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Let’s Check Out Some Cool Vintage Uniforms

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Good morning! The day before Thanksgiving is usually a mix of hectic (people traveling) and casual (people knocking off work early), so I thought I’d keep things light with a look at some cool vintage uniforms I recently spotted on eBay and Etsy. Let’s start with this 1920s baseball uniform with the Michigan Bell Telephone logo! Not sure if Bell sponsored the team or if it was a factory/company team. Either way, what a beaut — love that dark-grey pinstriped look, love the half-sleeves, and of course love that chest insignia. Chef’s kiss!

Here’s another uniform with the Bell logo, this time for a women’s basketball team:

Next up, check out this magnificent 1930s basketball uniform for Bliss & Laughlin Steel’s company team:

I love the snugly nested lettering and numbering on this South Carolina hoops uni, along with the two-tone combo:

Here’s a gorgeous 1940s vest baseball jersey for Cazenovia College, with some serious vertical arching across the chest:

I don’t know if this next one was sponsored by the local prison, or if it was a team comprised of prison employees, or maybe even a team of inmates, but it’s a doozy regardless:

Oh man, look at this old Knights of Columbus basketball jersey with the KofC logo on the chest:

This 1950s basketball jersey for the 7th & Willow Hotel has what’s got to be the most severe vertically extended typography I’ve ever seen on a uniform:

Last but definitely not least, check out this amazing “Halfback in Training” toddler’s uniform, in Uni Watch colors:

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. Fun stuff, and a nice way to ease into the holiday weekend.


Too Good for the Ticker

Speaking of vintage uniforms, the team pictured above is from St. Edmond Catholic High School in Iowa, circa early-1960s. Look at that number font — those are some serious italics! Love the block-striped socks, too (and the Chucks, of course).

(Big thanks to Jay Wright for this one.)


A Ritual Revisited

I mentioned a little over a month ago that Mary had moved out and was staying with a nearby friend while waiting to close on her new place. Meanwhile, most of her stuff was packed up and jammed into a back room of Uni Watch HQ.

The closing finally happened last week, and yesterday the movers finally came and took all of Mary’s stuff to her new place. She borrowed my car to move her plants (too delicate to entrust to the movers), did some unpacking at her new apartment, and then brought back the car at the end of the day, just after sunset.

“Hey,” she said as she dropped off the keys, “should we have porch cocktails?”

So we did, one last time. It was nice, and also sad. But mostly nice.

And then she went off to her new home, and I went inside to make pork chops for dinner.

• • • • •

If you’re traveling today, travel safe. If you’re brining the turkey or doing other Thanksgiving prep, have fun with it. And no matter what you’re doing, stay safe. I’ll get the Ticker posted in a bit, and then I’ll see you back here tomorrow. — Paul

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    When things have fallen apart in my life I’ve recalled one of Koglan’s laws from the movie Cocktail; “Everything ends badly or else it wouldn’t end at all.” It looks as if that line doesn’t completely apply to your relationship with the Tug Boat Captain. Glad to see you got to share one more cocktail with Mary and hope you have a great Thanksgiving Paul.

    We all knew this day would come but I find the ending sadder than I would have thought. Best to you both on the next chapter.

    Dang, I’m over here just trying to stuff a cinnamon roll in my face , and you getting me all misty-eyed.
    Seriously tho, best wishes Paul, have a nice Thanksgiving and take care.


    I love this last picture. You and Mary have modeled mature, respectful behavior that I feel is too rare these days. I sincerely wish the both of you peace and contentment moving forward.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, and all the Uni-Watch comm-Uni-ty. Everyone be safe and let the special people in your life know that you love them.


    Good luck to both you and Mary going forward. Looks like you’re both handling this as well as could be expected.

    The beauty of the vintage uniforms you put on Uni Watch should be an inspiration to anyone designing new uniforms, professionally or for fun.

    Thanks for sharing the photo of your last porch cocktail, Paul. I think we all feel a degree of loss in your breakup with Mary. She was a big part of our comm-uni-ty. Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes from a friend in the Great White North.

    This makes me very sad for both of you. The silver lining is that it seems the friendship will continue, which is not always the case. Best wishes!

    I am glad that you guys ended on a positive note with one last cocktail together on the porch. The photo was a nice way to capture that moment even if it is bittersweet. Wishing you both all the best as new doors open for you.

    Paul: I was just about to drop you a line wishing you a first Happy Thanksgiving without the Tug Boat Captain…and I see this. Anyhow, Happy Thanksgiving to the both of you and hope all is well.


    See it for what it is: A good thing that you two can still have a drink together. Many relationships end on far lesser footing. Being able to still spend time together without it getting awkward, painful or bitter is a sign of two good people.

    Aside: Whatever kid had that Halfback In Training outfit had to have beanstalk legs. Yikes.

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