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I Heart These Vintage Sports-Themed Valentine’s Day Cards

Eleven years ago, I ran a Uni Watch post that featured nearly 300 vintage sports-themed Valentine’s Day cards that I found on eBay. I’m not sure what made me think of it this year, but I thought it would be fun to showcase those designs again, especially since so many of them feature really fun uniforms. Here they are, broken down by sport — enjoy, and may Cupid’s arrow hit you square in the heart today.









Auto Racing

Horse Racing



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    They are all very cute. I come from a country where Valentine Day is a recent import and sports themed Valentine cards are impossible to find in this day and age of apps and emoji. My favorite is the swinging Cub who wears a Cubs uniform.

    Just like cartoon characters in Indian apparel have passed from the scene, so have pictures of naked Cupids. But it seems to have been a gradual elimination, as I remember these pretty well from my childhood. I couldn’t pick a date when they suddenly stopped!

    Interesting that so many of the football cards feature something about ‘kicking’… Antiquated (and charming).


    This is really fun, Paul! Even a few a of the anachronistically cringe-worthy ones produce an awkward but still strangely enjoyable chuckle. Good stuff!

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