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Happy Independence Day

Each year on this date I try to find an image that captures America in a nutshell (here are the ones from 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008). This year, much like last year, I opted for a public health message, because the single most patriotic act we can engage in right now — the best way to help secure the health of our nation, literally — is to get vaccinated. If you haven’t yet done so, I hope you’ll do it soon.

Please accept my best wishes for a happy holiday. I’ll be busy today but the comments are open, so feel free to chat among yourselves. If you have a few minutes, I heartily recommend reading the Declaration of Independence, whose ratification is what we’re celebrating today. (Here’s a typeset version, in case you can’t decipher the handwriting.)

If you’re traveling today, travel safe. If you’re playing with pyrotechnics, don’t pull a Jason Pierre-Paul. If you’re working, thanks for keeping the world spinning while the rest of us get to enjoy a day off. And if you’re spending the day in the company of a Britisher, kindly pass along my annual Independence Day rallying cry: In your face, Redcoats!Paul

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    I worked for a British company for 15 years.

    One of my American co-workers put the following on the company calendar, which of course had British holidays, but not American:

    USA 1, UK 0

    It became a tradition until the company was acquired.

    I’d go with soccer scoring and say USA 4, UK 1. I score one home win, one away draw for USA in the series against the UK. Though it depends on how one scores the War of 1812. Strategic draw – both sides accomplished their main strategic aims, though tactically the Brits mostly whupped Americans. Call it a 1-1 draw in Wembley with the Brits dominating possession and shots on goal.

    Happy Independence Day to all Americans, Canadians, and Brits, all of whom can justifiably feel that American independence was a great thing for their respective country’s history.

    Happy Independence Day. Love your picture and message. What will be very disappointing is if a new variant develops in the non-vaccinated that is more deadly, and resistant to the various vaccines. We will never rid ourselves of this virus as long as there are many non-vaccinated hosts to keep this disease going.

    The redcoat: Maybe the first-ever example of why and how uniform colors mattered.

    Of course, after an early 1900s rebrand, they don’t wear those uniforms anymore. They do, occasionally, have them as throwbacks.

    Thanks for the message in today’s post. Please people, get vaccinated, for other’s sake. I looked through the previous July 4th pictures and 2019 is still my favorite. Although it is tough not to love 2016’s reference to the “Sack O’Sauce”™ in the Oscar Meyer Weiner can.

    An impromptu Top Ten List: Best Bespoke Baseball Numeral Fonts.
    1. 1969-92 Montreal Expos
    2. 1970-93 Philadelphia Phillies
    3. 1983-99 San Francisco Giants
    4. 1977-96 Toronto Blue Jays
    5. 1998-2006 Arizona Diamondbacks
    6. 1976-83 Chicago White Sox
    7. 1950-69 Philadelphia Phillies
    8. 1985-90 San Diego Padres
    9. 2009- Texas Rangers
    10. Chicago Cubs

    The McAuliffe font used by the Red Sox wasn’t unique to Boston until 1979, and continues to be used on other teams’ throwback uniforms. The University Gothic font was used by the 1977-80 Seattle Mariners and the 1978-1984 San Diego Padres.

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