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Nebraska Football Unveils Alternate Unis Paying Tribute to 1983 Squad

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On Monday, the Nebraska Cornhuskers unveiled an alternate uniform that harkens back to those worn by the 1983 team — a squad that went undefeated for the season, before ultimately losing 31-30 to Miami in the 1984 Orange Bowl. Heading into that Bowl, the Huskers were ranked Number 1, and the game is probably best remembered for Nebraska head coach Tom Osborne’s decision to try for a two-point conversion (going for the win) late in the fourth quarter; the play resulted in a deflected pass in the end zone and failure to convert the two, ultimately culminating in a win for the Hurricanes.

That was where the legend of “Go For The Win” mentality was cemented and the basis for this year’s throwbacks. The team’s nickname that year was “The Scoring Explosion.”

The alternate uniform this year is evocative of those worn by the 1983 squad. Let’s look at some of the details.

The uniform is scarlet and white, featuring the classic white “N” logo helmet with scarlet center stripe. Jersey is scarlet, with a block “N” on either sleeve cap, which have white stripes on the hem.

Perhaps the defining feature of the jersey is the “mesh” numbers, which are meant to replicate the look of the mesh jerseys worn by the 1983 team. The rear numbers have the same faux mesh treatment.

Pants are white, with two scarlet stripes down either side.

Here’s another look at the full uniform:

And a close up of some of the details:

And, of course, the hype video:

The team has not yet made an announcement of when these uniforms will be worn. It is expected they will only be worn for one game this season.

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    One quibble: Nebraska’s flavor of red is “scarlet”. (Crimson belongs to NU’s former rival in Norman, OK).

    Otherwise, this is a great review of a very respectable tribute uniform. I don’t see them as a true “throwback” because they’re not an exact replica of the 1983 look (that white hem on the sleeve, for example).

    As a Nebraskan, my questions are a) Why now? And b) did Adidas mail in their effort on these?

    I explored those in my review: link

    Gah! My bad. All crimson references changed to scarlet. This was just a brain fart on my part as I even looked up to make sure of the colors link

    >Pants are white, with two crimson stripes down either side.

    Scarlet. Oklahoma wears crimson. To the Big Reds, that matters. Great story on the unis!

    Are the numbers sewn on or heat-pressed? They look heat-pressed, which is either proper if so or a really good fake if sewn on.
    I’m always saddened and surprised when throwbacks have sewn-on numbers where heat-pressed would be appropriate (and cheaper).

    They’re heat pressed, I don’t believe Adidas does any sewn-own numbers for football uniforms, although I could be mistaken.

    Right! They’re polyurthane numbers (I like to think of them as expensive stickers) that are applied with a heat press. Same mesh holes as the throwbacks they wore to honor the 1983 team in like 2018. And Texas A&M wore for their 1998 throwbacks.

    FYI – The Huskers home and away jerseys have tackle twill numbers and letters.

    The thing with this uniform is that is pretty much the same as their standard. A few minor tweaks, but nothing that is going to be quickly visible or noticeable watching the game from the standard live action view.
    If an alternate / throwback isn’t obviously different than the standard uniform, is there really any point to it? Nebraska is one of those teams who didn’t really ever change their uniform, it just got some minor tweaks over the years.

    I’m with you on that. Minor tweaks to update look, and then there is no need for a throwback. For instance if the Dolphins kept essentially the same uniform, but just tweaked their logo (thinking the 90s version, not current) then people wouldn’t have to say “they should just wear the throwbacks” when they roll out the ’72 set.
    It is rare that a franchise / team has more than one distinct uniform set that is legitimately great, let alone more than one set that would actually make most fans question which is their definitive look.

    god, addidas cant get the “mesh” look right at all. they don’t have a reebok template that the nfl(nike)does with greenbay packers? that super tight adiddas look they got looks awful.

    …the Adidas logo is every it as inaccurate on that tip; however, if you want to pick nits with the knitting, what in the wide wide world of sports are they doing making the hem around the sleeves white? why?!?! so disturbing.

    love. Love. LOVE the fact that I can log-on to UniWatch anytime during day and potentially have additional content to check out, even though I already have looked at the site in the morning for my daily fix!

    Couldn’t agree more. I was always slightly depressed at the end of my morning read knowing I would have to wait until the next day for my next uni nuggets. Now, more often than not, they come 2 or three times a day. Makes my day better, and that’s a good thing!

    I was going to write this yesterday in response to someone who commented that they don’t like the new format. As someone who checks in multiple times per day, this is great! I would always check in throughout the day to read newer comments so this makes it even better.

    Same. The new “slow leak” post cycle is a lot better. I never know what I might see when I log in. The site loads quicker (less stuff) and I’m guessing the new format is better for overall page views too.

    Love it.

    I hope that Nebraska wears this throwback uniform for its game versus rival Oklahoma on September 17. It wore its 1971 throwbacks last year at Oklahoma for the fiftieth anniversary of the TRUE “Game of the Century”. It is only fair to return the favor. #gobigred #boomersooner #nebraskavsoklahoma

    I really wanted them to do a full throwback with UCLA/LSU style stripes and sleeve numbers along with the gray facemask and pants stripes. However they probably would have had to use a different Adidas template since I haven’t been able to find any Primekit uniforms with those style of stripes.

    Doesn’t look like it yet link|14826908824&utm_medium=ppc&ks_id=6248_kw48885881&utm_term=nebraska%20shirts&matchtype=b&utm_source=g&target=kwd-303250480926&pcrid=549321110540&adposition=&_s=gppc&utm_campaign=NCAA+-+Nebraska+Huskers+-+GKs+-+US+-+EN|14826908824&utm_medium=ppc&ks_id=6248_kw48885881&utm_term=nebraska%20shirts&matchtype={bidmatchtype}&utm_source=g&target=kwd-303250480926&pcrid={adid}&adposition=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgO2XBhCaARIsANrW2X0d5oNlLpkq-nXL5V7G1oxj27QB-QguY6kQcYv6MUMVc3t0WreTNYQaAiBDEALw_wcB

    Hold on a second. It’s an alternate jersey, but I can still recognize what team it’s for. The cognitive dissonance! Aaaaarrgggh!

    Some designer at Adidas probably just got fired. “Son, you’ve got some good ideas, but we just can’t have you putting out uniforms that don’t have any black fabric or illegible numbers whatsoever. Don’t you think this would look better if you wrote ‘Nebraska’ on the shoulder yoke in anthracite Papyrus font?”

    I would have loved to see a true throwback with slightly thicker numbers and full scarlet sleeves instead of the odd white hem but overall I like the set. Also, is the treatment of the BIG logo new or has that been something we’ve seen for Adidas BIG teams before?

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