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Collector’s Corner for Oct. 4, 2022

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Have you ever used a shoehorn? Just stick your foot in your shoe, then slide it under your heel to get your foot in the shoe. That’s what we have here: a Minnesota Twins commemorative shoehorn from 1963, complete with a paper sleeve showing all the players. The sleeve says, “A ‘footnote’ to a new club attendance record…thanks!” Get it?

Now for the rest of this week’s picks.

  • Someone took those popular early-1970s NFL helmet medallions and made them into DIY paperweights. The seller has the Rams, Niners, and Giants, among others.
  • Here we have a 1969-70 ABA Washington Caps bumper sticker.
  • This pair of very cool baseball pitcher bottle openers is from the “early 20th century,” says the seller. They also add, “With the popular design of that era being similar to that of a baseball pitcher, each of the two openers advertises a different company.”
  • Joe Willie Namath endorsed these tube socks back in 1969, which turned out to be a good year for him. Green trim, of course. Just $2.75 from Strawbridge & Clothier, a small northeastern department store chain.
  • Here’s a Mickey Mantle pencil set. Take those to school — you’d sure be the envy of all your classmates!
  • I really like the color combo on this 1993 World Series jacket by Starter.
  • This 1920s print ad promises a “Babe Ruth glove for you!” and “300 other prizes!” (Like a primo bag of marbles or a bicycle.) You just go around to the neighbors and hit ’em up for a subscription to The Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal, or The Country Gentleman magazine. Just sign the coupon, have the parents co-sign, and send it off to “The Prize Man” — he’ll do the rest!
  • Speaking of the Babe, his likeness is captured here on this 1965 Aurora model kit.
  • The former home of the Pirates and Steelers was Three Rivers Stadium. It’s just a memory, but this Coca Cola commemorative four-bottle set remains. Bet that 21-year-old cola goes down nice and smooth.
  • One more for the Pirates: Celebrate their “We Are Family” 1979 Series win with this double-blade pocket knife.

That’ll do it for this edition of CC. See you back here next week!

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    I’m pretty sure that the ABA team in Washington was the Caps, not the Capitals.

    You’re correct about the Caps being their name.
    Also interesting is that almost all their promotional material render the Caps in red, white and/or blue, however their uniforms were green & gold, having been simply recycled Oakland Oaks gear.
    Upon their move to Virginia, they’d finally sport red, white & blue uniforms.


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