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Collector’s Corner for November 8, 2022

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We’re beginning today with an NFL team bulletin board for the Houston Oilers. You could get team helmet push pins to complete the look! I always wanted one of these, but my local Sears outlets didn’t carry them.

Now for the rest of this week’s picks:

  • This set of 18 NHL stickers includes the new-for-1974 teams — the Washington Capitals and the Kansas City Scouts (now the New Jersey Devils.) Note they have “strong adhesive backing, not easily removed when applied.” They show the outline of a car, too, so if you’re gonna stick one on, make sure that’s what you really want to do (like the time I stuck a Batman sticker on the faux woodgrain paneling of our family station wagon).
  • Goin’ back a century for this one! Check out this 1922 baseball card game called, well, “Base Ball Played With Cards.”
  • Here’s an old-time Detroit Baseball Club (aka the Tigers) matchbook from the 1966 season.
  • The New York Yankees awarded fans this World Series replica ring in 1998.
  • Seattle Seahawks fans! Stick this Seahawks antenna-topper ball on your car’s antenna — if you car still has one of those, that is.
  • Ever play a game called “Pogs”? It’s a kids’ game played with cardboard milk caps. Here’s a 1994 set of NFL Pog discs for the Cowboys, Giants, Browns, 49ers, Raiders, and Dolphins.
  • Here’s a nice 1970s women’s Pittsburgh Steelers sweater from NFL Sportswear.
  • Remember these little plastic footballs you used to zip around the house, nearly smashing that priceless lamp that used to belong to your grandma? Here’s one for the Minnesota Vikings.
  • Here’s a “Canadian Limited Edition” set of 18 1993 Post cereal MLB “pop-up” baseball cards. You get stars like Barry Larkin, Ken Griffey Jr., Robin Yount and Roger Clemens.
  • And here’s one from Paul: It’s common to see athletes wearing generic uniforms in print ads, but usually the generic designs look at least a little bit like their team unis. That’s not the case with this 1988 Dr. Scholl’s print ad, which shows Julius Erving — then with the Sixers — in a plain yellow jersey that looks fairly Lakers-like.

That’ll do it for this edition of CC. See you back here next week!

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    I would make an offer on those NHL stickers if not for the cost of shipping to Canada with the loathsome Global Shipping Program.

    For the Dr. J ad, it looks like the yellow and blue he’s wearing are the Dr. Scholl’s colors.

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