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Dolphins To Wear Perfect Season Anniversary Patch

The Miami Dolphins will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of their undefeated (and untied) 1972 season, which culminated in a victory in Super Bowl VII, with a series of events this upcoming season. It will be a yearlong celebration honoring 1972 team members, their families, and fans.

The team will wear throwback uniforms for their primetime Sunday Night Football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on October 23. During that game, the jerseys will feature the Perfect Season patch on the jerseys, honoring the 1972 squad. You can see additional details in this press release.

The Dolphins have both an aqua and white throwback, and the release doesn’t make clear which one they’ll wear against the Steelers, nor where on the uniform the patch will be worn, although a safe guess would be on the left breast. It’s also not clear if the patch will be worn only for the October 23rd game, but it seems likely.

Now, if they’d just make the throwback uniforms permanent.

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    Love it ! By the same token they can have a patch to commemorate Steven Ross stupidity having him wear the dunce hat.

    As far as the jersey half the team wear sleeve stripes and half don’t, just like 72,
    That would be a real throwback.

    I suppose if they want to re-create the look of the 1972 AFC Championship Game against the Steelers, they’d wear white. On the other hand, it’s a night game, when the Dolphins traditionally wear aqua.

    Good call hofflalu on both points. That 1972 AFC Championship game was at Pittsburgh even though they obviously had the better record. It was just how the playoffs were scheduled, switching home field by division each year. That’s an important lesson for anyone who is upset with any of the current rules.

    The Dolphins wore the white uniform in all three 1972 playoff games:

    v. Cleveland – home
    v. Pittsburgh – road
    v. Washington – neutral

    Perhaps Miami will select white to honor the 1972 postseason.

    I think the other NFL teams with a perfect 1.000 winning percentage (as listed in the record book) should also celebrate. 1929 Packers, 1923 Canton Bulldogs, 1922 Canton, 1920 Akron… Ok, well just the Packers are left…

    It’s a great looking patch for sure… kinda wish they had used the style found on the front/back of the ’72 jersey numbers rather than the one from the sleeves(?):



    The middle aqua stripe always has been a touch bigger than the others?

    Pretty much. Also remember the Dolphins’ throwbacks are for 1966 – it looks like at least in 1966 that middle stripe was much larger than the outer stripes (and the pants stripe was aqua/orange/aqua for that year only). I haven’t really looked for 1967-1969 photos, and in 1970 they went to the stripeless jerseys. In 1972 all the aqua jerseys were still the stripeless version, but about half the players had white jerseys with stripes and the other half were still using the stripeless jerseys. It seems like when the stripes came back in 1972 the middle stripe was only slightly larger than the outer stripes.

    I found this photo from a 1966 Dolphins-Broncos game that shows how much larger the middle stripe was that season.


    This was an amazing feat but it’s is so overplayed. Every team these days that has a chance to add a patch for ANYTHING will do it. Personally not a good look to say it’s been that long since we’ve been that good.

    If the Dolphins wear the pants that they have on in the two photos that are provided here to show you the aqua and white throwback jerseys, the pants will be incorrect. If they want to wear what they wore in the 1972 season, then there would be two orange stripes on the outside and one aqua stripe in the middle and the socks would be plain aqua with no stripes.

    True – their throwbacks are for 1966, their first season. That’s the only season where they had the aqua/orange/aqua pants stripe instead of orange/aqua/orange until 1986 when they went to the aqua/orange/aqua with spaces between the stripes.

    For what it’s worth an accurate 1972 throwback would be stripeless aqua jerseys, half the players with stripeless white jerseys and half with striped jerseys.

    Yes, I should have mentioned the jerseys too. The ones without the stripes were made by Wilson, the ones with the stripes and thinner style numbers were made by Sand Knit. In Super Bowl 7 it looks like half the team is wearing no stripes with the other half stripes.

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