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NHL Launches New Street Hockey Jerseys for Kids

The NHL yesterday announced the launch of a new street hockey initiative called NHL Street. It will be be for kids aged six to 16 and, as you can see above, will feature jersey designs based on each of the league’s 32 teams.

Here’s a closer look at the jersey template:

Note that the jerseys are reversible, so a game could be Rangers (blue) vs. Rangers (white) — a fun idea. In addition, the blank name bar is included so kids can write their own names onto their jerseys. The new program also includes Franklin-made sticks, balls, and goalie gear.

For additional info, look here and here.


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    “In addition, the blank name bar is included so kids can write their own names onto their jerseys.”

    Perfect, I would have loved this as a kid.

    Same here. Would have gone nuts for these as a kid!!!! Parents (and kids too) will like the fact it’s reversible, I’m assuming. Great idea!

    The following link features still the best street hockey jersey. Still the reigning champ. For those who have watched this Canadian TV masterpiece series in the past. If you know you know:



    Athough it’s fine they took some liberties with some of the accent colors (CGY, EDM, DET…), San Jose’s version is clearly based on their previous design.

    My guess is that these were set to release before they knew of SJ’s re-design and COVID delayed the whole thing a year or two. Thoughts?

    Made me think of the NBA and NFL Street videos games from roughly 20 years ago (wow I am getting old).

    NFL Street always clobbered me. I must have poured hundreds of hours into NBA Street 2.

    Oh the mid ’00s. What a time in gaming.

    They’ll be issued to kids playing in NHL-sponsored leagues, which will start play later this year. Follow the two links at the end of the article for more info.

    Not sure if the weird pattern will be in the same location on each jersey, but it’s identical on all of them here… and at the bottom of the Nashville jersey, there is a blue blob that kind of has the same profile as the saber tooth logo. It’s bugging me more than it probably should.

    Interesting that I saw ads this week on Facebook for street hockey gear from Mylec (which many of you may remember from the 70s through the 90s). I guess they’re trying to make street hockey a “thing” again with the rise in pickleball courts?

    From the Press release: “Players are allowed to wear helmets, gloves, shin-pads, mouthguards, and sweatbands if they wish, but these are optional.”

    My opinion regarding wearing pads, either everyone should be wearing pads, or nobody should. This is going to end up looking like the original Mighty Ducks movie where the rich kids have state of the art equipment, and the poor kids are using rolled up magazines as shin pads and gardening gloves to protect their hands.

    I do not particularly like them (too gaudy with all these swirls and blobs) but I am not a kid who wants to play street hockey.

    They’re ugly, but I refuse to criticize anything related to street hockey on principle. Love ’em.

    Interesting. NFL Flag did something similar but less “busy.”

    My kids play street hockey and they just use a regular jersey with the league crest & their team name. Example, this year the “Bruins” jersey was white with gold & black writing. It’s a regular hockey jersey.

    Our league tends to use a lot of throwback colors too. The “Kings” are Gold/Purple, Penguins baby blue/navy blue/white , etc.

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