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Vanderbilt Shows Off Their ‘Battle Ready’ Uniforms

By John Ekdahl

Vanderbilt has a new alternate uniform for the 2019 season, which they unveiled at an event on Saturday. The helmets feature 82 painted rivets, in honor of Turner Cockrell who last year lost his battle with cancer. He wore number 82.

Vanderbilt unveiled its new “Battle Ready” football uniforms at its annual Dore Jam event Saturday.

The uniforms include a gray jersey and pants with black numbers and “Anchor Down” on the side of the legs. The helmet is steel gray with the facade of a battleship in the Commodores’ “Battle Ready” theme.

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While the Carolina Panthers don’t have any major uniform design changes this season, they are switching to Nike’s “Vapor Untouchable” line.

The players are loving them,” Panthers equipment manager Don Toner said.

The new uniforms are Nike’s “Vapor Untouchable” model. Before this season, the Panthers and Packers were the only clubs who hadn’t adopted them.

The lightweight jerseys are designed with no panels on the front and fewer seams to increase mobility and range of motion.

“Guys had worn these uniforms with other teams or at the Pro Bowl and they came back and said how much they liked the fabric and how it plays – that’s the most important thing for them,” Toner said. “It’s kind of like shrink wrap on you. Very form-fitting. But you can move well in it.”

You can read more about it here.

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Uni malfunction last night in Miami.

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It was Grateful Dead night at Miller Park last night, which was a day after the anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death. Fans who purchased special theme night ticket packages received the t-shirt shown below.

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The Chicago Dogs of the American Association wore the names of children battling cancer on the back of their jerseys last night.

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This is absolutely gorgeous. Check out that pattern.

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    Seeing that pitch design in Columbus makes me sad for the ban on any similar creativity in the Premier League that was instituted a couple seasons ago. I distinctly recall Leicester City regularly coming up with some pretty wild stuff, and I’m sure there were others.

    That’s a pretty good spot on the Marlins uni malfunction when it’s hard to see anything at all on them.

    Last night in MLS, Columbus Crew SC and FC Cincinnati wore black armbands to remember the vidtims of the Dayton shooting

    It was interesting to read that the Panthers’ removal of the hip logo from their uniform pants was done to “improve flexibility” instead of just because they were overkill, design-wise.

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