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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

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Good Sunday Morning, Uni Watchers. Time for the third edition of the Sunday Morning Uni Watch.

Before I go any further, I want to let everyone know that long-time reader and contributor Wade Heidt, who has for the past couple years been adding Canadian University uni tracking in the comments, has now joined the SMUW team and will be bringing you his Canadian Uni Watching for the remainder of the season! Please join me in welcoming Wade aboard. Following Terry’s section, Wade will introduce himself and then bring you his uni-observations.

Now then.

After beginning the season 0-2 (with losses to Ohio State and Marshall), the Notre Dame Fighting Irish needed to change their luck. And what better way to do that than to break out the (lucky) green jerseys against Cal. It worked. The (green jersey) luck of the Irish returned. Can it possibly be the laundry?

Well, dating back to 1983, the Irish are 9-6 in jerseys with any sort of green on them. But they won their last four games when a green jersey was worn prior to today, so this makes a five-game win streak. You can check out their green jersey W-L and more here.

While I like Notre Dame in the occasional green jersey, I’m not a fan of this particular one, especially since the team wears blue numbers outlined in gold, and the contrast is not great.

I’d much prefer the team wear green jerseys with white numbers.

And with that, I’m going to now turn this over to TJ who will bring you today’s SMUW, and keep reading after that as Wade does some Canadian uni watching. Here’s TJ with your…

• • • • •
Sunday Morning Uni Watch
by Terry Duroncelet, Jr.

Week 3 proved to be one of those chill type of weeks uni-wise, so grab your favorite LoFi radio station on your preferred streaming platform, and let’s dive right in.

From Friday:

• Florida State in an all-white look against Louisville. Know what? I don’t hate it.

From Saturday:

• Oregon/BYU: Oregon is dedicating this entire season to Ducks TE Spencer Webb, who passed away in July of this year following a rock climbing accident. You’ll note how Oregon is honoring him with a decal featuring the #4, despite his wearing of #18 during what would prove to be his final season last year. He had plans to switch his jersey number to #4 for the 2022 season, and wore it in the Ducks’ Spring scrimmage. They also have the 4-yard hash marks on either side highlighted in yellow in his memory (you can kinda see it here). Lastly, BYU OL Kingsley Suamataia –a transfer from Oregon– came out onto the field with an Oregon flag bearing Webb’s #18 in honor of his former teammate.

• Baylor/Texas State: I didn’t take any pics like a DOOFUS, but Bobcats OL Kyle Hergel wears a rather Cybertronian facemask (not from the game, but should suffice for our purposes).

• Georgia Tech/Ole Miss: All-white togs for Ole Miss. One of the better full-white unis in college football, if you ask me.

• Wisconsin/New Mexico State: Mono-red for the Badgers, as well as some number and script decals for NM State.

• Kansas State/Tulane: Good looks from both teams, with Tulane’s light blue/white/light blue, and K-State’s cool helmets (Real Tom & Jerry Hours only, WHO UP). Speaking of which, these newer helmets channel some serious cryptid energy.

• Tulsa/Jacksonville State: Flag logo decals for Tulsa against Jax State.

• UCLA/South Alabama: The Jaguars did their best Bruins impression with their script helmets that said “South” on Saturday (closer look). I like ’em!

• A squad with the team name ‘Tigers’ that plays in the SEC and has gold as one of their school colors wore white at home, with gold helmets and gold pants against Abilene Christian. Totally standard fare. (closer look at the helmet, with thanks to Blaise D’Sylva)

• West Virginia/Towson: Contrast Matters: Thank Hell for Dark Pants and Lids Edition. Yuck.

• Memphis/Arkansas State: I’M GOING TO EAT GLASS.

• Coastal Carolina/Buffalo: White at home for the Chanticleers.

• Virginia/Old Dominion: ODU has some perfectly-cromulent uniforms, but this white/white/light blue is easily their best (road) combo.

• Utah/SDSU: Utah wore their black Ute Proud helmets against San Diego State, but this time with a red facemask (another look).

• Clemson/LA Tech: Ella Bresee –Clemson DT Bryan Bresee’s sister– was diagnosed with cancer, and has since passed away. In the wake of these unfortunate events, the Tigers have adopted the rally cry “E11a Strong” (#11 is Bryan Bresee’s jersey number). In yesterday’s game, LA Tech head coach Sonny Cumbie wore a T-shirt honoring Ella.

• LSU/Miss. State: No caption needed.

• • • • •
Thanks, TJ! Great rundown as always. Next up: Wade…


Canadian University Uni Watch

As mentioned above, I’m pleased to announce that Wade Heidt is joining the SMUW team to bring you weekly uni watching north of the border. I’ll let Wade introduce himself, and then he’ll have his first installment of Canadian University Uni Watching. Here’s Wade:

• • • • •

My name is Wade Heidt. I am thrilled to be joining the Sunday Morning Uni Watch team! As many readers may be aware, I am a Canadian football aficionado. Canadian university football is important as many graduates become professional players for our three-down game with its unique rules and longer, wider field. A main feeder system for the non-import (National) players in the Canadian Football League and there have been graduates that have played in the NFL.

My early memories of Canadian university football involve watching the Vanier Cup national championship game on TV in the mid-1980s. An amazing football aesthetic experience in those days with the game always played on a cold, muddy field at Toronto Varsity Stadium. That stadium still had H-style football goal post even in the mid-1980s. Of course, the goal posts on the goal line as we do it in Canada.

There are twenty-seven schools broken up into four conferences under the U Sports football umbrella that we will watch. Many schools that have a long, interesting history of playing football and fierce rivalries with one another. The schools have some interesting uniforms that we will be checking out!

What time is it? Time for some university football uniform watching Canadian rules style!

We will view a sprinkling of games in each conference of U Sports football this weekend. Travelling from east to west.

• We will start in the Atlantic conference (AUS). The Bishop’s Gaiters wore their purple over white combo at home in Lennoxville, QC. The visiting St. Francis Xavier X-Men went with a white over white combo. I like the small amount of silver trim the X-Men have added to their jerseys this season.

• Over in the Quebec conference (RSEQ), it was a battle of Montreal. The Concordia Stingers wore their Loyola College throwback jerseys at home. They wear their white pants with this maroon throwback. The McGill Redbirds went white over white. Providing some video here to show how massive the Concordia Stingers’ logo is at midfield.

We will look at a couple of games in the Ontario conference (OUA).

• The York Lions wore their usual white helmets with red over black at home in Toronto. The visiting Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks went mono-white. Bringing their white helmets to make it white from head to toe.

• The Ottawa Gee-Gees debuted a new garnet helmet at home. They usually wear silver helmets. The went with a garnet over white combo. The visiting Guelph Gryphons brought a lot of black. Going with black/white/black combo.

• In the Canada West conference, the Calgary Dinos went mono-red from the helmet to the pants. The visiting Alberta Golden Bears debuted some new decals on their alternate white helmet featuring the smirking bear logo. A complete white combo for the Golden Bears.

• • • • •
Thanks, Wade. Once again, welcome aboard!


And Now a Few Words From Paul

Hi! In case you missed it, this week’s Bulletin article is the latest installment in my “Ask Me Anything” series, where readers submit questions and I do my best to respond. This edition includes questions about squatchee colors on caps with contrasting front panels, NFL sleeves, how leaks can ruin a team’s marketing plans, the player I’d rep if I were forced to wear a jersey to a ballgame, the worst uniforms worn by teams winning a championship, my least favorite foods, and more.

My Premium Subscribers can read the piece here. If you haven’t yet subscribed, you now have three ways to get on board:

Meanwhile: Another thing you may have missed this week is thatI’ve partnered with the cap brand Official League on a contest to design an unofficial USMNT cap for the upcoming World Cup. Full details here.

Okay, now back to Phil!


And finally...

…that’ll do it for this Week’s Sunday Morning Uni Watch. Big thanks, as always, to Terry (and now Wade). The Five and One and Uni Tracking will be published shortly, and today’s Ticker will go live at approximately 9:00 am Eastern.

Everyone have a good Sunday and a great week, and I’ll catch you back here next Saturday.

The photo doesn’t do this sunset justice. It was bright red due to wildfire smoke drifting from the west.



Comments (15)

    I suspect that was a late change. Normally, when Notre Dame puts the names on their football jerseys, Under Armour screen-prints them on using the official font. These were tackle-twill letters sewn onto nameplates.

    I think the Kansas State QB gave us our first look at the new Riddell Axiom helmet without the built in visor.

    Imagine putting decals on that Texas State Vicis helmet. Would love to see a video of how Michigan or one of many other schools would handle it.

    “While I like Notre Dame in the occasional green jersey, I’m not a fan of this particular one, especially since the team wears blue numbers outlined in gold, and the contrast is not great.”
    Well said, Phil.

    Great work as always TJ!
    I like Wisconsin going white/red/red. Hope they stick with it.

    Welcome aboard, Wade!
    “Of course, the goal posts on the goal line as we do it in Canada.”
    Ah…if only we did that here!

    Thank Jim! Was time we finally made it happen. I thank you for the nomination!

    Love the goal posts on goal line but sometimes they create heartbreak. When the QB hits the post with a pass and takes away potential TD. Cody Fajardo with Riders in recent West Final. Part of the different skill set you need to hone as QB playing Canadian game.

    I like how the Concordia logo is sized so that the inside are of the “C” fits perfectly around the soccer kickoff circle.

    Also, give me more football play-by-play in French. I don’t understand it but I like the excitement of the announcers after a “Touché!”

    Thanks! Can’t do every school every week. Will have a look at the Lancers in near future.

    Said it yesterday on twitter and I’ll say it here today: that should be Notre Dame’s permanent uniforms (complete with NOB). You can make the block number bigger and give it a thicker gold outline if you feel there isn’t enough contrast. But that’s a beautiful uniform.

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