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MLB Observes Mother’s Day for 2nd Time in 3 Weeks

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Mother’s Day was three weeks ago, so why was Tigers reliever Gregory Soto wearing pink socks yesterday? As it turns out, yesterday was Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic, Soto’s homeland, so he went with the pink hose. (Two other Tigers did the same thing last year.)

I’m not sure if any other Dominican MLBers wore pink yesterday. Anyone know more?

That’s it for this Memorial Day. If you’re traveling today, travel safe. If you’re working today, thanks for helping to keep the world spinning while the rest of us have the day off. And if you’re mourning a fallen service member today, please accept my condolences on your loss. Peace. — Paul

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    A Thank You to those families who have felt the loss of a member of the Armed Forces. For those who are remembering a loved one this day, life is a gift we celebrate each day.

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day to those in the DR. A blessed Memorial Day to those in Uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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