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Another MLB All-Star Game History Mystery

Yesterday we solved a longstanding uni-related MLB All-Star Game mystery. Today we have a new one to ponder!

Here’s the deal: As most of you probably know, the highlight of the 1983 All-Star Game, which was played at Comiskey Park in Chicago, was Angels outfielder Fred Lynn hitting the first grand slam in ASG history, as seen in the video embedded above. Now check out this photo of Lynn being congratulated at home plate by the three baserunners who scored ahead of him (Angels first baseman Rod Carew, Brewers shortstop Robin Yount, and Cleveland second baseman Manny Trillo):

See that guy in the background wearing White Sox pants with No. 13? A Uni Watch reader who prefers not to be named was intrigued by that, because the only Chisox personnel on the American League All-Star roster that year were outfielder Ron Kittle (No. 42) and honorary coach Minnie Minoso (No. 9). In fact, no player or coach on the 1983 Sox wore No. 13!

So who was the person in the background — a bat boy? An honorary third base coach? Let’s go back to the video of Lynn’s grand salami. As Lynn rounds third base, he passes Orioles manager Joe Altobelli, who was coaching third base for the American League:

Then, before he gets to home plate, where Carew, Yount, and Trillo are waiting for him, three people in White Sox uniforms greet him:

It’s tough to be sure, but it appears that two of those White Sox jerseys have no number and “Batboy” NOBs. The third one, closest to Lynn, is our No. 13 Mystery Man. Unfortunately, his NOB is illegible.

Here’s another photo of Lynn being greeted at home plate, with a clear view of one of these Chisox-uniformed people:

He’s wearing a glove! Maybe he was a ball boy? No number on his pants, so this is not our No. 13 Mystery Man.

I also found a watermarked wire photo that provides a tantalizing glimpse of one of the NOBs. Here’s the relevant portion of the photo:

Although it’s hard to be 100% certain, this seems to confirm that one of the Sox-uniformed guys had a “Batboy” NOB.

Speaking of batboys: A few moments before Lynn’s slam, the game broadcast shows Red Sox outfielder Jim Rice on deck, with a batboy kneeling next to him:

Although we can’t see if there’s a number on his left thigh, that is clearly not our No. 13 Mystery Man (wrong shoe color) and is also not the guy with the glove (wrong stirrup style, no glove).

Remember, this game was played at Comiskey, so it makes sense that there’d be lots of extra Sox folks on hand. But who was No. 13? Can we learn anything from the official American League team portrait? Let’s take a look (click to enlarge):

As you can see, there are some extra Sox folks in that photo, including trainer Herm Schneider (standing at far right). His pants don’t have a number, plus he looks much chunkier than the No. 13 who greeted Lynn, so he’s not our man.

But who’s that sitting in the front row? According to the caption, it’s someone named Glen Rosenbaum. I’d never heard of him, but Wikipedia tells us that he was the team’s batting practice pitcher at the time. Hmmm — could he be our No. 13 Mystery Man?

Maddeningly, Rosenbaum’s legs are crossed in way that obscures the view of the number on his pants. But his stirrups and shoes suggest that he isn’t our man either:

Moreover, I found an auction listing for a pair of game-used Rosenbaum pants with No. 39, and he’s also shown wearing No. 39 on the cover of this biography. So I think we can safely say that Rosenbaum is not our man.

So that leaves us back where we started: Who was No. 13? Anyone..?

It’s crazy to think that we owe this entire mystery to the fact that the Sox put uni numbers on their pants. If not for that, the photo that got this ball rolling in the first place would have been unremarkable.


Update!: Just as I was getting ready to publish this blog post, the reader who sent me down this rabbit hole got in touch. He’d been watching more video of that 1983 All-Star Game, and at one point the camera caught this as Royals third baseman George Brett returned to the American League dugout after making an out:

So it appears that our No. 13 Mystery Man’s surname is Gallagher. I did some quick Googling and couldn’t find anything to suggest who this person might be. Anyone..?


Meanwhile, there’s another uni-related subplot from this game: Giants pitcher Atlee Hammaker — the guy who gave up Lynn’s slam — was wearing a pin on his cap! NBC broadcaster Joe Garagiola even mentioned it during Lynn’s at-bat:

As Garagiola noted, that’s the “Croix de Candlestick” pin, which the Giants gave out to fans after extra-inning games as a sort of merit badge for enduring Candlestick’s frigid conditions. Here’s a closer look at the pin design (if you want one, they’re easy to find on eBay):

I wrote about that pin way back in 2007. To my knowledge, Hammaker is the only player who ever wore it in a game. I wonder why he did that, especially for a game at Comiskey? Another mystery! Might have to track him down to learn the answer.

(Major thanks to the anonymous reader who sent me down this very enjoyable rabbit hole.)

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Click to enlarge

Can’t tell the this player even with a scorecard: MLB teams are playing lots of intrasquad scrimmages this week. The Phils did that last night — the red jerseys against the white jerseys. But some players in camp haven’t actually been issued white jerseys yet, which led to the odd spectacle of pitcher Garrett Cleavinger — a career minor leaguer who’ll probably end up on the Phils’ taxi squad — taking the mound in a jersey that was blank on the back.

That intrasquad game also featured outfielder Nick Williams batting while wearing a mask. I don’t know if he’s the first player to do that this month, but he’s definitely the first one I’ve seen (click to enlarge):

(My thanks to Twitter-er @UntilTheNight for both of these items.)

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Pin update: As you can see above, people are starting to receive their Uni Watch bobblehead pins, and they look great!

People, I’ll be frank with you: I thought this pin was going to be a big hit. Like, a monster hit. So I ordered 500 of them (by far the largest quantity for any of our pins). It’s done relatively well — we’ve sold about 270 of them, which isn’t bad at all — but nowhere near as well as I expected. So I have two questions for you:

1. What am I missing here? Did I misjudge how much people like bobbleheads in general? Fans seem to go bonkers for them when teams give them away, so I thought it was a good design idea, even before we decided to go with the spring-mounted head. Or maybe I misjudged the “Wow!” factor of the bobbling action..? Fill me in.

2. If you’d like to help us out, would you consider ordering one of these? Thanks to the pandemic, the Pin Club is one of the few steady income sources I have these days (ditto for my collaborator, Todd Radom), and it kinda sucks to have so many of them go unsold. Obviously, life in general and business in particular are full of calculated judgment calls that sometimes go awry — that’s how it goes sometimes, and of course I understand that. But it really is an awesome pin! If you choose to get one, I know you won’t be disappointed.

My thanks, as always for your consideration.

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Membership update: Sooooo many interesting and, in many cases, beautiful designs were added to the membership card gallery yesterday — it was hard to pick which one to showcase today! I decided to go with Steve Feiler’s card, which is based on the jersey of the 1981 Pennsylvania Stoners (now there’s a team name!), a club that played in the now-defunct American Soccer League. Nice choice, Steve!

Ordering a membership card — whether based on an obscure pro soccer team or a mainstream Big Four team — is a good way to support Uni Watch (which, frankly, could use your support these days). And remember, as a gesture of comm-uni-ty solidarity, the price of a membership has been reduced from $25 to $20 until further notice.

As always, you can sign up for your own custom-designed card here, you can see all the cards we’ve designed so far here (now more than 2,900 of them!), and you can see how we produce the cards here.

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Daily Green Plaid Shirt Project

Shirt project update: For those who care (which I assume is a very small number of you), the daily vintage green plaid shirt project is proceeding apace. You can click through the five six (so far) photos above, or see them side by side here.

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The Ticker
By Lloyd Alaban

Baseball News: The Astros are the latest team to let fans submit pictures to be made into cutouts to place in the stands (from Brian Hoss). … Gross: During Monday’s Reds intrasquad scrimmage, there was a Cintas ad on the mound (from Joanna Zwiep). … Speaking of the Reds, they’re apparently going with giant ad tarps that will cover some of their empty seating (from our own Alex Hider). … Blue Jays C Caleb Joseph had a decal malfunction on his catching helmet (from @Minor_Leaguer).

Football News: New personal logo for Dolphins WR Devante Parker. … The Stapleton neighborhood of Denver, Colo., is changing its name due to linkage of the neighborhood’s namesake, former mayor Benjamin F. Stapleton, with the Ku Klux Klan. Denver residents have proposed several Broncos-related replacement names (from Kary Klismet). … British Columbia premier John Horgan wore a BC Lions mask during a press conference this week (from Wade Heidt).

Hockey News: Capitals F Alex Ovechkin is selling masks with his personal logo on them (from Scott Rogers).

Basketball News: The NBA’s LockerVision site, which shows what each team will wear for each game, has now been updated to show the uniform schedule for the balance of the soon-to-resume season (from @SacKings_Unis). … The NBA’s social justice NOBs will be worn for the first four days of the resumed season. After that, players may continue wearing them, in which case their surnames will be added below their uni numbers, or revert to their regular NOBs (from Dave Ciskowski). … Lakers PG Alex Caruso said he will wear “Black Lives Matter” in place of his NOB (from Timmy Donahue). … Here’s a twist: Heat SG/SF Jimmy Butler wants to go NNOB when the season resumes (from Andrew Cosentino). … Over in the WNBA, here’s how a jersey will look with the addition of a police brutality victim’s name (from @Starkman55). … A sportswriter has ranked the best South Carolina player for each uni number (from Chris Wellbaum). … Also from Chris: South Carolina women’s has masks with each player’s name and number on them.

Soccer News: From Josh Hinton: FC Barcelona officially released their 2020-21 home shirt, which draws inspiration from their 2010-11 home shirt. … The BBC is attempting to create a ranking of some of the new shirts for next season. Ten choices are from England and Scotland (including Loch Ness, which plays in Scottish nonleague’s North Caledonian Football Association and who we had in the Ticker last week), but there are also teams from the U.S.: the USL Championship’s Las Vegas Lights and an amateur team, Providence City (from our own Jamie Rathjen). … Also from Jamie: New first kit for Northern Irish team Crusaders. … New shirt for the Northeast Wanderers, the futures team for Minneapolis City SC (from @BallparkHunter). … San Diego Loyal SC of the second-tier USL Championship has unveiled renderings of a proposed 15,000-seat modular stadium. More details here (from Kary Klismet). … The NWSL’s Sky Blue FC wore rainbow wristbands for their match against NC Courage (from Gabe Cornwall). … New badge for Polonia Warszawa (from Ed Zelaski). … Bayer Leverkusen continued their recent tradition (from Museum of Jerseys).

Grab Bag: Here are the helmets for the newly reformed Philadelphia Barrage of the Major Lacrosse League (from @PhillyPartTwo). … Tennis star Roger Federer has his own shoe line, and he’s put a lot of work into it (from our own Brinke Guthrie). … Confusing scorebug used by Top Rank Boxing last night. The fight in these pictures featured American Clay Collard vs. South African-born Lowrant-T Nelson, who was wearing trunks with the South African flag on the front and the US flag on the back (from Timmy Donahue). … Also from Timmy: The City of Placerville, Calif., is debating whether a noose on the city’s seal should be removed. The city is nicknamed Hangtown because vigilante groups used to mete out capital punishment. … One more from Timmy: Students at Fort Knox in the Army Recruiters Course have become the first soldiers to be issued the Army’s new World War II-style uniform, officially called the Army Green Service Uniform. … The University of Texas has decided to keep using the song “The Eyes of Texas” at sporting events, despite requests from student-athletes to retire it because of its alleged racist origins (from Kary Klismet). … The Hanover (Va.) School Board voted to change the names of its schools that are named after Confederate figures (from multiple readers).

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Click to enlarge

What Paul did last night: Our landlords recently mentioned to us that they’re going to hire a contractor to rip up the walkway that leads to the porch steps and replace it with paving stones. We kinda cringed when we heard this news, because it means we’ll be subjected to several days’ worth of jackhammering and other noisy work, although I confess that a little part of me thought, “Well, that’ll certainly make for some interesting Pandemic Porch Cocktails™ photos.”

Yesterday we got the first hint that the work will soon be starting. You know how people put a little paint swatch on the wall right before they’re getting ready to repaint the room, or a little fabric swatch on the sofa right before they’re getting ready to reupholster it? Our front walkway now has a paving stone “swatch” (click to enlarge):

Seems like all those ridges could cause problems for snow shoveling. But hey, that’s not my problem.

As always, you can see the full set of daily Pandemic Porch Cocktails™ photos — we’re now up to 120 of them — here.

Comments (78)

    You may have mentioned this before, but the 1975 All Star game features at least four different uniforms combos worn by Oakland A’s players. Starting pitcher Vida Blue wore yellow on yellow. Reggie Jackson wore green on white. I believe at least one other player wore yellow on white and a fourth wore white on white.

    Growing up in eastern Pennsylvania, I was a huge Stoners fan (one of dozens), so I love that membership card. However, the old American Soccer League was not short-lived. It was founded in 1933 and lasted until 1983. A pretty good run for a soccer league in the United States!

    Right after the sentence that reads “Here’s another photo of Lynn being greeted at home plate, with a clear view of one of these Chisox-uniformed people:”, there is a picture of the Dalai Lama holding a soccer jersey.

    Not sure if you meant to have that photo of the Dalai Lama in the middle of the main article hahaha

    Right after this … “Here’s another photo of Lynn being greeted at home plate, with a clear view of one of these Chisox-uniformed people:” … is the aforementioned photo of the Dalai Lama.

    BTW, what you have for a front walkway is better than paving stones. You’re right about shoveling.

    I was thinking the same thing about Paul’s walkway. What you have now is pretty nice. Looks like slate, cut to match the curves of the garden beds. Was quality workmanship there! Has weathered very well too. Nice sandstone around the steps too.

    But soon it will look like every house in the suburbs, Uuugh!….thet’s progress for ya! Whoever thought interlocking bricks was a good thing……

    When I lived in Amsterdam, I got to like their mostly brick sidewalks (and sometimes even roads). Made repair and utility work relatively easy, and the city did a good job re-leveling sections from time to time. Also, rain drainage was excellent, which is important for a city below sea level! But I suspect those advantages disappear in a climate with lots of snow – not just shoveling, but the way freezing cycles can cause buckling in the substrate.

    RS Rogers – you nailed it. I vacation quite a bit in upstate New York (2 hours north of Albany) and the winters are brutal. About 5 years ago the town installed pavers around most of the town and it took about two years for sections to buckle and have pieces come out/break down. This summer they’re being ripped out and replaced with the original concrete sidewalks.

    I love the walkway as is. It’s not like the concrete is broken, seems to fit the neighborhood, the period, etc. I know it’s not your house, but …. also seems like the wrong call aesthetically.

    I’m seeing it too. “Here’s another photo of Lynn being greeted …” is followed by a photo of the Dallas Llama holding a soccer jersey.

    I don’t/didn’t see it, but for what it’s worth he’s holding Bradford City’s 2010-11 third shirt.

    I stumbled across this yesterday, and as I’m not on Twitter, didn’t know how else to bring it up other than right here. Somewhat reminiscent of the Land o’ Lakes change, though this one is of course far more justifiable, as it would be difficult to pick another name to match the logo.


    It’s hard to read an article like that and not feel sympathy for Walter and Lance Wetzel. But the realist in me knows the Wetzels are outliers; that many American Indians react with offense where the Wetzels reacted with grace should not be held against the majority of Indians. Also, others were upset with the name and the killing of George Floyd created a tipping point. That being said, Walter Wetzel and his descendants should be proud of his excellent work and take comfort that thirty-nine years is a good run for an NFL logo. I hope the Wetzels hang on to a few of those old helmets.

    I think the pin is super cool. 500 instead of 250 maybe is a bit much. Pin guys are collectors, like stamps, or baseball cards. They like complete sets. Maybe the deal breaker could be you’re out of the one month. Because if I’m a pin collector guy and jumping in on the bobblehead pin, I’m gonna pony up and get the complete set.

    If I’m a one-off buyer who just likes to throw a random pin on my favorite baseball hat and wear it to a ballgame, this is definitely the pin of the bunch.

    Also a first time financial contributor to the site but long time consumer. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth and the pin looks great! Thanks, Paul!

    Hey Paul – Philadelphia Barrage is a Major League Lacrosse team (MLL) team not National Lacrosse League (NLL) – outdoors vs indoors. Link here link

    Cheers! WL

    Regarding the pin, I ordered it and am looking forward to adding it to my set. I love the way it looks, however I am concerned about it actually holding up. Given the small size I can easily imagine the spring breaking or head popping off if it sees much action. I simply plan on adding it to my 2020 collection where it will remain stationary in some sort of display, so the durability of it doesn’t come into play for me. But if I were someone who wore a pin on a hat, or had it out and about in daily life I would probably refrain from buying it on the assumption it could be easily damaged.

    This is my concern, as well. I was afraid that the head wouldn’t be perfectly straight when it arrived. (Thankfully it was!) Small springs can be very fragile.

    I am surprised they haven’t sold better. I ordered one right away because I thought they would go.
    I am not a big pin collector, but I bought this one and the April one. Maybe of your readers there are only 200 who are really into it, and then a few more who go for the designs that appeal to them.

    If the NBA doesn’t formally grant Jimmy Butler’s NNOB request (which I think is genius and should be powerful), then the Heat should accidentally on purpose lose or fuck up Butler’s jersey so that he has no choice but to wear a NNOB “blood jersey.” Maybe the Heat can many blood jerseys with Butler’s usual number, so he can turn plenty of NNOB jerseys into gamers!

    I’m hoping it spreads to the rest of the league and the rest of the other sports and that NOBs are eradicated completely!

    Mets and A’s both doing fan cutouts – got emails. Mets cheaper than Astros- free to season ticket holders and $69 to everyone else. Supposed to go to charity. We know how that works…

    In any event- mine is free- so I had a tough time whether to wear my Seaver or Piazza jersey. Ended up staying current and went with Alonso (Mets said Mets gear a must).

    Here is the question- if any of these teams get to late October- how will it look in the stands if the players are bundled up because it is a frigid night- but there are photos of fans in the stands in short sleeves? Even MLB The Show has fans dressed appropriately.

    I ordered the bobblehead, because I am collecting them all. I did, however, have some reservations about the fragility of small springs. I was worried that the little head would not be perfectly straight when it arrived. If it would have been the least bit askew, it would have aggravated me forever. Luckily he arrived with his head perfectly in place.

    Looked at NBA list for what each team will be wearing for each game. Still really have no absolute idea of what uniforms will be worn on certain dates without doing some research and I follow uniforms pretty close. Tells me when they will wear “statement”, “icon”, “association”, and “city” uniforms. I at least can figure out what the classic is. Shows how convoluted this has become in the NBA for fans.

    It looks like whoever Gallagher is, he is not one of the bat boys. Found a captioned team photo for the 1983 White Sox that has 3 bat boys listed as Kevin Kemp, John Bills, and David Jacques. Photo link below:


    I’ll be honest, I haven’t ordered the pin due to I cannot spend the money on the such items at this time. It was said much better above also a) fragility b) unable to complete the set c) just cannot justify spending the money regardless how cool these are ($ is tight). d) It is a niche thing, not everyone “gets” pins

    Oh, for sure. Obviously, I realize not everyone has the means at the moment, and not everyone cares about pins. We have thousands of readers — I didn’t order thousands of pins!

    But based on the performance of our other pins and the fun factor of this one, I thought it would do a bit better. That’s all.

    Another uni mystery! My theory is that since Gallagher is not on any roster and is not one of the Sox bat/ball boys he was a contest winner of some sort. An honorary bat/ball boy? Or perhaps he was a son/grandson/nephew of a Sox/MLB executive? Whatever the reason, it makes me want to watch the game again.

    I think in that video No 13 eventually takes the bat away.
    At 13.27 a young man in a Sox uniform is handed a bat (and 13 wasn’t holding a bat when the runner came in) and at 13.28 you can just see 13 on his left thigh

    Wasn’t Ozzie Guillen on that team in 83 (Not the all star team, but the White Sox) – and he’d have been #13, so that’s even weirder.

    Anyone else try to upload a photo of a trash can to the Astros cutouts request. I was hoping there’d be a preview I could screen shot, but alas, no dice.

    Regarding the Bobble Pin, I kept refreshing the site the day you said it would be posted because I assumed they would fly and be sold out quickly.

    I got one because I am collecting them all, and will eventually create a display for all of them, so the fragility didn’t play a factor for me, but can assume it did for others. If it is actually going to be “used”, my guess is that people are scared the head would break off. I have not received mine yet, but they do look pretty durable.

    In conclusion, I feel the pin is the best of the bunch so far, but people that “use” it may see it as fragile.

    Interesting. I confess that the fragility aspect never even occurred to me. I had faith in our manufacturer to produce something durable! But maybe I was/am naive in that regard.

    Just to clarify, I don’t think they will be poor quality, rather just the design itself for something this small could be damaged no matter how well built.

    That was my interpretation of people’s comments about the fragility of the pin: That it was a function of the small size, and had nothing to do with poor quality.

    Oh, for sure — I didn’t mean it to sound like I thought people were criticizing the quality or the mfr. Again, I just assumed it would be durable, regardless of size, etc. And again, maybe that was naive on my part!

    I’m really digging that Candlestick pin: Veni, vidi, vixi – “I came; I saw; I survived.” (Said by Victor Hugo in imitation of Caesar, BTW.)

    Not sure what to say about the bobblepin. I figured they were doing better; mine is numbered 352 of 500, and like a dork I mistakenly thought they were sent in order. Like, the first person who ordered one got #1 and so on. That’s logistically impractical, so I’m embarrassed to say I even thought that.

    Re the sales, I think, other than those collecting them all, for everyone else it’s a matter of ordering one when it strikes their particular fancy. I’ve “liked” them all to some degree, but the bobblepin is the first that’s scratched my particular itch. I will say, I ordered my quickly because I also figured they would go fast. As someone else noted, I think the sales are also being hindered by the pandemic and folks not being interested in paying for a novelty item like this under the circumstances.

    Nope, and while it’s probably a coincidence, the faster I’ve mashed the order button, the higher the number of the pin I’ve received. I purchased July’s pin within seconds of Paul’s first Twitter post about its availability, and I received 454, my highest number yet. For logistical reasons, I was several days late in ordering the June pin, and I received 24, my lowest-numbered pin. (24 is also my favorite number, and June is my favorite of the pins so far, so that number was kismet.)

    Hey Paul, I’m not sure if your landlord would allow it or not, but if you know someone with a metal detector, it would be interesting to pass over the exposed dirt once they tear the old walkway up. Some interesting treasures may be hiding down there.

    Interesting idea Joel, you are right, there could be all sorts of things from NY’s past under Pauls stoop.

    I live on a dirt road that’s been in use since at least 1834, and probably a trail before then. And always wanted to explore the area with a metal detector. There’s even an old abandoned quarry down the road that supplied gravel bed to half the CN railway & was also said to be a munitions dump in WWII. I can just imagine the history buried down there!

    This gives me a chance to plug “The Detectorists,” a quirky but entertaining series originally produced by BBC Four. The first two seasons are available with Amazon Prime.

    Hello Paul,
    Regarding the pins. Back in the day I would have *had* to get them all, especially the Racing Car!

    But money is very tight these days, things are quite ‘uncertain’ so I gauge every purchase much more carefully now. And my whole perspective on collecting & outlook on the future has definitely changed. Sorry to say, because there is no site more deserving of support than this one.

    ON a much brighter note, you look great in those plaid shirt project photos! ;-0

    Re the green plaid shirt project: do you have an equal number of khaki cargo shorts to go with all those shirts, or is the same pair each day? :-)

    Thought – whoever “Gallagher” is is some kind of contest winner, like from a Topps insert or the back of a comic book (i.e., “grand prize – be a bat boy at the 1983 All-Star Game!”).

    I was thinking a similar thing, but that would really be going all out for 1983 to even stitch the guy’s name and a chosen number on the back. Not out of the question though

    No no, seems like it’s exactly that!
    Some kid named Mike Gallagher won a Coca-Cola sponsored contest.

    Mystery solved!

    Slow work day, so I had started searching the MLB exec route. Seems the Cubs had a GM named Gallagher back in the 40s, so I thought maybe he was a grandson or something.

    Whew!! That was fast!

    I thought I was in for another 12 years of a random obsession.


    The many moods, the many shades, the many sides of Paul Lukas.

    Love and enjoy the non-uni content. Thanks for being you.

    I adore that Hamms Beer glass. They ran a lot of TV ads in the late 60s/early 70s with the “From the land of Sky Blue waters” jingle. Each time I see a photo of the glass, that jingle starts playing in my head. I wonder if we get to credit Don Draper for that one?

    I ordered two pins, and I think it was the first uniwatch product (aside from my membership card) that I’ve ever purchased in more than 12 years of being a reader. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about a “non-necessary” consumer good. I love bobbleheads but don’t collect pins, and it was love at first sight for me. Size and fragility never crossed my mind. As silly as it seems now, after you announced the pin, I set a daily reminder on my phone each morning to make sure I checked when it was available. I thought it would sell out right away!

    I’ll be happy to report back when mine arrives to comment on the quality.

    If you don’t mind sharing, is this the best selling of the pins so far?

    The Chi Sox wore red shoes that year, correct? Mystery Man has white shoes.

    My mask just showed up yesterday, as a fellow lover of green (I went to North Texas), I am happy to have it. Thank you.

    Any thought to doing a traditional-sized Uni Watch bobble head, Paul?

    I’d definitely buy one to put on my desk.

    I’m not into pins but the June pin appealed to me. I saw it and knew it would go great with my hat that I wear to the grocery store. I don’t usually wear hats but 4 months without a haircut means my hair is pretty wild and can no longer be tamed by hair gel. So I got a pandemic pin to go with my pandemic hat.

    The pin designs have been great but it’s unlikely I’ll feel compelled to buy another one. Well unless there’s another pandemic related pin like an athlete wearing a mask.

    Your landlord clearly has money burning a hole in his pocket to undertake and hire someone for a project that clearly does not NEED to be done. The current stones look perfect, no cracks, nice and smooth. It’s a head scratcher but diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks.

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