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Wrigley Field Vendor Gives Uni Watch Discount

Who was that at Wrigley Field for Thursday’s Phils/Cubs game? None other than Uni Watch reader Joel Frank (left) and his son Jared. It was their first visit to the Friendly Confines, and Joel reports that something very cool happened while they were there:

Jared always takes a spiral-bound scorebook with him whenever he goes to a game, and it has a Uni Watch sticker on the front cover. A scorecard vendor saw us go by and yelled, “Scorecards, special discount for Uni Watch readers!” So Jared had to buy a program from him and the vendor said that he was a longtime reader of the site. You have a friend at Wrigley!

Joel didn’t get the vendor’s name but said he looked at least 40 years old. If anyone with Wrigley connections has a line on who that might be (or if the mystery vendor is reading this right now), definitely let me know!

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