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Uni Watch Founder Tests Positive for Covid

On Tuesday night, I felt the barest hint of a sore throat. It was still there on Wednesday, and I was planning to go out and see music that night, so I took a rapid test — negative.

Went out (masked), had fun. My throat felt fine on Thursday but a bit worse by the time I went to bed last night and when I woke up this morning, so I tested again — positive.

Dammit. My first time.

On the plus side, my symptoms are minimal (the tickle in my throat and a very mild fever), but it still sucks. Had lots of fun plans this weekend and early next week that will now have to be scrapped.

I’m asthmatic and take an immuno-compromising drug, so I’m pretty much the definition of high-risk. But we know by now that people who take the proper precautions (I’m vaccinated and double-boosted) will likely be fine, so I’m not worried. Just part of the reality we all now live with.

Mary has it too, so at least we don’t have to isolate at separate ends of the apartment. The city has a testing site not too far from Uni Watch HQ where they’ll phone in a Paxlovid prescription if you test positive, so we’re going to bike over there later this morning and get that taken care of.

No idea how I got it, but it’s still out there — be careful, people, and stay safe.

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    Sorry to hear Paul. I just got it for the first time a few weeks back as well. I too am vaccinated and boosted, and I still had a rough go. Riding a 104 degree fever for several days is not a good time. Tylenol was my best friend. The fatigue was very real, even after the fever broke. I’d hit a wall in the afternoon and have to take a nap for several hours. Also lost my taste & smell for a day or two, but fortunately, they returned. It took a full 10 days from when I first tested positive to finally test negative. Anyway, I have no lingering symptoms and am fine now. But it definitely was not something I’d wish on anyone.

    Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery.

    Wishing you the best. I caught Covid before it was cool (Feb 2020) and it knocked me down for a weekend. Between aspirin and Nyqil, I was back up to full speed in 72 hrs (your mileage may vary).

    Having caught Alpha (prevax), Delta (after 2 vax), AND Omicron (3 vax), it really is getting less and less severe after each iteration.

    Best wishes.

    Best wishes for a prompt and full recovery!

    I managed to avoid it until this past May. I’m reasonably certain, given the environment and symptom onset, that I caught it on a plane to Paris. 10 1/2 hours in a metal tube with recycled air and almost nobody wearing masks is not ideal, and I knew the risk was pretty high. I was fully vaccinated and had my first booster, but since I turned 50 while I was in Europe I hadn’t gotten the second booster (I got it soon after returning to the States).

    My symptoms were quite mild – a cough for 5 days or so, but no fever, fatigue, or achiness. And once I got cleared and was able to leave my plague hotel I got to walk around Munich (my trip was to Austria and Germany, Paris was just a stopover) for a few days until my rebooked flight left. That was nice!

    Sorry to hear the news! My sister just got over it. All she had were symptoms of a head cold. Nothing too severe. Her doctor recommended Nyquil and sent a prescription for the Paxlovid to her pharmacy. He also told her to get and use Flonase.

    Hope you feel better Paul.

    Same situation happened to me last week – finally got me after 2+ years.

    I’d recommend Paxlovid if you’re eligible to get it, thanks to that, a lot of rest and a lot of Pedialyte i was feeling back to normal and testing negative after about 6 days.

    Good luck!

    Same, that Paxlovid was a miracle drug. I had the horrible first night (chills, aches, even bad dreams). The Paxlovid just cured most of the symptoms on day one.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    After avoiding it for so long myself, I finally tested positive earlier this month. Not too terrible, but no fun either. And now I seem to have been hit with a case of rebound covid, so I’m back to cancelling plans and isolating.

    Best of luck and stay safe!

    So sorry to hear this. Thankfully your case seems to be extremely mild. Here’s to a complete recovery!

    Feel better dude! I’ve made it this far without catching it but I feel like it’s a matter of time. My parents both just caught it after our family vacation but both are finally past it.

    Sorry to hear it, Paul. I hope you both recover and don’t have lasting effects. We’re with you!

    I had it recently 3 weeks after my 2nd booster, and symptoms were mild except for fatigue. Very tired for 3 or 4 days. Also I checked my oxygen level with my Apple watch, and it never dropped. More of an inconvenience now having to stay home. Thank goodness for vaccines. Hoping you have a fast recovery.

    Get well soon. You are important to more folks than you think.
    I have asthma and tested positive three weeks ago. Just felt totally tired. Had all 4 shots too. Fully recovered now.

    Sorry to hear that, Paul!
    May you and Mary make a fast and full recovery.
    At least no one will be checking into Chez Covid!

    Get well soon. Will the Uni Watch branded Covid tests be available in the merch store anytime soon?

    Sorry to hear that, Paul. Hoping for a full and speedy recovery with no lingering effects for you and Mary. Get lots of rest and feel better!

    I’m sorry to hear this Paul, hopefully that sore throat is the worse it gets!

    Be well and hang in there, Paul.

    I tested positive in June (like you, double boosted). The first couple of days are the worst, then a lingering fatigue, like a cold that won’t quite quit. At least that’s my experience.

    Ugh, sorry to hear, Paul. Covid caught up to me a couple weeks ago after avoiding it the past 2.5 years. I, too, started with a scratchy throat for a couple days before I ended up testing positive. Early on I had a painful headache and then went through a couple days of chills and aches. Once that passed, my symptoms moved onto the most painful swallowing I’ve ever experienced that lasted for four days. I’m now finally negative after 12 days, but phlegm likes to stick around. I can tell I’m pretty much fully recovered now though because I stopped sleeping 9-10 hours every night. Take care and heal up quickly!

    Hope all goes well, Paul. As someone who took Paxlovid after getting sick, I can vouch for it: it’ll curtail the symptoms pretty quickly. Just be sure you take the full dosage and don’t stop just because you feel better.

    Welp, never mind. I just noticed EP already made that joke. I”ll show myself out now…

    Uni Watch, for people who get it now has a new meaning. Hoping for a quick recovery.

    My number finally came up back in May, but thankfully it wasn’t too bad. Hope you guys’re up and around soon, man!

    Oh no! Take care, get lots of rest, and wishing you a quick recovery Paul.

    So sorry to hear the news. Hope you both get better very soon. Get lots of rest and take care of yourselves.

    Sorry to hear, but catching Covid is becoming inevitable, so enjoy having a minor case if you get minor symptoms.

    Finally caught it the first week of summer break. Every time I referenced my milder than mild symptoms (thank goodness), I was worried that I sounded like I represented Infowars.

    Glad your symptoms ain’t bad neither.

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    I’m hoping your symptoms stay mild.

    Got Covid a month or two ago. Started with mild sore throat. Had a few bad days with a lot of aches and pains as well as a fever.

    Hi, Paul – So sorry to hear of your illness. I had what sounds like very similar mild symptoms, but I’m not high-risk, so I didn’t have the accompanying anxiety. It still sucks. Prayers for you and your family and friends.

    Paul, hoping for a quick recovery for both of you. I got it for Christmas and my wife got it for the first time last week. It’s a pain but praying y’all get well and enjoy August off. Thanks for all you do to entertain us.

    Feel better Paul.
    BA2 is in full swing. Nobody is talking about these things since nobody reports infections anymore. Tracking algorithms estimate daily positives 3X higher than the worst of Omicron daily positives. That’s about 3 million daily. Do yeah people need to pay attention to their surroundings and mask up..

    Paul, best wishes for a speedy recovery for you and Mary (her SECOND go-round, IIRC?). My wife and I both had it for the first time about 3 weeks ago (our kids both had it in March, and somehow we didn’t get it then), and we both had it pretty mild. My wife’s doctor prescribed Paxlovid for her, which she said worked wonderfully. My doctor didn’t feel I needed Paxlovid, so I just got over it the old fashioned way! It sucks that this is still out there, and still very much a disruptive element in our lives, but it does seem that getting it now is a totally different experience than getting it back in 2020.

    I’d wager this won’t keep you and Mary down for long – nothing does. You’re incredibly resilient. Sorry your vacation plans had to suffer because of this. Praying for a full and speedy recovery for you two.

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