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The Best Uni-Related Halloween Costumes

Let’s have a standing O for Twitter-er Ed Chung and his family, who dressed up yesterday as (from left to right) Nolan Ryan, Nolan Ryan, Nolan Ryan, and Nolan Ryan (which was actually his wife’s idea, so maybe she’s the one who really deserves the standing O). The blood on the Rangers jersey is a particularly nice touch, as I’m sure Bo Jackson would agree. We could quibble about a few things — the Angels jersey is era-inappropriate, the Under Armour maker’s mark on the pants is unfortunate, and the whole crew is seriously stirrup-deprived — but this is still a great concept and a very strong execution. Well done!

That’s the best uni-centric Halloween photo I saw yesterday. But these two are pretty good too:

A guy named Jon Crow spent three weeks putting that together for his son. Pretty awesome!

Speaking of awesome, check out this father and son dressed up as Aaron Judge and José Altuve:

Meanwhile, longtime Uni Watch reader William Yurasko got these shots of his neighbor dressing up as Elton John from his famous 1975 Dodger Stadium concert:

And finally: Look, down on the ice — it’s a penguin, it’s a sled, it’s Superman:

That, of course, is our own Phil Hecken. The photo was taken two nights ago at the Long Island Curling Club, where Phil convinced about half of his fellow curlers to wear costumes for Halloween:

(My thanks to Jeremy Brahm and Jonah Henderson for pointing me toward the Griffey costume.)


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    At first glance I thought bloody Nolan Ryan was Walker, Texas Ranger — a zombie (or walker in the Walking Dead) in a Texas Rangers uniform…

    These are all so fun, and so good! Young Master Crow’s baseball card costume is one of my all-time favorite Halloween costume idea. Brilliant idea, exquisite execution. Kudos, pops Crow!

    My daughter loves Aviation and her seeing the Top Gun Maverick movie forced a change from her firefighter and my Dalmatian costumes. She went as Maverick and I as Goose as a fusion of both movies. She even got an F18 out of it!

    I especially loved the family dressed as Nolan Ryan. Great concept.

    Some prospects in the Arizona Fall League took batting practice while wearing costumes. It’s especially hilarious seeing Eric Cartman making contact with a few pitches:


    The Judge uniform has possibilities as a Yankees alternate. Interesting use of traditional uniform elements – front number, script, sleeve striping – for a traditional team that eschews them all.

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