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And The Griffins Design Contest Winner Is…

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through the end of the month, although Paul may be popping up here occasionally.]

By Phil Hecken

The Grand Rapids Griffins have made their decision. The winner of the 2019 Jersey Design Contest is…

Casey Sprogis. Here’s one more look at his winning submission:

I want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s contest. There were a grand total of 87 entries, all of which you can view here. From those 87, readers voted for their favorite designs over four days of voting, and chose these 12 designs as their finalists — from which the Grand Rapids Griffins selected Casey Sprogis as their winner.

This is the fourth year the Griffins have partnered with Uni Watch to select a fan created jersey for their team to wear at a select game the following season. As the creator of the winning entry, Casey will receive a jersey produced by the Griffins which will be based on his winning design, which will be worn on their 90’s Night on Saturday, February 22 (with either red or black pants and red gloves/helmets). The Griffins had asked for “a 90’s inspired jersey” and the designers really took the ball and ran with it. Casey’s winning design certainly fits that theme, obviously creating a jersey that is based on one of the most popular movies of the decade. Well done.

In addition to the custom jersey based upon his design, as winner, Casey will also receive tickets to the game in which the jersey will be worn, and recognition that evening (past winners have been invited into the locker room and on-ice among other nice perks).

Big thanks to the Griffins, and specifically Ashley Oostindie, the Griffins Director of Digital Marketing, for again working with me to bring this contest about, and also to Larry Torrez, who created the polls for reader voting for this contest (and made it as fair as possible). And of course, thanks to all the submitters and readers who participated in voting. You picked 12 great finalists from which the Griffins could choose the ultimate winner. Great job all around!

Rutgers Drops 150th Anniversary “Throwback” Uni

You know how NCAAFB teams have that “150” patch on their jerseys this year? Well, that’s because it’s the celebration of the “first” ever football game played between Princeton and … Rutgers. So it’s no surprise the Scarlet Knights have unveiled a new “throwback” uniform to commemorate the occasion.

I actually have known about these for a few weeks, after adidas inadvertently sent out a photo featuring eight teams getting special 150 year unis — when they only meant to unveil seven. The team on the left of the photo below is Rutgers:

If you look at the splash photo from this article I wrote a few weeks ago, you’ll notice there’s only seven teams pictured; adidas cropped out the Rutgers player when they sent their promo photo package. I didn’t mention it then because I knew they’d end up rolling out the Rutgers throwback uni in a separate release.

Anyhoo, let’s take a look at the “throwback” — I’m using that in the loosest of loose terms because there’s no way the uniforms worn back in 1869 in any way shape or form resemble what the team will wear 150 years later: there were most certainly no helmets, and it’s believed the teams wore “uniforms” more resembling the street clothes of the day. To wit, here’s an artist’s interpretation of that first football game, played on November 6, 1869. And here’s what the team released yesterday:

Notice anything unusual about the jersey? Look closely — those aren’t compression sleeves underneath a short sleeved jersey — those are actual honest LONG sleeves! Not sure how hot it will be when they wear these (hint — it’s early October) or if all the players will actually wear them, but whoa! When’s the last time we saw a real, legitimate long sleeved jersey in College Football? Gotta be the 60’s right?

Anyway, even though they farted around with filters, I’m pretty sure the helmet is white, not cream. The hat will feature a scarlet “R” logo:

Jerseys are scarlet, of course, and the pants are tan. Aside from being long-sleeved, the jerseys are pretty plain, featuring the “150” patch and “B1G” logos (plus the makers mark), with a small “R” at the base of the collar. Numbers are a plain, rounded font, in what looks to be cream. The backs of the jerseys are completely plain except for numbers:

While the “20” jersey is shown NNOB, I do believe the team will actually have names on back. You’ll also notice the helmet bumper contains the words “THE BIRTHPLACE” which is an allusion to Rutgers being the birthplace of college football:

The front bumper has “1869” on it:

(They’re playing up the 1869 in a number of ways, including on the long sleeves and even on the lace bar of the cleats.)

The team will wear these on October 19th, in their homecoming game vs. the Golden Gophers of Minnesota.

And here’s some video of the team sporting the new unis:

It Was (Almost) 20 Years Ago Today…

While I’m certainly not ready to deem the Oregon “O” helmet logo iconic, it’s just about to end its status as a “teenager” and graduate to its 20th birthday — that’s because on September 2, 1999, the Oregon “O” made its debut on the (then) semi-revolutionary Mallard Green helmet.

Our own Dennis Bolt, he of SMUW Pac-12 tracking and Duck tracking, has written a piece over on the “Ducktracker” blog with more details about the debut of those beautiful hats. It’s fairly short, so give it a read!

Uni Concepts & Tweaks

After being dormant for a while, the Uni Tweaks/Concepts have returned!

I hope you guys like this feature and will want to continue to submit your concepts and tweaks to me. If you do, Shoot me an E-mail (Phil (dot) Hecken (at) gmail (dot) com).

• • •

I received the following e-mail from reader John Elbertson, who has a couple NFL concepts:

What’s up Phil? Here are two NFL concepts for you:

Somebody, I can’t remember who, once had the idea to use the Buffaslug on a football helmet, and I’ve always wanted to try it out. I love the ‘Slug and don’t understand all of the hate that logo gets. The curve of the logo is perfect for a helmet. Also, we’re doubling down on red, to separate from the cool colors of Buffalo’s AFC East rivals.

For this Colts concept, I turned the horseshoe on its side to make a “C”, and then added a stake “I” to make interlocking initials for a secondary logo. Other than that, just added some blue and changed up the font. As you can see, I’m all for gray facemasks and striped socks, a nod to days gone by in the NFL.


• • •

Thanks John. OK readers (and concepters). If you have some tweaks or concepts, shoot ’em my way with a brief description of your creation and I’ll run ’em here.

Guess The Game…

from the scoreboard

The game has returned! At least for a trial basis, but I got a lot of positive response to its return, so we’ll see how long we keep this one going.

Today’s scoreboard comes from reader Christopher Hickey.

The premise of the game (GTGFTS) is simple: I’ll post a scoreboard and you guys simply identify the game depicted. In the past, I don’t know if I’ve ever completely stumped you (some are easier than others).

For my final weekday GTGFTS, we’re going out with a twist. Obviously not every scoreboard run is baseball (we’ve had football, golf, hockey, basketball, etc. in the past), but this one *may* stump you as it’s not your typical scoreboard. Good luck!

Here’s the Scoreboard. In the comments below, try to identify the game (date & location, as well as final score). If anything noteworthy occurred during the game, please add that in (and if you were AT the game, well bonus points for you!):

If you guys like this, please continue sending these in! You’re welcome to send me any scoreboard photos (with answers please), and I’ll keep running them.

The Ticker
By Anthony Emerson

Baseball News: Mets 1B Pete Alonso let Cubs 3B Kris Bryant use his bat for a week in June. Some great bat wood discussion in that article as well (from Mike Chamernik). … Guy Serumgard has been annoyed “all year” by an ad running behind home plate at Comerica Park reading “Big Hits. 118 Summers. Cold Pepsi. Roar Back. The Tigers Rule.” With the Tigers’ first season being 1901, that would make the 2019 season their — sigh — 119th summer.

NFL News: I’ve never seen this Bears logo before, and neither has Harry Cook. Can anyone tell us if it’s old or new? … NBC Philadelphia used the old Jets logo on its score bug for last night’s preseason game against the Eagles (from Garrett Floyd). … The Colts had two players wearing no. 40 on the field at the same time during last night’s preseason game (from Jason Montgomery).

College Football News: Clemson used the CFB150 logo as the 50-yard marker last night (from Kevin Shaw). … UCLA has switched to gold facemasks from grey (from multiple readers). …  Georgia Tech’s Chris Martin wore no. 90 last night to honor teammate Brandon Adams, who died recently (from James Gilbert). … UCLA  West Virginia is going blue-blue-gold this weekend (from @postmaroon and Drew Ward). … Duke is going mono-white this weekend against Bama. The original plan was to have Duke in blue and Bama in crimson, but that was evidently nixed by some party involved (from Michael Manker and @bk_owens). … UNC is going blue-blue-white (from James Gilbert). … Virginia is going blue-white-blue (thanks, Jamie). … Houston is going red-white-red this weekend (from Ignacio Salazar and Brian Cashiola). … Also from Ignacio, Rice is going mono-white. … Texas Tech is going white-red-red (from Scott Gilliland). … FIU is going white-white-blue this weekend against Tulane (from @kmn904). … Buffalo will be going white-grey-grey on Saturday against Penn State (from @bulletpoints716). … Virginia Tech DB Tyree Rodgers will wear Frank Beamer’s no. 25 during the Hokies’ opening week game against BC (from Andrew Cosentino). … Here’s a good piece on the renovations to Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium (from Kary Klismet). … East Carolina had some pretty massive TV numbers in 1990, didn’t they? Wow (from Brian Weingartz). … Replica versions of Syracuse’s new orange jersey are being delayed due to production errors (from Chris Sciria). … Some very nice art on the cover of this week’s City Weekly out of Salt Lake City (from Brice Wallace). … Apparently, there is a mule hidden in this old MU logo. Went cross-eyed before I saw it. Maybe you’ll have better luck! (form many, many readers). …  Denny Majeske crunched the numbers and figured out the most common mascots in South Dakota high school football. “Tigers and Hawks lead the way with 6 each (including Blackhawks, Nighthawks, Redhawks, Seahawks) followed by Raiders (5), and Bulldogs, Panthers, Cougars, and Warriors (4 each). There are 115 football playing schools and co-ops with an unbelievable 7 state championship classes. 7!”

Hockey News: An Ontario K-9 police unit made a bite suit to look like a Mitch Marner Maple Leafs uni (from Wade Heidt). … Also from Wade, the OHL’s Saginaw Spirit have undergone a slight uni change caused by switching over to CCM’s Quicklite template.

College Hoops News: Louisiana-Monroe has some new practice unis (from @radesselle). … New center court logo for LIU Brooklyn (from @RedFlash_Nation).

Soccer News: The USL’s Hartford Athletic have released their charity kits for this weekend’s match (from Josh Hinton and Forrest J. Bowlick). … Argentine side River Plate has so many shirt advertisers, they got mixed up as to where each go. Assist Card should be on the back below the number, and Turkish Airlines should be on the front (from Germán Cabrejo).

Grab Bag: Coco Gauff wore her New Balance headband upside down during her US Open match. She also wrote “call me Coco” on her shoes (thanks, Brinke). … ESPN used an American flag for retired tennis player Ivan Lendl’s nationality. While Lendl was an American citizen for the final two years of his career, he was a Czech national for the vast majority of it, and Czech flag would probably have been more accurate (from @Atxprogress). … Iowa’s 18-month-old license plate design is so hated that the state started offering an all-black version, and the state’s making it even easier to obtain (from Jay Wright). … Dublin is facing Kerry in this Sunday’s GAA Final, and Dublin’s shirts commemorate the final in Gaelic while Kerry’s shirts commemorate the final in English. … Ohio University is once again allowing itself to be referred to as “OU” (from @JPadurean).

And finally…

*checks calendar*

*last weekday of August*


Well, dear readers, my Reign of Terror annual month-long weekday run has finally come to an end, and after this weekend (I’m outta here), I return to my usual Deputy Editor position running the weekend show starting next weekend. Of course, we’ll already be one week deep (technically two — what with all those “week zero” games — what’s up wit dat?) into NCAAFB season by then, which means I will once again welcome back the best College Football crew in the game: Terry Duroncelet, who brings you all the uni-gridiron action; new 5 & 1 decider Michael “Memal” Malinoski; Duck Tracker Dennis Bolt; and trackers Rex Henry (ACC), Dennis Bolt (Pac-12), Kyle Acker (Big XII) and Ethan Dimitroff (who tracks both the B1G and the SEC). So your college football weekends will be chock full of the best college football coverage there is. Stay tuned!

I want to thank all the guys who bring you the tickers this month (and every month) as well: Anthony Emerson, Lloyd Alaban, Jamie Rathjen and Alex Hider. Each was a big help to me and several contributed above and beyond the normal course of duty with lede and sub-ledes this past month. These guys are great. I also want to thank our Collector’s Corner guru Brinke Guthrie for all his efforts (which were not limited to just the CC); and also to welcome aboard Josh Hinton, who has been bringing us the PL roundups (and will continue to do so under Paul’s regular weekdays, beginning the week after this).

Special thanks also go out to the great Larry Torrez, who was once again instrumental in running the polling for the Griffins Jersey Design Contest, and doing his level best to ensure the vote was run both smoothly and fairly.

I also want to give my thanks to all those readers (and my usual suspects) who contributed articles this month — they’re too numerous to name, but you’ve seen their by-lines the past few weeks and they’ve allowed me to bring you (hopefully) the best uni content we can hope for during August. Were it not for a few surprise unveilings and assorted uni machinations, I would have been able to get to everyone who submitted pieces — I apologize to those whose articles didn’t make the August cut, but I assure them (and you) they will all be run at some point. There’s still a few great pieces that have yet to appear.

And finally, my thanks to Paul for keeping Uni Watch going all these years, and for allowing me to showcase whatever few talents I have on here every weekend, and for one month during the summer on the weekdays. For those who know my still somewhat trying personal situation, he’s been a great help and friend, and I’m grateful he provides this platform for all of us to enjoy! There is some good news for me though: starting this coming Wednesday, I’ll (again) be attending Grad School (this time in Library Sciences) so I’m both excited and anxious for that to begin. I’m taking three classes this fall, so I’ll be quite busy with that for the next few months — and hopefully for the next year plus when I intend to complete my degree on an accelerated schedule. So, in the words of the great Carl Spackler, “at least I got that going for me, which is nice.”

And Finally — no really — FINALLY — thanks to all the readers who continue to come to the blog and who read and contribute either to the ticker, in the comments, or simply by reading. You are all part of a much larger community than you know and your support is always greatly appreciated. You’re the best!

OK, enough of my yakkin’ — I’m outta here — I’ll catch you the weekend after this when we kick off the NCAA Football Season in Week 2 with a giant Week 1 wrap on Saturday, and then we begin the 2019 edition of the Sunday Morning Uni Watch in earnest the next day. Make sure you keep checking back!



Comments (78)

    New center court logo for LIU Brooklyn (from @RedFlash_Nation).

    That’s a mistake. LIU-Brooklyn and LIU-Post merged their athletic departments into a single Div 1 entity, known as LIU. The new nickname is “Sharks” and the colors are light blue and athletic gold.


    1. That’s the best I’ve ever seen Rutgers look

    2. I like the blackout Iowa plate. I’ve noticed a lot of the fancier new licence plates actually have a problem with delamination (link) which plain ol’ stamped plates don’t. So the closer it looks to looking like it was made in a machine shop in the ’50s, the more I like it.

    I too love that Iowa blackout plate. It reminds me of the 1979 Michigan license plate, the best looking one we’ve ever had.

    Lede: The NOB for Rutgers looks like TNOB. “Queensmen” was their original nickname.

    Ticker: “GAA final” needs to be more specific by including “Gaelic football” somewhere in there.

    Congratulations on grad school, Phil!

    Thanks Jamie — I’m still not sure what NOB (if any?) they’ll use — not sure if Queensmen (and yes, I did know that was an orig nickname, probably should have said so in the text) is just a placeholder or if the whole team will wear TNOB. I couldn’t find out any add’l info on that. I’ve seen photoshoots where teams wear what looks to be TNOB only to come out with their own NOBs for the game. Guess we’ll find out.

    Nice to see Chip Kidd’s famous Jurrasic Park design get used and the winner gets paid more than he does.

    Don’t know who Chip Kidd is?

    Don’t know why it is important to hire original graphic designers and not steal intellectual property and pass it off as your own (even if the owners are a major movie corporation) look him up or listen to him here.


    Yeah, I’m not wild about someone else’s work being used (read: stolen) and getting praised for it. IMO Sprogis’s design should have been disallowed from the start. Weak.

    More info on the Jurassic Park logo here:


    agreed. this site HAMMERS high schools and elementary schools for using big league mascots/logs on their uniforms and then the cost winner is just a jurassic park logo slapped on a hockey jersey?


    I hope Lukas logs in here today to “PaulSplain” this bullcrap to us

    I don’t think it’s the fault of anyone running the contest except for maybe the team for selecting this ultimately. There were a lot of derivative designs, I think, it’s kind of on the voters for picking the unoriginal stuff to go through to final selection. Heck, I think I remember a Peter Griffin design going through previously. You can’t always trust the masses!

    Lukas doesn’t need to explain anything. The Griffins have Phil host this every year because Uni-Watch is supposed to be the people who “get it.” The people who get it didn’t filter that one out. The Griffins don’t get it and went ahead and picked it.

    What’s funny is that my cousin tried to get an answer from the Griffins about whether this should be something that would have been worn in the 90s or something that includes 90s nostalgia and all they would say is that parodies weren’t allowed. Then they went and picked a parody.

    Agreed. I didn’t like this one for the lack of originality. It didn’t really require much in the way of design. It’s basically already done. Very disappointing vote.

    I’m honestly shocked that this concept was the one that the Griffins picked. It’s definitely fun and all, but the IP concerns are obvious. I figured it would end up in the pile of “Heh, cool, but unfortunately no.” pretty easily.

    Agree 100%. It was the last of my choices in the whole contest. Just a ripoff and a very boring jersey. Quite a shame.

    This belongs on some lame minor league baseball JURASSIC PARK NIGHT. Seriously, WTF was the point of having a contest and asking for designs? If anything, I look fwd to the lawsuit the owner of the Jurassic Park movie should launch at the club.

    I’m really disappointed in the chosen entry as well. I thought there were too many cliche 90’s things with entries (teal especially) and when I had a chance to make picks I went for designs that had some basic design elements of new types of striping done in the 90’s like the Blues and Canucks employed. I think a lot of people don’t get the distinction between 90’s inspired and kitschy 90’s design

    I would like to hear from Phil, who is the default stand-in for Paul, or any of the other Uni-Watchers about how this jersey was allowed / this is okay in their eyes?

    I’ll be honest — I didn’t expect the Griffins to choose this jersey for all of the reasons outlined above, but they never gave me a restriction on what could be submitted. My responsibility here was to ensure all the jerseys were presented to the readers, and that the ensuing vote was as fair as possible. That the readers selected it among their 12 favorites speaks to them. That the Griffins picked it over the 11 other choices is on them. Perhaps they have already run the submission through their proper channels and it can be reproduced exactly as proposed. Maybe they’ll need to alter it. You can ask them online @griffinshockey.

    If anyone does hear from them, I’d be curious about the team’s response. From what I’ve seen, the team hasn’t said anything about the winning jersey on Twitter or their website. They may be in the process of checking that they can even use this design.

    Agreed – I thought the winning design was good for a laugh, but not in the spirit of the contest, which specifically asked for ‘original artwork.’

    Some really great 90’s inspired designs got shafted here.

    like everyone else has said, this jersey getting picked is disappointing and a joke. It’s unoriginal/uncreative and just boring. There were better designs that didn’t make it to the final 12 and there were better designs in the final 12 that should have been selected. What a laughable selection.

    Agreed, and congratulations to Phil! Judging by the experiences of many friends who’ve done all sorts of graduate degrees, library sciences is one of the tougher courses of study, so good on Phil for the ambition and good luck in the new program!

    I wish you well in your studies at school Phil. I really appreciate the work you put in during August to keep the site going.

    Bears logo is a throwback logo. They’ve been using several logos from different decades to celebrate to 100 years. It’s one the more rare throwbacks but I’ve seen it a few time

    The only place I have seen it is on the Mitchell and Ness website.

    According to them, the logo is from 1958. If anyone wants to buy that jacket for me, I wear an XXL. Thanks

    Just noticed so I don’t know if it’s a one-off, but was there any reason the break line today is the Indigenous Australia flag?

    I honestly didn’t even realize it’s the Indigenous Australia flag. I have some 400+ “lines” saved and late last night I just chose one — not sure if when I originally saved it I had taken it from the flag or I just thought it was an interesting design.

    Either way, today’s separator bars were just randomly chosen.

    GTGFTS answer: NASCAR Irwin Tools Night Race, Bristol Motor Speedway, August 25, 2012

    Full results available here:

    I knew the track, definitely wasn’t going to nail the year. The 56 car definitely put it in a specific window.

    Great job this month, Phil…best of luck as well!
    Thanks to all who provided August content and comments.

    Since there is likely no Ticker tomorrow, I have some hockey and soccer items from my nation’s capital.

    -Major junior training camps are underway and we are starting to see some subtle changes to uniforms with teams switching to CCM Quicklite (and I’m not referring to just the collars). Ottawa 67’s have moved the numbers from the sleeves to the shoulders on their classic barber pole jerseys. As well, appears the sock striping has gone back to full barber pole which is an upgrade.


    -Speaking of barber pole, USL’s Ottawa Fury will be wearing barber pole kits tonight in hnour of the 67’s jersey.


    Ah. Was doing it (obviously) from memory. I can quote every line from that movie, but I guess I can’t get the characters’ names correct. Will fix.

    Nice job done by John Elbertson on the Bills and Colts uniforms. The Colts uniform is one of my favorites, especially the all white look, so I’m not a fan of the blue helmet and pants, but I thought putting the horseshoe on it’s side to make a “C” was very clever.

    The sideways horseshoe making the “C” is clever.

    This is currently used by Calgary Cavalry FC of the Canadian Premier League.


    The Colts are the one team I don’t mind wearing a white helmet, but even so I think the horseshoe-C emblem is stronger as white on blue than it would be blue on white, so I like what John did for the Colts.

    However, what would be on the other side of the helmet? Reverse the horseshoe to preserve the letter C, or mirror it so that it still faces forwards?

    I like a WHITE helmet for the Colts. Just plain white. Not pearlescent white, or glittery white. Just white.

    As an Ohio native, most everyone in Ohio commonly refers to Ohio University as “OU”. Known for a great journalism school and partying…especially Halloween weekend!

    OU was always allowed as a secondary reference (at least it has been since I started attending there in 2000), but “Ohio” was supposed to be the first choice. “Ohio U.” was the only option that was specifically disallowed. It didn’t stop commentators from doing it, though.

    Was at work and couldn’t see the tweet that was linked, I didn’t realize OU was ever disallowed! I attended from 2000-2004 so I’m out of the loop now.

    I’ve never called them OU or Ohio. To me they’ve always been Ohio U. Must be a Michigan thing ;-)

    The mule in the old Mizzou monogram is in the negative space between the M (ears) and U (face/snout).
    And UBuffalo played last night, they’re not playing Penn State this weekend.

    The scoreboard is from 2012 Bristol Night race. Was Hamlin’s first win there. Race was kinda sorta on ABC, but there were quite a few affiliates who showed preseason NFL games instead of the race. Qualifying was rained out and the field was set based on practice times.

    Speaking of Hamlin, there’s another aspect to that victory that makes it significant and Uni Watch-worthy.
    Care to guess?

    Does it have something to do with the color purple? Or his uniform manufacturer? I’m a Hamlin fan but that’s the best guesses I have :D

    Hamlin’s paint scheme was primarily black and green that night, but what’s most noteworthy about the win has to do with his car number.

    Embarrassing admission – I only recently realized that “Rutgers” was the university name, not the team name. I just figured it was one of those weird region-specific nicknames like “Tarheels” or “Buckeyes”. Anyone else think this? No? Just me?

    Must be just you. Maybe we can rename them to New Jersey State University Rutgers?

    Phil – Great job as the “replacement”. Best wishes for great success at school. Will you have enough free time to continue your curling.

    Meantime, some offseason curling uni-porn – The Twitter feed of Craig’s Curling Shoes, a small company that converts regular shoes into curling shoes:


    At the club where I curl, converted sneakers have gone from being worn by the one club member on the US men’s Olympic team to being worn by about one-fifth of the membership. Including me; I just received my neon yellow Adidas sneakers back from Craig.

    Yep — well aware of Craig’s shoes — my next pair (which I’ve been contemplating for 2 years now) will come from him. Once I have gainful employment. Been looking into what to convert for a long time…thinking of maybe a pair of Vans. I’d say maybe 10-15 of my club members have them (maybe more, actually, as there are leagues I don’t curl in), and everyone offers extremely high praise. These will be my first *treat* to myself once I have nailed down a real job.

    That Colts treatment would have been slightly better if the center stripe of the helmet was in I instead of just the stripe (put serifs at the either end of the helmet stripe). I’ve always thought they should use the horseshoe as a C.

    Congrats, Casey! Yours was my favorite out of the 87, so I was happy to see the team picked it.

    Thanks so much, Phil! Great job all through August. Just one minor thing, a personal thing really, but one of my pet peeves is the phrase “I want to thank … ” – Why not just say “Thank you … ” – It’s like those poor apologies, “I want to apologize for … ” – No, just apologize directly for something.
    Of course we all know what you mean, but if I can’t bring it up here, where can I?
    Thanks for all the quality material this month and best of everything to ya in your upcoming studies!

    I have a coworker who prefaces all their questions with, “So, I have a question…” and I have that same thought, “JUST ASK THE QUESTION!!!”

    I like when they start off with, “Can I ask you a question?” Dad-Mode engages immediately and my response is usually along the lines of “You just did!”


    Thank you for your comments. I want to apologize for hitting one of your pet peeves.


    I really like the winning jersey. Nice job of reimagining the Jurassic Park logo. Congrats and I am very happy this was the winner even over my own design.

    Does Rutgers really need 8 different uniforms?!! Maybe if they spent more effort on recruiting and building a competitive program and less on playing dress up; they’d actually win more than 1 game in 2019.

    If you’re referring to the picture of eight uniforms provided above – as clearly stated in the text, those are eight different schools receiving 150th anniversary uniform designs. I doubt Rutgers would wear a uniform that has text on the chest stating, e.g. “Mississippi State”.

    That number font on the Rutgers jerseys… that does not look 1869-ish at all; it is firmly in the realm of 2010s corporate “telling a story” fonts.

    Still, as a Scarlet Knights graduate who attended during an era of really terrible teams wearing link, I’m happy to see them go back to something timeless and traditional.

    The ’90s font would look much better than what Adidas made, though; John Elbertson’s Colts concept jersey font would look pretty good, too.

    (The video I linked to is from 1996; at 15:00 you can hear the announcers talking about how coach Terry Shea had one WR change his number from 12 to 82 because he wanted all his receivers to have numbers in the 80s.)

    As a Colts season ticket holder since they moved here I don’t care for the new concept. The Colts have a classic logo and the unis are simple and fine just the way they are.

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