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Army Unveils Uniform for 2022 Army/Navy Game

Last week we got our first look at Navy’s uniform for this year’s Army/Navy game. Army has now unveiled its own uniform for this year’s game.

The uniform is a tribute to the 1st Armored Division. Quoting from the team’s website:

The 2022 Army-Navy Uniform tells the story of the soldiers of the 1st Armored Division during World War II. This year marks the 80th anniversary of Operation Torch and the commencement of American ground operations against Axis forces in the European theater, which included North Africa.

Operation Torch marked the 1st Armored Division’s entry into the crucible of combat. The resilience, grit, and commitment demonstrated by the soldiers ultimately resulted in the defeat of Axis forces in North Africa. In the harsh desert against a determined enemy, the members of the 1st Armored Division were forged into “Iron Soldiers” and learned the lessons that would guide them to success in subsequent operations in Italy and Western Europe.

The front of the uniform is shown above. Here’s the rear view:

As you can see, the uniform includes lots of military symbology. Here’s a breakdown of the various design elments:

You can learn more about the uniform here. The game will take place on Dec. 10.

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    The company mascots is a cool touch. Not often do I actually learn something in the uni’s “story”, but I did here. While I am sure I’ll be in the minority, I actually quite like it.

    I agree. Usually not a fan of when a team has a story to go along with a new uniform, except for the military schools.

    Because when the academies talk about combat, they know of which they speak. It doesn’t ring hollow.

    I get that the stripe and star represent the insignia of the 1st Armored Division’s tanks in WW2, but shouldn’t the star be white?

    Nope. The 1st Armored Division in Tunisia use Yellow for the stars, per this colorized photo from the Daily Mail


    Simply as a uniform, I think it’s great. That’s a fresh looking number treatment, terrific color combo, and there’s nothing that looks anything like it. Well done.

    Love the colors, love the Yellow-Gold numerals and detail added.

    That said, the Gradient look RUINS the uniform. Instead of sensible, classic look, it is as if some overfunded playground chose the uniform template from the cover of some start-up uniform provider.

    If only the entire jersey were the main upper color, and the pants were of the same color, with Yellow-Gold striping, or even used the lower color.

    Gradient sucks, and I defy anyone to show me any football uniform where it ever added anything to it.

    A fully missed opportunity for a great look.


    I think it looks solid overall; I personally wish the jersey was just solid brown, but to each their own.

    Lots of interesting details. Service academies uniforms always have a fascinating story to tell, but Army is really a master at it.

    A ton of details and elements that I would normally hate on a uniform, but together this just works for me. Even the “mud splatter.” This may be the first year in a while when my sentimental pro-Navy bias won’t be enough for me to like Annapolis’s uniforms more than West Point’s.

    That’s a pretty dark shade of tan, if you can call it that. Should be more than adequate contrast.

    When the 1st AD was founded the first Div Cdr nicknamed them “Old Ironsides” after he saw a picture of the USS Constitution back in 1940.

    Even if you hate the way this looks—and I don’t —this is how every uniform should be conceptualized. Each element has a reason and a theme for being there. Every detail has a purpose and a point of pride and it is explained for everyone to know. Outstanding uniform.

    I agree 100%! As a widowed tankers wife this is perfect! I love the coloring and how the history of 1stAD is explained. GI ARMY BEAT NAVY!!!

    Army and Navy are possibly the only schools/institutions that seem to consistently do these special uniforms exceptionally well. I look forward to their annual reveals each year and often find them incredibly well done and thoughtful. This year is no different!

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