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Uni Watch Design Challenge: Let’s Redesign the Broncos!

With the Broncos apparently starting the process for a long-overdue makeover, it’s time for our latest design challenge: Redesign the Broncos! the Here are the ground rules:

  • Your submission should include a primary logo. If you wish, you can also provide a secondary or even a tertiary logo, but those are not required.
  • Your designs should include (a) one primary uniform with a colored jersey; (b) one primary uniform with a white jersey; and (c) up to two throwback and/or alternate uniforms (which can include an alternate helmet color). All uniforms should include helmet, jersey, pants, and socks.
  • If you like, you can also include a field design, but that is not required.
  • You’re free to draw upon colors and design elements from the Broncos’ visual history. If you prefer, you’re also welcome to completely reimagine the Broncos with new colors, new iconography, new everything (except the team name — you have to stick with “Broncos”).
  • Your designs can be created in any digital or analog medium (Illustrator, Photoshop, crayon, whatever) and submitted in any standard digital format (JPG, PDF, TIFF, etc.). You can also create a video presentation, upload it to YouTube, and submit the YouTube link as your entry.
  • The files you submit should be named after yourself (JohnDoe.jpg, for example). If you’re submitting multiple files, please either number them (JohnDoe1.jpg, JohnDoe2.jpg) or use some other designation to make it clear that they’re multiple designs from the same person (JohnDoeThrowback.jpg, JohnDoePrimaryLogo.jpg). Entries that don’t follow this format will not be considered.
  • Email your entry to the design contest in-box (please note that this is not the usual Uni Watch email address). If you have more than one design concept, feel free to enter as many times as you like.
  • Deadline: Submit all entries by Friday, Dec. 2. The best and most interesting entries will be showcased in my Substack column on a week or so after the deadline.

Okay, people — get crackin’!

Comments (8)

    Honestly what they wore yesterday was fine (though I would have gone with different pants perhaps). That helmet is the one I think of when I think “Broncos”.

    White pants with those jerseys and helmets would be more than enough. Emphasis on orange over blue (navy or original) conveys the history nicely.

    As a Denver resident and Bronco fan I prefer that helmet. I only wish they would go back to the original colors. I’m hoping they bring the orange jersey back as the primary home jersey.

    Long overdue to update their uniforms. They really need to go back to their look from the 1980s and go from there.

    Bronco’s concept……. Let’s keep the current helmet logo. But, change the color back to royal blue with a symmetrical helmet stripe (more on that later). Go with a royal blue jersey with nods to the 80’s/90’s jersey and then match the helmet stripe to the sleeve design. Throw in some sweet white pants (orange for some road games), and there ya go. Modern…. with retro.

    I had a list of free uniform templates-but I lost it could anyone help please. I would need for the five major sports as I am working on a doctoral project.


    I think the Broncos’ current unis have been around long enough to actually be considered classics by now. The only times I ever HATE their current set is when they wear blue over blue or white over blue. God forbid they should ever go orange over blue. Honestly, they should come out with orange pants with the blue stripe to go with the white jerseys.

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