Carolina for business. Great grilled wings there!

    Only two hours from me in Wilmington! I will be there!*

    *Unless my flight gets cancelled like last year, which won’t happen because I will drive!

    Hey Paul,

    If you are moseying down east for a visit, you must try the barbecue. Eastern NC barbecue is different from Western NC versions. In fact it is it’s own thing.
    Try B’s Barbecue or Parkers.
    If you want to drive about 25 mins out of Greenville, there is Goldsboro’s own link – I did the logo for Mr. Shirley’s establishment back in the before times and they still use it today.

    Paul, not start a ‘cue debate, but have you had KC barbeque? It’s my fav and I’ve had NC’s version also. They are really quite different though.

    Jack Stack is great. If you are ever in the area again, try KC Joes (used to be called Oklahoma Joes). IMHO it’s the best by far.

    Ditto. I’ve lived In Houston and in SC and had BBQ all over. Eastern NC is my favorite pulled pork.

    The best hush puppies I ever ate in my life came from the East Carolina press box.
    If they’re available at your game, I highly recommend them.

    My two takeaways from covering ECU vs Akron in 1991:
    1) Jeff Blake definitely was headed to the NFL.
    2) Dang, those were good hush puppies!

    Wilbur’s is the high-profile spot in Goldsboro … but McCall’s is better.

    I will not argue this.

    I picked the wrong year to go back to work. This sounds like an awesome Purple Amnesty event. Can’t wait to see the shirt design this year.


    Sup Dogs may not be the perfect fit but it’s worth looking into. The owner is a former sports radio producer from DC and the story of how he came into the equation is heartwarming.


    The Carolina Ale House in downtown Raleigh has the worst service I have ever seen a restaurant have. I went with only 2 other people and the place was mostly empty. It took over 30 minutes to get a waitress over and then another 30 for her to inform us that they were out of all the drinks that we wanted. Well over an hour after arriving before we got our third choice drinks and even longer for food. 5 groups came in after us and 4 of them left because they couldn’t get any service.

    I don’t know if the chain is franchised but if it’s anything like the Raleigh one, I wouldn’t recommend it for a large group of people. The food is good though.

    Carolina Ale House is a franchise restaurant. I used to frequent the one in Greenville, SC (#yeahTHATGreenville) because I was friends with a bartender. They serve decent food and should have plenty of space to host a party, but being a chain it lacks the personality of a “local joint.” Not familiar with the Greenville, NC bar scene, but I would guess that CAH is a high floor/low ceiling option.

    That sounds like such a fun night at the ballpark! I know the logistics probably don’t permit, but I’d be in for a purple EFF UW cap. Probably two just to be sure of a lifetime supply!

    Those ECU unis might just be the worst I’ve ever seen. Nothing redeeming about them at all. It makes their athletes look like absolute clowns. It always astounds me that professional designers are paid to come up with a pile of steaming crap.

    Great promo this year.
    I will say those ECU uniforms wouldn’t be as bad if the purple shade was a lot paler. If we are talking about ditching road grays in favor of color, trying to mimic the powder blue makes sense, they just really failed in the execution here. These also should feature yellow (and I guess black?) which are school colors, to accent it, much like the Cardinals’ red or Phillies’ maroon popped off their respective powder blues.

    I know I should hate those unis, but damn I think I like them. The only thing I’d add, to go with the white panel hats, are white belts, and mandatory white shoes for all players.


    You GOTTA make sure those guys go high cuffed and at the very least, wear solid (dark purple) socks; of course, purple rups with white sanis would be uni perfection.

    Seeing every single guy wear pajama style really makes the whole uni look shitty. But cuff those britches and you can turn it into a glorious uni.

    Damn. Hate purple, but wish I lived closer. I’d definitely be up for this!

    When I first looked at the photo I thought those were new Pittsburgh City Connect uniforms. Yikes!

    I don’t mind the ECU purple unis. They are certainly a bit garish but college baseball has a little more leeway in this regard than the MLB. Ever since I started following JMU – she went there so they have become my second team – I have grown more fond of purple!

    Paul … check your email.

    And yeah … those uniforms are disgusting.

    Also, if you’re into barbecue in Greenville, it’s B’s or Parker’s. Also Skylight in a town not far from Greenville.

    I got my ticket today! Very excited to finally be able to make a meetup.

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