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Let’s Look at Tom Brady in a Bucs Uniform He’ll Never Wear

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Good morning, and happy post-St. Paddy’s Day! There was a lot of wearin’ of the green here at Uni Watch HQ yesterday, but we’ll get to that later. For now, let’s talk about Tom Brady. After reports began circulating yesterday that Brady was heading to the Buccaneers, lots of media outlets began posting images of him Photoshopped into the Bucs’ alarm clock uniform — a uniform that he’ll never wear, because everyone knows the Bucs will soon announce new uniforms (and some of us already know what they’ll look like).

The funniest image was the one shown above (which was tweeted by SportsCenter), because the Photoshopper removed the visor from the original photo, but not the visor tabs! Sloppy work, but few of us are at our best these days, so we can let it slide.

Here are some additional renderings of Brady wearing a soon-to-be-phanton Bucs uni:

Some notes about these renderings:

• It’s interesting that the most ’Shoppers chose to depict Brady in a red jersey, even though the Bucs often wear white at home (although, admittedly, they did so much less often in 2019).

• Some of the depictions show the standard NFL logo on the collar, while others show last season’s centennial logo.

• Some of the renderings show Nike’s Flywire collar, while others show Nike’s updated template (which most NFL teams use, but not the Bucs — they’ve never worn it except for Color Rash games).

• Interesting that most of the ’Shoppers chose to show Brady without a helmet — one less thing to render. Oddly, one of the helmet-clad renderings includes a black facemask, something the Bucs have never worn with the uniform shown.

• Naturally, everyone gave Brady No. 12. It’s worth noting that Bucs wide receiver Chris Godwin currently wears that number, but he’ll presumably be willing to give it up.

Meanwhile, here’s a thought: Under normal circumstances, we’d expect the Bucs to introduce Brady at a press conference in the near future, and we’d all be wondering if they’d present him with an old jersey or use the presser as a way to unveil the new ones (especially since the design has already leaked). But in light of the current restrictions on group gatherings, I find it hard to imagine that there will be a conventional live press conference anytime soon.

I suppose they could do a virtual presser via a live video link. Or, if they really want to use Brady as a way to unveil the new uniforms, they could just post a promo video of him in the new threads sometime soon-ish. I suspect that’s the most likely option.

As you’d expect, Brady’s move to Tampa has led to the usual photo roundups of great athletes who ended their careers in the “wrong” uniforms. It’s all pretty boilerplate, but still fun — here’s a decent example.

Finally, if you’re thinking about the Bucs’ Creamsicles and wondering what might have been, you’re not alone:

(My thanks to Matt Fedorka, Kyle Speicher, J.A. Scott, @realmahn, and our own Brinke Guthrie for their contributions to this section.)

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Wearin’ of the green by Uni Watch readers: Who was that wearing the 2011-12 Ireland home shirt in honor of St. Paddy’s Day yesterday? None other than longtime Ticker stalwart Ed Zelaski, who was one of many Uni Watch readers who shared photos of themselves wearing green caps, jerseys, and Uni Watch apparel yesterday.

Here are some other readers who sent me pics (for most of these, you can cilck to enlarge):

Alex Carlson

Mike Wilson

Tim Perry

Ethan Lewis

Mike Engle

Julie Streeter

Jacob Gibb

Steven Schapansky

Bryan Lewis

Ed Hughes

Paul Rizzo

Bryant Johnston

Michael McGroarty (and son)

Bryan Brennan

Kary Klismet (and son)


In addition, a bunch of people shared their green apparel on Twitter:


So what have we learned here (aside from the fact that Twitter’s auto-cropping function doesn’t like Uni Watch readers)? We’ve learned that people own an admirably large amount of green gear.

And so do I! Green is my favorite color, so I have plenty of green jerseys. I wore a bunch of them yesterday here at Uni Watch HQ and put them all in a Twitter thread. If you want to see, click on the embed below and scroll through the full thread:

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Just when we needed it: Back in November I published an interview with a guy named Ben Rose, who had just created one of the greatest uni-centric videos ever posted on YouTube. His video was nominally about the Milwaukee Bucks and other Milwaukee teams, but was really about uniform design in general. Everything about it — the analysis, the editing, the script, the voiceover — was brilliant.

That video was called “The Theory of Everything, Vol. 1.” Ben later followed it up with Vol. 2, and now he’s out with Vol. 3, which is embedded above. Sensational stuff, as usual, and well worth your 18 minutes — highly recommended.

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Pandemic logos: Yesterday I suggested that the Twins’ “Minnie and Paul” logo, which normally shows the two characters shaking hands, should be redesigned to make it suitable for social distancing. Reader Dan Bodurtha accepted that challenge and came up with the solution shown above — nicely done!

Reader Ian Lee also took a crack at it — here’s his version (click to enlarge):

The Twins’ logo seemed like an obvious candidate for a pandemic redesign because the original version showed behavior — a handshake — that’s currently unsafe. But lots of other logos could also get a pandemic makeover. Reader James MacNeil came up with this for the Penguins (click to enlarge):

If anyone else wants to redesign any team, league, or event logos to make them more suitable for what we’re all going through, send your concepts my way. Thanks.

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Virus Watch: The pandemic hit South Korea before it hit America, and they dealt with it much more swiftly and effectively than we have, so things are getting a bit better there. Case in point: The Hanwha Eagles were able to play an intrasquad scrimmage yesterday — home whites vs. road greys — but in an empty building, and with all players wearing surgical masks.

Here are some additional photos:

(My thanks to @jayappletree for this one.)

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Membership update: We’ve had a nice spike in membership orders since I reduced the price from $25 to $20 two days ago as a gesture of pandemic solidarity — thank you! Card designer Scott M.X. Turner is beginning to plow through the backlog, so five new cards have now been added to the membership card gallery (including Andrew Gelman’s card, which is based on the mighty Caribous of Colorado!).

Ordering a membership card is a good way to support Uni Watch (which, frankly, could use your support these days). As always, you can sign up for your own custom-designed card here, you can see all the cards we’ve designed so far here (now more than 2,400 of them!), and you can see how we produce the cards here.

While we’re at it: In case you missed it earlier this week, membership cards aren’t the only things that are currently discounted:

• You can get 15% off of anything in the Uni Watch Shop and the Naming Wrongs Shop by using the checkout code COMMUNITY.

• Seam rippers, which normally cost $6, are now $4 — a 33% cut.

Want to support Uni Watch but don’t want more stuff cluttering up your life? We’re also grateful for donations.

My thanks, as always, for your consideration. Stay healthy and safe!

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The Ticker
By Lloyd Alaban

Baseball News: A recent Braves spring training shows players wearing shirts with a heretofore-unseen Braves logo featuring an outline of the state of Georgia. Even weirder, the shirts were apparently made by Under Armour, not Nike (from David, who didn’t give his last name). … A’s president Dave Kaval has asked a fan who’s stricken with Covid-19 to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day, whenever that turns out to be. … Here’s the story of the man behind the Orioles’ braille uniforms (from Joshua P. Cohen). … Bank of America is offering Marlins-themed checks using the club’s old logo (from Gregory Zitelli).

NFL News: Here are WR Stefon Diggs, DE Calias Campbell, RB David Johnson, QB Marcus Mariota, TE Austin Hooper (who will never wear this jersey), CB Byron Jones, QB Phillip Rivers, and WR Deandre Hopkins Photoshopped into their new unis (from Nicklaus Wallmeyer).

College Football News: Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern wore a Minnesota jersey at a recent press conference announcing the closure of the state’s bars (from Mark Wilkes). … Oklahoma is letting fans choose how Oklahoma Memorial Stadium will look for their game against Tennessee in September (from @Jawn42).

Hockey News: Here are the St. Patrick’s Day jerseys that the Syracuse Crunch, affiliate of the Lightning, would have worn yesterday. Here’s a closer look (from multiple readers). … Retired G Mike McKenna sometimes suits up with the Golden Knights, for whom he also is an analyst. Here’s his mask (from @OlegKvasha). … Colorado Eagles (affiliate of the Avalanche) G Hunter Miska was going to wear this St. Patrick’s Day-themed mask this week. Instead, it will be auctioned off (from Wade Heidt). … The Hamilton Steelhawks of the OHA revealed their St. Patrick’s Day logo (from Ross Taylor).

NBA News: 76ers SG/SF Matisse Thybulle is the latest player to wear his full uniform at home (from multiple readers).

Soccer News: From Ed Zelaski: New unis and logo for FC BATE Borisov. … We missed this in February, but Polish 2 Liga side Chrobry Głogów updated their logo. … AS Roma’s new home shirt has leaked, and so has Brazil’s new home and away shirts.

Grab Bag: Reader Anthony Krafnick was on a family vacation at Disneyland the week before it shut down. He logged each piece of MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL apparel he saw and compiled it into a Google Sheets doc. … The Sturgis Journal has continued to publish new stories in its series on Michigan high school mascots, including features about the Constantine Falcons, the Pansophia Pumas, the Lakeland Lakers, and a great behind-the-scenes piece about the extensive research undertaken for the series (from Kary Klismet). … Here’s a uni intro to the United States Public Health Service (from Timmy Donahue). … The Chicago Area Runners Association is encouraging social distancing with this T-shirt (from Kenneth Traisman). … A tailor in Bengaluru, India, has been charged with duping hundreds of newly inducted police officers by promising to supply uniforms for their graduation parade, taking cash advances, and then failing to deliver. … Reader Aaron Feinblatt found a sticker protesting against “modern generic stadiums” in Tel Aviv, Israel. The funniest part is that the sticker design is based on the old Run-DMC logoNew logo for the grocery chain Giant Eagle (from @DarkAudit). … Here’s a well-designed infographic showing the history of pandemics (from Justo Gutierrez). … The Office of the Governor of Ohio yesterday posted a graphic using a four-leaf clover instead of the proper three-leaf shamrock (from Jim Vilk).

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What Paul did last night : A few days ago the Tugboat Captain and I decided to start a daily ritual of having cocktails on our front porch at the end of the day. Now, the reality is that we often did this anyway (at least during the warm-weather months), but it’s a small pleasure that somehow seems more important during the pandemic — a way of going outside without going all the way outside, and a way of seeing other people (and dogs!) walk by without having to get too close to them.

Yesterday I decided I’d start documenting this daily ritual. Granted, it wasn’t the most photogenic scene, what with all the trash in front of the house for this morning’s pickup, but whatever. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll use the same framing and staging each day, or if I’ll change things up. Either way, it seems like a good, simple way to create a daily record of this surreal experience we’re going through. (But don’t worry, I won’t make you look at a new porch photo each day — I’m just showing you the first one as a way to kick off the project.) Are any of you doing anything similar in terms of creating a document or record?

• • • • •

How’m I doing? I’ve been trying to strike a balance between “normal” Uni Watch content and acknowledging the pandemic’s existence. How do you feel about that? Are things like the mask-clad Korean baseball team and the Twins/Penguins logo redesigns okay with you? Or are they annoying reminders of a bad situation? I can’t guarantee I’ll do exactly what everyone wants, but I do value your feedback. Let me know what you think. — Paul

Comments (69)

    Seeing Harmon Killebrew wear the Royals powder blue for one final season in 1975 is the one that I hated the most.

    I think there is a good mix of uni-centric and pandemic-centric info right now. Good job! I enjoy coming here from a little bit of relief from the not-so-great news that is out there but we have a major issue going on so we can’t just forget about it. I am social distancing with the cats and the dog and they seem to be tolerating me at this point! I look forward to this every day!

    I agree exactly! We lost our dog just before the pandemic was declared, so it’s lonelier around the house than it ought to be, but the continuation of Uni Watch does a bit to make up for the morale-boost that I would otherwise seek from watching actual Spring Training baseball or NHL hockey games. I like the balance that Paul has struck, which I think works for me because of the perspective Paul is taking. Sure, the sports and sports-adjacent effects of the pandemic and the world’s varying responses to it are by far not the most important subjects, but here is the right place to cover them.

    Paul, you need to get on this Brady thing. Whoever did the new uniform renderings should put together a Brady pic…you’d be the only one with an accurate depiction.

    Also, I was reading a couple articles on the ringer. One mentioned the strong chance of wearing creamiscles as a plus and the other mentioned that he’d have to wear the terrible alarm clock unis. Funny that a sports site would be that far off.

    Cheers, Paul! I also look forward to the relief from the real world discussions of whatever you and the team find to post on UW. My wife thinks/knows I’m a nut for UW. Can’t tell you how many stories I’ve shared with her or friends over the years! (BTW, we are both are waiting for the day when you propose to the ‘Captain proper like!) Seriously, thank you for carrying on, showing your true colors as an all-around good guy, and keeping your fans and friends informed on the curious and fascinating sides of sport uniforms and whatever hits your mind.

    Paul, since you asked, I’d vote for as little mention of the pandemic as possible. Not to downplay the importance, but just because it’s hard to go ten minutes without reading about it or having a conversation about it.

    This reminds me exactly of two years ago when LeBron went to LA, and everyone had photoshopped him into obsolete uniforms, as well as some completely wrong unis. It’s just interesting to see the different range of photoshop skills being used on a singular player.

    Thanks for posting our picture in today’s column! Also, thanks for keeping the column going during these times.

    Paul, thank you for all that you do. Waiting to get paid on Friday so that I can pick up some of your merch. I like the daily stoop idea, particularly because I don’t have a stoop of my own to venture out to in the evenings. Keep the good content coming, whether it’s a mix of sports/pandemic or otherwise.

    You can tell which of the Photoshops just put Brady’s head on Godwin’s body by looking at the sleeves. Several have the tighter sleeves that Brady does not use.

    I think you are striking a fine balance.
    Keep up the great work.
    Uni-watch is nice to have around for some normalcy in these crazy times,


    You are doing a great job at striking a balance. I shared with my girlfriend the COVID-19 Minnie and Paulie as well as the Pandemic Penguin. We had a good laugh, which is much needed in this bleak time. As for the masked Korean baseball players, I just want to see baseball photos period. Keep it up!

    “While we’re at it: In case you missed it earlier this week, membership cards are the only things that are currently discounted:”

    I assume you meant aren’t currently discounted.

    thanks Paul, doing a great job. are you thinking about doing a porch quarantine chronicles? i’m sure a lot of readers would send in their photos. its weird how i’m somewhat comforted by seeing people outside walking around, or even just pictures of that.
    i don’t have a front porch. Just some front steps.

    Thanks as always for all your efforts and content.
    Now, more than ever, we all could use a little respite from the “new norm”.
    Please just continue to be a pleasant part of my day.

    Looking at the porch photo I see your mail carrier makes deliveries to the front door. I haven’t seen a mail carrier on foot since my childhood.

    Perhaps you can capture an image of your mail carrier; are they using personal protective gear? Maybe obtain a brief interview on how events are influencing their normal delivery routines.

    Our mail carriers still walk the neighborhood on foot but we are a small town on a traditional grid system, makes for easy walking. And we’re about 2 blocks from the post office.

    1. Seeing the #12 in the Creamsicles always makes me think of Doug Williams.
    1b. Bring back the Creamsicles.
    2. This is the first day of what was a planned vacation (normally my college roommates and I go to Vegas and hang out for the first 2 rounds of March Madness, but Vegas is closed and there’s no basketball to watch or bet on, so it is now a staycation). I practice critical care medicine in the Philadelphia area and all I can say is, it is nice to be out of the line of fire for a few days. But I worry that it will probably get worse before it gets better, And this will truly put a strain on our health care system. I am glad that we (finally) hit pause on “normal life” and are taking precautions. Everybody, be safe and keep your distance. I will be borrowing the daily cocktail idea on the back porch. Yesterday was Guinness, naturally.

    the NFL league tweet uses Brady’s old helmet and mask with a Flex helmet panel shopped in

    I think the balance has been just right. I think there are many aesthetic elements to the pandemic, and you’re covering them well. I love both of the Twins logos; the idea and execution were both inspired.

    Hi all, a few points on today’s post:
    1. First and foremost I hope everyone in the UW community is doing and feeling well and staying safe.
    2. Paul, I think the blog has been just fine as you’ve been posting it. It’s BAU for the most part. The story of the virus is impossible to ignore but you aren’t overwhelming us and there are still good tidbits.
    3. I, too thought of the lede topic with all the poor photoshops going around. I found a sweet pic of Doug Williams that included an amazing Bucco Bruce towel from his waistband/belt. Not only should that have been the model of the photoshop, it should be the new(old) look for the team.
    4. That corduroy Whalers’ cap is tremendous!
    5. With the impending delay of the MLB season, coupled with the appearance that South Korea is on the mend, I really hope we get some KBO action on ESPN/MLB/etc.

    I’ve largely avoided paying attention to the current Bucs uniforms since they were unveiled, but the Brady pics remind me that the sort of bent-sword-blade design of the Bucs numbers kind of works for me in white on the red shirt. But make the numbers red and there’s no way to not see an old-fashioned alarm clock display. TB’s soon-to-be-retired numbers are a huge failure, but they almost worked.

    I’ll be the one to say I don’t care to see ANY pandemic content at all on this site.

    Not surprising, since I don’t even care to see any current sports news here, either. I’m here for the history lessons.

    Toward that end, I’ll say Jordan in a Wizards uni is the all-timer for me.

    Ed Hughes in the green Washington Federals jacket for the win! Circle gets the square.

    Also a shout out to Erik Gamborg for more USFL clothing.

    The San Antonio Gunslingers uniform was great with the green helmet over the blue jersey. Logo was not that great though.

    There were a lot of good looks in the USFL, and a lot of teams wearing silver pants. Silver pants seemed really popular upstart teams in the 1980s.

    Love the Hamm’s shortie glass, Paul. Those are very common up here in the Twin Cities and I love to see them out and about elsewhere.

    The content is perfect. You’ve always obliquely referenced what’s happening in current events. Seems good to me to continue down that path. Besides, I’ve often gone back through the catalog here and read through much older posts from years back. This is a great way to chronicle this era.
    I live in Las Vegas and have had the mandatory thirty day quarantine handed down. I look forward to what you bring each day even more now.

    Thanks Paul for the content. The approach you’re taking is working great for me. Really appreciate you keeping this going and allowing us all to maintain our daily reading routine.

    Paul, you mention that the uniform Austin Hooper is shopped into is one he will not ever wear. While I know of course the Browns will be getting a new regular set, did they confirm they are getting rid of that color rush version as well?


    Hi, Paul! I’m comfortable with the balance of coverage of global pandemic-related coverage and standard uni-related content so far. What’s happening in the world is inescapable, so when it intersects with our little niche corner of that bigger world, I’m interested in knowing about it.

    And I appreciate your personal updates about how you and yours are coping with the situation. It helps to put a very relatable spin on something we’re all going through.

    I, for one, would LOVE to see daily photos of your evening cocktail ritual! It’s a great reminder of what little things in life can continue in the midst of our new normal. If others aren’t into it, they can, you know, do the proverbial “scroll past.”

    Paul, sincerely, thank you for the continued content! One of the most difficult aspects of this entire experience is the mental and emotional stress that results, and your site, even if it does mention the ongoing crisis, provides a little much-needed bit of normalcy in an increasingly abnormal situation.

    Many thanks to you!

    I was at Disney World a few weeks ago and my some of my daily shirts for the week were STL Cardinals, STL Blues, Mizzou Tigers + a classic red STL Cardinals cap for every day of the trip. Noticed fellow fans for each team during my trip, def more for each of them than when I last visited in 2013 (Blues winning the Cup will do that).

    RE: Sports team at Disneyland. I’m there moderately often, and I always wondered if it was just me who noticed a shortage of Ducks, Angels, and Clippers gear and an overabundance of Seahawks, Raiders, and Diamondbacks gear.

    That’s a design feature, not a bug. Any of the Disney resorts draw on a truly national and international level. Just because Disneyland happens to be in Orange County, it’s not like the majority of their business comes from local residents. That’s like being surprised by the lack of Orlando Magic gear at Disney World.

    hi paul!
    i like the balance.
    especially since sports feel very far away these days.

    also, to the fella in the Washington Federals jacket – that rules.

    stay safe!

    I would love to see a daily porch picture. I appreciate very much your daily posts, whatever they may be. Thanks.

    1) I now wish the Bucs weren’t changing Uniforms just so that Brady would have to wear that crappy thing.
    2) I was amazed how many of the Players I had forgot about that spent their final year(s) in strange uniforms. Oddly, the most jarring for me was Piazza and DiMaggio in A’s green.
    3) I would love to see the daily porch pic along with a description/recipe for (if necessary) of what’s in the glasses.

    Hey, I’ve got a weird one for athletes I. The “wrong” uniform. As a kid growing up in Texas, Nolan Ryan was an Astro when I became sports aware. So when he came to the Rangers, I was elated. My favorite player on my favorite team. What was weird to me was seeing him in a California Angels uniform.

    Earl Campbell on the Saints was weird. Not even the right number. Canseco on the Rangers was weird. Emmitt. Oh and Modano.Modano on Detroit was just wrong.

    Brady- Patriots to Bucs
    Unitas – Colts to Chargers
    Namath – Jets to Rams
    Favre – Packers to Vikings/Jets/etc.

    Are any of these a UniUpGrade? I think not.

    I want a porch pic taken at the exact same time every day (like on a timer)–regardless of who/what is in frame.

    One of the more interesting “athletes in the wrong uniform” for me was Mats Sundin’s final season with the Canucks. Because it was yet another predominantly blue team for him (after Quebec and Toronto), it didn’t look as weird as it was, and it kinda felt like a logical progression.

    Yep, was not even a full season. When the Canucks had two players named Sedin a one named Sundin.

    Real interesting moment was when Sundin scored the game winning shootout goal for Vancouver while visiting the Maple Leafs. The odd situation of Toronto fans cheering the goal and Vancouver win because Sundin was so beloved by the Maple Leaf fans.


    Quite an amazing feature by Ben Rose. Mom’s favorite team is the Bucks and I am quite sick of those silly uniforms. Embrace the red+green and be done with it.

    Thanks, Walter! I really appreciate it! Please consider subscribing for some other pretty solid content! They should embrace the red and green, sure. They should go back to multiple shades of green, of course. I would love either of those decisions.

    But since we know they won’t, and they’ve made such an investment in making “Cream City” a thing, they should ditch the blue and black and most of the white and develop a design to bring the cream out. Cream compliments the green if well executed. The problem is the execution.

    Hunter Miska’s Dad is the famous and super talented Todd Miska! He is a great mask painter (from Minnesota) who worked with Ed Belfour and his Eagle masks. He paints all of Hunter’s masks. I was lucky enough to have him paint both my masks. Paul, if ever interested in contacting Todd for a story, email me and I can get you his contact info.

    Haven’t been on your site for a long time but wanted to get your spin on Brady and the Bucs. As a Pats fan. I don’t like this. And those current Bucs unis are an assault on the eyes. Whoa! Glad they’re reportedly making a change

    My suggestion, re: pandemic talk, is that (as always) you do you… if it’s on your mind and it’s interesting to you, please share. That’s why I love your site.

Comments are closed.