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Bucks Reveal New Statement Alternate, Hint at New Throwback

The Bucks today became the latest NBA team to unveil a new Statement alternate uniform.

The basic design, with the antlers creeping up the sides of the uniform, is the same one that the Bucks originally used for their 2020-21 Earned alternate, but this time rendered in black. It is the team’s third consecutive black Statement design, following the ones that were revealed in 2020 and 2018.

The NBA schedule hasn’t yet been released (that usually happens sometime in August), so we don’t yet know when this uniform will be worn.

One other tidbit of note: The unveiling article on the team’s website mentions that the team will have “a new Classic Edition” — in other words, a new throwback — this season. Stay tuned.

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    The shorts seem to make it look like the player’s sitting on a set of antlers…

    Can someone remind me on the NBA uniform naming and use conventions?
    Classic = a throwback design (or maybe a fauxback?)
    City = new uniform that is supposed to be directly inspired by things from the hometown?
    Statement = alternate but similar to the standard home / away design?
    And then two more weird names that are in place of the primary/home and white/away? Correct?
    And the classic and city change each year, while the home, away, and statement alternate are the standard uniforms that stay around for a little bit?
    And and all 5 uniforms are worn multiple times per year?
    I don’t follow the NBA much now so it is easy to get lost in the Nike speak and what each new uniform reveal is actually supposed to be.

    I understand black has technically been one of their colors since their huge redesign, but I’ve never been a fan of the Bucks in black.

    That being said, I love the design of this uniform. Just preferred the green version of it.

    I hated those purple Bucks unis at the time, and they’ve not aged well at all.

    I guess I’ll be waiting at least another year for Milwaukee to throw back to any version of the Irish Rainbow unis.

    Paul linked this twitter user earlier this year, but he has updated all the known leaks and seems very accurate so far. Bucks other uni will be purple from the 90s.

    Here’s the most recent post with the leaks if you’re interested. link

    Cleveland and Philadelphia are especially terrible. Suns 90s classic is a highlight (another purple for Paul!).

    I like this style (although I prefer the green version). I am a fan of using the side panel for a design element over a traditional stripe if it works for the team or mascot. For example I totally love the FSU uniform with the feather down the side

    The Bucks Irish Rainbow are among the top all-time uniforms. I understand they have given some references to it in recent years but it is not sufficient, they really should do a straight up throwback

    It’s been said, but there’s been way too many NBA uniforms since 2017. I often can’t even recall what team’s primary unis are anymore.

    The Bucks need to go back to their colors with Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The red and dark green was very distinct for them.

    Weirdly slightly different than the design of the green in that the green had two stripes on the trim, these black have three.

    *snore* Black?! Boring. Bucks didn’t need it and, arguably, most teams don’t need a black uni.

    Their original color combination (forest green & red) looked so good. Why did they have to come to this?

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