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Collector’s Corner for October 18, 2022

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Here we have a 1964 NFL appointment book, sponsored by WRCV Radio 1060 of Philadelphia, with a bit of mystery. Why would they put a New York Giants logo on the cover instead of, say, the NFL shield? This book must’ve gone to multiple markets, right? That Giants logo must’ve been a big hit with WRCV’s Philly-based listeners! At first I thought maybe the Giants got pride of place on the cover because they were the reigning NFL champs at the time, but nope — they lost the 1963 title game to the Bears.

Anyway: This copy of the book belonged to a Mr. Kenneth Terry Goldberg of 6711 Leonard Street in Philadelphia. He inscribed on the inside: “This book is no orphan, please do not adopt it. Thank you, Kenneth Goldberg Esq.” Also, check out the uni-related notation for Jan. 3: “NFL teams are assigned team colors by the league commissioner when a franchise is activated.” So that’s how it’s done!

Now for the rest of this week’s picks:

  • One more appointment book! If you want the plain Brownies look, have no fear — their orange helmet is featured on the cover of this 1983 Mister Donut NFL Championship Appointment Book.
  • Speaking of their Browns, how ’bout these mini-helmets, including two versions of Brownie and the mythic “CB” logo. (If you’re not up to speed on the “CB” saga, check this out this story, with bonus PL commentary.)
  • This 1975 Hostess King Dons box includes three MLB trading cards on the bottom flap. Collect all 150!
  • Check out this rather curious-looking vintage Wilson three-fingered baseball glove. Can you really catch a ball with this?
  • Here we have an auction for a three soap-on-a-rope items — one apiece for baseball, football, and boxing. From “National Beauty Products, Inc.”
  • This print ad from the late 1960s or early 1970s is for an “official Johnny Bench magnetic baseball game.” Only $3.99, from Gandalf Productions Co!
  • Back in 1927 — nearly a century ago! — Babe Ruth swatted 60 home runs for the Yankees, and that feat is acknowledged on this vintage pocket knife-keychain.
  • Here’s a 1950s New York (baseball) Giants ashtray.
  • This gaudy Super Bowl XXXIV commemorative plate leaves little doubt that the St. Louis Rams won the game.
  • Another St. Louis team, the baseball Cardinals, won the 1982 World Series, and you can hear all about it on this commemorative record album (assuming you have a record player, of course).
  • From reader Will Scheibler: Here’s a poster showing the jersey design history of the ECHL’s Florida Everblades.

That’ll do it for this edition of CC. See you back here next week for a special Halloween edition!

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    I find the inscription in Mr Goldberg’s appointment book very Mad Men. Condescending yet tongue in cheek. He must have been in advertising or marketing.

    As far as that crazy 3 finger glove, your question as to how someone could catch a ball with it is a good one. That design model was made by multiple companies in the 50’s, but someone re-laced it incorrectly. The three fingers should be laced together. :-D

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