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How You Can Win a Uni Watch Prize Package

Our new Uni Watch Plus program, which provides an ad-free site experience and other benefits in return for a modest subscription fee, has been an initial success, with over 300 readers signing up over the few three weeks. (Want to learn more about UW+? Look here.)

In an attempt to keep that momentum going, I’ve instituted a new UW+ incentive. For any day in which we get at least seven new sign-ups (because seven is my favorite number), I will randomly choose one of that day’s new UW+ enrollees to win a Uni Watch prize package consisting of the following:

  • Three Uni Watch pins (winner’s choice from the designs shown here)
  • A Uni Watch koozie
  • A Uni Watch trading card
  • A Uni Watch magnet
  • A set of three Uni Watch coasters

Prizes notwithstanding, we’d really like to keep growing the UW+ comm-uni-ty. So if you enjoy Uni Watch and have the means to help support it, I respectfully ask that you please consider joining UW+. Thanks!

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    As soon as I get finished with this house-buying process (firs-time), I’m going to subscribe. I appreciate you finally lunching this, but damn you picked the wrong time (for me) lol!. Can’t wait to get signed up!

    This post reminded me to finally sign up (got busy at work) – hope six other people did today as well!

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