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By Popular Demand: More Feudin’ Mascots!

Everyone seemed to enjoy yesterday’s post about vintage decals showcasing school mascots abusing each other, so I gathered a bunch of additional examples into the gallery shown above.

Most of these come from this website (which in turn is linked from the excellent article that I discussed in yesterday’s blog post), but there’s also a good chunk of them that were contributed by longtime Uni Watch reader/pal Andy Hyman, who generously shared some decal images from his personal archive after he saw yesterday’s post. Thanks, Andy!

These are all pretty funny, but I think my favorites are the Yale bulldog blowing his nose in a Harvard pennant and the Baylor bear gleefully holding his nose while holding TCU’s horned frog. You can almost hear the bear saying, “P.U.!”

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    The last time I went to The Game in 2001, the Yale. Precision. Marching. Band. skit (some sort of combination of Bravehart and the Wizard of Oz) included burning a Harvard flag at the climax.

    As a kid I always loved the tigers mascot outros. If the lost, the tiger would meow with an ice pack in its head, but if the won the tiger would bird a blue jay feather, tear up Sox, etc. here is the Orioles…

    Auto correct when my wife is Getting on me about Holiday this and that, and I need to hit send. “Burp” blue jay feathers. Ice pack “on” it’s head, etc, etc.

    I don’t have ate the white, but agree that blue shorts would stillborn be an improvement.

    These mascot battles are great.
    The Pro- A&M ones are especially funny.
    Definitely a fun reminder of the historic rivalries in the NCAA, and unfortunate a lot of the old time ones are getting broken up in the continual conference realignment. Shame the SWAC died, lots of solid in state rivalries there being phased out.

    SWAC is still alive (HBCU conference). I think you meant the SWC, which was the Texas schools and Arkansas.

    I have no video or photographic evidence, but in the late 80’s/early 90’s when the A’s installed their DiamondVision board (before TV at the ballpark was normal), to promote future homestands, they would have an opposing team bobblehead (before bobbleheads were cool) encounter some variety of misfortune. Ones that I remember were blowing up a doll with a firework (for the 4th of July dates) and putting a doll in a hot dog bun, putting condiments on, pulling it out of frame only to return it with a bite taken out of the bun and doll missing its head.

    Fighting mascots are the best! It’s all the fun slapstick violence of Looney Tunes combined with college sports. The LSU Tiger wearing shorts made me laugh out lout.

    The one with the UCLA Bruin beating on the Cal Bear with the caption “Bang Bears!” is a bit weird. Bear on Bear crime, or something.

    These are really fun. I do miss Michigan versus Ohio State, with a wolverine roasting buckeyes. Or Brutus in front of a fireplace with a mounted wolverine above it.

    And that decals website is a treasure chest. So many cool designs, some I remember form old college basketball yearbooks and vintage sweatshirts.

    Any idea why so many of the mascots are pictured with the “sailor hat”?
    UCLA, Cal, UMaine, Ark, Oregon State, etc.

    This makes me think of similar topic; highschool homecoming buttons. My particular highschool played against a team called the Royals. I specifically remember a “Flush the Royals” (complete with toilet graphic) button.

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