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Marlins Become Latest MLB Team to Sell Ad Space on Uni

The Marlins this morning became the latest MLB team to add a uniform advertiser for the 2023 season, selling space on their sleeve to a home security company. The deal is reportedly for three years and $15 million. As we’ve seen with other clubs, the ad will alternate between the left and right sleeve, depending on the player’s handedness, in order to maximize TV exposure.

Miami is the seventh MLB team so far to sell out to a uni advertiser, following the PadresRed SoxD-backsAngels, Astros, and Reds. (Several additional teams have said that they’re actively searching for a uni advertiser. It’s not yet clear whether any of those teams will have uni ad deals finalized by Opening Day.)

I’ve added this Marlins news, along with some other updates, to my MLB Season Preview.

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    Still not used to look at this, even after all these teams adding these garbage ads on their sleeves. It degrades any uniform but even more so MLB uniforms than NBA or NHL uniforms. Maybe because the NBA and NHL practice uniforms already had ads on them (just like NFL practice gear). MLB was always ad-free uniformwisely (except for the supplier logos).

    Ugh. Gross.

    I wonder if the start of the season worked as a deadline to get the deal done? As in, Marlins didn’t want to “waste” games without ads and lose out on potential money?

    Between these uni ads and the rule changes, I am not watching baseball anymore. I can live without it.

    Your loss. I haven’t been this excited for a season in a long time. The ads suck but they’re whatever. I don’t care nearly as much as others. But the rule changes are long overdue. The analytics nerds have nearly ruined the game and stretched it into a 3+ hour endeavor. Saying the game will look more as it once did isn’t just a marketing ploy it’s quite accurate. More offense, no more human rain delays.

    Agree. The players forced these rule changes. I for one am thrilled to eliminate all that mind-numbing dead time in MLB. No more pitchers constantly stepping off the rubber. No more batters stepping out after every pitch to adjust their batting gloves or scratch their nuts. Keep the game moving. Just like in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

    I’m fine with the pitch clock. Eliminating the shift, not so much. Right idea, wrong solution. You want more balls in play? Stop juicing the ball. Make HRs challenging again. Until that happens, it’ll remain a game of taters and Ks.

    Something about this ad feels worse than the others. I can’t quite put my finger on it, might have something to do with seeing that corporate logo on markers in front of various homes. Like it almost feels as though the Marlins have subscribed to their service and now wear that logo to signify they are a subscriber?

    Maybe because the first 2 letters spell…AD?
    The Marlins regular uniforms could use a punch, but this is one to the gut.
    Way to ruin the throwbacks (these will appear on those too, correct?)!

    Do you think the stadium will sound an alarm if someone is trying to steal second base? lol

    Anybody else having trouble with certain pages loading at about 125% of screen size? And they only enlarge instead of reducing. The left margin of the page is inaccessible. I am using a Samsung phone and this happens about fifteen percent of the time.

    Hard to imagine how these ads are worth it for the companies advertising. They have to shell out a lot of money to win the bid to place the ad, they make the unis look terrible, and the reaction from the fanbase is overwhelmingly negative. That picture alone makes me hate adt. Guess it must be worth it because if it wasn’t they wouldn’t do it.

    Honestly, and sadly, I don’t believe that the ‘reaction from the fanbase is overwhelmingly negative’. Obviously, we feel that way here. Twitter may be on fire over this, but I don’t have the feeling the general public cares.

    An example. When the Canadiens added advertising to their jersey (it does not look good), I asked fans around me what their impressions were. They thought it was awful for a week at most. Then they either forgot about it or moved on.

    Not saying thay’re right. Just saying that most people don’t care enough, unfortunately. Probably why team owners go ahead and do that kind of greedy stuff in the first place. They’re assuming people will probably keep buying / watching no matter what…

    The ad patches are so huge and so hideous. I feel like I’ll be listening to a lot of games on the radio this year.

    Let’s see: MLB sells ad space on uniforms. MLB shortens games. Ad’s get seen less. Perfect

    I haven’t been paying attention to the financial details. They are doing this for just $5 million/year?

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