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Happy Fifth of July

Our friend Matt came over yesterday for a socially distant cookout — chicken, steak, shrimp kebabs, and grilled kale — and then he stuck around to join us for Pandemic Porch Cocktails™. First time we’ve had a guest for that. Also the first time we’ve had sparklers! (While we’re at it, I don’t mind saying that the previous day’s PPC™ photo was really good. You can see the full set, now up to 110 daily pics, here.)

That’s it for today. We’ll be back with full content tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. — Paul

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    It’s a trip to watch a full season of spring bloom as you quickly scroll through the Pandemic Porch Cocktails photos. Happy belated Fourth, Paul!

    Grilled kale? ‘Splain, please? Does that make it actually, um, edible??

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