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Uni Watch Power Rankings for the New NFL Helmets

Paul here, just popping in to let you know that I’ve ranked all the new NFL alternate and throwback helmets for this week’s Bulletin column (including both of the new Dallas designs!).

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Speaking of Bulletin: My annual Uni Watch NFL Season Preview will be published there in a few weeks (my projected date is Sept. 6), with the NHL and NBA Season Previews to follow in October.

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    If I recall correctly, it was reported 14 teams would be going with an alternate colored helmet this year. Right now there are 13. Was the report of 14 incorrect or should we expect one team to reveal one shortly, or perhaps surprise us mid season? Are they even allowed to do a surprise game day reveal (like the Ravens gold pants in 2015)?

    You are not recalling correctly. It was reported that “about 15” teams would have new helmets. I’d say 13 teams (and 14 new designs, since the Cowboys have two) fits that description.

    Of course, there could still be more new helmets to come, but I wouldn’t stake that on anything we’ve heard previously.

    Thanks Paul and Phil for clearing it up.
    I’m very much with Phil on this, the “rules” for the alternate helmets seem somewhat malleable to the whims of the teams at this point.

    I’m not sure this is entirely correct. I believe it was reported there would be 14 alternate helmets not 14 teams with alternate helmets. Since the Cowboys are using their alternate white shell as 1) part of their throwback and 2) part of their CR, that actually counts as two different alternate helmets; So it’s 13 teams, 14 alternate helmets. To me, it’s a distinction without a difference, as prior to this season, teams who removed/changed/altered decals on their helmets (NYG “throwback” — which technically is their “CR” uni link, for example) were, I assume, not counting that as two “different” helmets. So the Cowboys using the white hats with two different (throwback, CR) uniforms to me shouldn’t count as two different helmets, but my understanding of how the NFL is treating second color shells, does count it that way.

    I’m still a bit confused on the new second shell “rules” but each time I think the NFL has slipped up, the team comes up with a justification for the application. For example, the Panthers black jersey is their primary jersey, but they also have an all black uniform (same jersey) which is their CR uniform. So, they can’t wear their black helmets with the black jersey UNLESS they’re going mono-black (CR). Now, perhaps the answer is not to allow teams to wear the same jersey for their CR and primary (as Carolina does), but that’s another argument altogether.

    or just do away with “color rush”. It’s a terribly stupid gimmick.

    Hell the only thing special about the Panthers version this year is that helmet. Black on black isn’t a new thing for them. The only difference in with their old CR was the addition of blue pants and that was a horrible mistake.

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