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Oops! Aggies Receive Technical for Leaving Jerseys at Hotel

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Mild hilarity last night in Gainesville, Fla., as the men’s hoops game between Florida and Texas A&M was delayed after A&M discovered shortly before tip-off that their jerseys had been left behind at their hotel. A&M was assessed a technical foul for the delay, which Florida guard Will Richard converted, so the Gators already had a 1-0 lead when the opening tip finally took place, about 15 minutes late.

After the game, A&M coach Buzz Williams explained the situation and very generously covered for the unnamed team manager who forgot to bring the jerseys:

I forgot the jerseys in my hotel. That’s probably the right way to say it because I used to be a manager and if that would have happened, my head coach would have stuck up for me.

You don’t want the jerseys to get wrinkled and so I hang them in my room and then I just forgot to put them on the bus. Our players were the ones that recognized it because they warm up without their jerseys so they don’t get sweaty.


This is maybe the 500th game I’ve coached as a head coach. Those officials were explaining to me that the league office called and said it was an administrative technical foul, which I had never heard those words. You get one shot and then from the point of interruption. And well I was like, there was no point of interruption, so what are we are we going to do, and then they said jump ball.

Despite spotting Florida the early one-point lead, A&M won the game, 66-63.



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Comments (9)

    Equipment Managers have nightmares about this, the equivalent of giving a speech in your underwear. I can’t imagine the “Oh Shit” moment…

    “You don’t want the jerseys to get wrinkled.” I didn’t know Jersey wrinkling was a big issue. Never once read a report about a team playing with embarrassing wrinkled jerseys. Something to keep an eye on, I guess.

    Because the equipment managers do such a good job or ensuring that they are wrinkle free.

    I’m willing to bet that’s a load of BS meant to cover for whoever was actually responsible for the jerseys and forgot to pack them on the bus.

    The coach said he (as the leader of the team) was taking the hit for the EM’s mistake. Kudos to the A&M Coach for having his staff’s back.

    Thats cool about the BBall shorts. In recent years I’ve been buying the keeper and third kit shorts of the soccer team I support because they are usually in weird/ less obvious colors. (also the home kit shorts are white, never a good look) But I promise I never go FKW.

    “But I recently came across a guy who collects NBA shorts”

    – I’ve heard that over in Japan, you can buy those from vending machines.

    Really like it that the coach stuck up for the equipment manager. I wonder if the Florida coach would have done the same if his EM forgot to bring the shirts, after I read his complaints about the Aggies delaying the tip-off. I guess not.

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