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Your Premier League 2019/20 Kit P/review

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through the end of the month, although Paul may be popping up here occasionally.]

By Phil Hecken, with Kyle Evans & CJ Fleck

It’s that time of year again when many of us turn our sights across the pond, where the Premier League (PL) is kicking off the 2019-20 season today, with Liverpool and Norwich City getting things started, followed by a full slate of games Saturday and Sunday. And I’m back again with my soccer guys, Kyle Evans and CJ Fleck, who’ll preview all of the new kits for the season. There’s a lot to get to (I normally run the soccer previews over the course of two days, but this is a one-day deal), so let’s get right into it.

• • • • • •

2019-20 Premier League Kit P/review
By Kyle Evans & CJ Fleck

Thanks Phil! Glad to be back following an exciting Women’s World Cup and ready for another Premier League season. It wasn’t even three months ago when Manchester City held off Liverpool to win the league by a single point and it’s hard to believe the new season already kicks off on today.

We’re here to preview all of the uniforms you’ll see in the Premier League this season, with images of all jerseys that have been released and links to the few that have only been leaked up to this point. Without further ado, enjoy the kits and share your thoughts in the comments!

• • •


Home: classic red with white sleeves, red and navy trim, white shorts
Away: yellow jersey with a sublimated effect, navy shorts and accents
Third: navy with yellow accents and black shorts

Kyle: Nothing wrong with this set of options. A beautiful home and while I don’t need the graphic on the away, I can live with it.

CJ: I’m a fan of the away graphic, strangely. Not too distracting yet visually appealing. I like the third, too.

• • •

Aston Villa

Home: claret with light blue sleeves, white shorts
Away: light blue with white diagonal stripe effect, claret shorts
Third (leaked): dark green with black sleeves and orange accents

Kyle: A lovely color combination that is well-executed in the first two kits. Just don’t look up the leaked images of the third kit.

CJ: There’s gonna be a lot of this word, but you can’t go wrong with classics.

• • •


Home: red and black vertical stripes, subtle diagonal stripes within red, black shorts
Away: all-navy with pink accents
Third: neon green with navy shorts and accents

Kyle: Great home, average away, and I thought we were done with the neon jersey trend? Apparently not.

CJ: A little boring on the away and thirds, but not everyone is gonna be a winner.

• • •

Brighton & Hove Albion

Home: blue and white vertical stripes, subtle navy chevron pattern, navy shorts
Away: all-black jersey and shorts
Third: green jersey with white shorts

Kyle: It’s unfortunate that the sponsor block breaks up the vertical stripes, otherwise a clean set of kit options.

CJ: That black change kit looks like a training top, I’m not a fan at all. The green is only slightly better.

• • •


Home: claret with light blue sleeves, white shorts
Away: all-light blue with jagged graphic
Third (leaked): dark green with black shorts

Kyle: Once again a classic look and color combination and yes the home is identical to Aston Villa, and even the leaked third is similar.

CJ: Classic classic classic classic.

• • •


Home: all-blue with graphic print based on home stadium elements
Away: all-white with blue and red trim, collar
Third: all-black with orange and white trim

Kyle: Looking past the marketing-speak about the “stadium elements” pattern, the home is busier than necessary, but overall a great set of looks and we know CJ will love the collar on the white jersey.

CJ: Oh that white kit, it is glorious indeed. I even enjoy the black third kit.

• • •

Crystal Palace

Home: red and blue vertical stripes, white pinstripes within blue, blue shorts
Away: black jagged stripe pattern over a red and blue vertical stripe, one red and one blue shoulder, black shorts
Third (leaked): all-white with red and blue diagonal sash

Kyle: The home is just alright, and I want to love the away – I really do, but the black pattern over the stripes is a bit too much for me. The leaked third completes a nice set all based on team colors.

CJ: Why ruin the great idea of the change kit with the zebra-like pattern? Such a waste.

• • •


Home: blue over white, graphic pattern on upper front
Away: coral over teal with teal accents, sublimated diagonal stripe design
Third (leaked): dark navy with purple accents

Kyle: The graphic patterns works just fine on the home, the away certainly brings a unique color combination, and the leaked third is fairly simple.

CJ: I want to see the home in action before judging, for sure.

• • •

Leicester City

Home: blue over white, gold accents, subtle checkerboard design
Away: all-black
Third: pink over black, same pattern as Germany 2018 World Cup kit

Kyle: No issues with the blue or the black (I like the subtle checkerboard design), and despite the colors I can’t see anything other than a Germany national team shirt on the right (yes I’m aware it’s a template but still).

CJ: Down with templates! Boo!

• • •


Home: all-dark red with thin white vertical stripes
Away: white over navy with subtle light gray gradient stripes
Third: all-black with teal accents and graphic pattern

Kyle: Home and away? Great. That third though…far too busy.

CJ: What is the fascination with absurdist third kits? I can’t understand it.

• • •

Manchester City

Home: light blue over white, navy shoulders
Away: all-black with yellow, pink, and light blue accents
Third: yellow to salmon gradient, salmon shorts
125th Anniversary Kit: blank light blue over white worn in last weekend’s Community Shield match

Kyle: Asymmetry! And done in a way that uses colors from the home and the third, which by the way, isn’t the most visually appealing gradient.

CJ: That third resembles a brand of alcohol I won’t grace with a mention. That’s not good. And the change is a mess.

• • •

Manchester United

Home: red over white
Away: beige over black, black accents
Third (leaked): all-black with bright red logos

Kyle: Nice and simple (including the leaked third) and the unique beige color works well as a change of pace for the away.

CJ: The beige kit reminds me of their famous “denim” kits, except instead of being designed to be worn with jeans you should wear these with khaki chinos or something.

• • •

Newcastle United

Home: black and white vertical stripes, black shorts
Away: all-dark green with black pattern on upper front
Third: all-orange with navy accents, graphic print inspired by stadium roof

Kyle: Personally I prefer narrower vertical stripes and it’s interesting to see the badge and maker’s logo stacked in the center rather than the traditional one on each side. And the green and orange will work, even if they both have unnecessary design elements.

CJ: Agree with Kyle on thinner stripes. The other two are a mess.

• • •

Norwich City

Home: yellow to green gradient, green shorts
Away: all-red with yellow accents, gradient pattern on shoulders
Third: all-gray with black accents, collar

Kyle: By no means am I a strict “traditionalist” when it comes to kits, and maybe it’s just the way green and yellow work together but I’m a fan of the home look. The other two though? Not a fan.

CJ: Hard pass on those gradients, sorry Kyle. Points for a collar though!

• • •

Sheffield United

Home: red and white vertical stripes, black shorts
Away: light gray over white, red accents
Third: all-neon yellow (a carryover from last season’s away kit), sponsor will match

Kyle: Nice home, the away will do, and did they have to carry over the all-neon? Let’s hope it doesn’t see the pitch too many times.

CJ: Well there’s nothing explicitly wrong here, the neon isn’t great.

• • •


Home: red and white vertical stripes, black shorts and shoulder panel
Away: dark grey over yellow, yellow shoulder panel with gray stripe pattern
Third: all-white with navy and red shoulder panel

Kyle: While there’s no need for a set of jerseys to “go together” (they’re not worn on the field at the same time), I do appreciate some visual consistency throughout a season and these accomplish that. I could do without the design within the shoulder panel though.

CJ: I’m not a fan of shoulder panels either. Very rough season for Southampton.

• • •

Tottenham Hotspur

Home: white over navy with navy accents
Away: all-navy with subtle graphic on upper front
Third (leaked): all-bright blue with navy accents, full shirt graphic print

Kyle: A pair of clean looks and I’m interested to see what the leaked third looks like on the field.

CJ: Lads, it’s Tottenham.

• • •


Home: yellow and black halves with red accents, black shorts
Away: all-navy with subtle front pattern

Kyle: I like how the “halves” look matches their crest, and the away is just a generic Adidas template.

CJ: Agree with Kyle all the way.

• • •

West Ham United

Home: claret with sky blue sleeves, shoulders, upper horizontal stripes, claret shorts
Away: all-white with claret and sky blue trim
Third: all-navy with purple trim and subtle graphic print

Kyle: I’m not a fan of the upper stripes on the home, but the claret and blue trim does look beautiful on the white jersey. The third is nothing to be excited about.

CJ: I love that trim, but the weird stripes on the primary are a little disconcerting.

• • •

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Home: orange over black
Away: all-black with orange accents and thin orange diagonal pinstripes
Third (leaked): green with red and white accents

Kyle: Classic home look for Wolves (who are in the Europa League this season!) and I love the away – great use of team colors in a sleek design. The “Mexico-inspired” leaked third is interesting to say the least…(whether true or not) how often do teams base designs on the nationalities of one of their players?

CJ: Could be much, much worse.

• • • • • •

Awesome, job, Kyle & CJ! Lots of interesting kits (and so so many gambling ads). Readers, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and follow these guys on Twitter at @KyleEvans17 and @RealCJFleck.

NFL News & Notes

With the first full week of NFL pre-season games kicking off last evening, we’re getting our first looks at some of the changes we can expect to see this season.

Carolina Panthers

There are a couple new things about the Panthers uniforms this year. The first is pretty obvious — you can see it above and below. The team has added in a 25 Seasons patch featuring the outline of both North and South Carolina on the left breast of the jersey:

What is somewhat less obvious is the team has now switched (finally!) to the new “Vapor” chassis for their jerseys. They, along with the Packers, had been holdouts in switching to the different Nike jersey styles, with both teams never using the first generation “Nikelace” option. You can also get a good look at the NFL 100th anniversary patch on the collar. The black stripes on the shoulder loops are much narrower, and it also looks like the loops fully loop around the shoulders for some of the players, rather than being truncated, as in the past. Previously, the only jersey cut that had the full loops was the quarterback (and I think some kickers wore this as well). Not everyone has the full loops, but it definitely looks like many do:

Along with the new jerseys, the team has new pants — looks like the stripes are wider, and also extend to the base of the pant (and the black outline is thinner) and the Panther logo is now gone.

• • •

Chicago Bears

Da Bears are celebrating their 100th anniversary season this year, and they’ll have a mid-field logo (replacing the Wishbone-C):

The team also has the logo as a patch on the left breast of their jerseys. Note, there is no NFL 100 logo on the collar, just the regular NFL shield:

Looks like the scorebug is playing along too!

• • •

Jacksonville Jaguars

Like the Carolina Panthers, the Jacksonville Jaguars are celebrating 25 seasons this year, and they too have a patch on the left breast commemorating the occasion. First time we’re seeing the patch and the NFL 100 logo on their jerseys:

• • •

Minnesota Vikings

One of the more subtle, but for those with mild forms of OCD like me, greatly appreciated changes is the Vikings tweaking the color purple on their helmets to more closely match their jerseys.

The new helmet is showcased on the left. You can read more about this tweak here.

• • •

New York Jets

The Jets were the only team to get new uniforms this past off-season, and last night they wore mono-white (a great look) with their new shiny green hats against the Giants. I watches a good part of this game and I have to say, I like the new unis and I really like the helmets. I’m not normally a fan of the shiny metallic look, but rendered in kellyish green, it looks superb. Still hate the giant wordmark (really the only flaw in the uni, IMO), but otherwise it looked great:

You can check out the unis in action in these videos:

• • •

Cleveland Browns

The Browns went with orange pants against Washington last night:

Notice anything odd? Look again. Maybe you’ll see it in this video clip:

Yep. No helmet stripes for the Browns (again). They went this route last year as well — a completely BS college move IMO — making the players “earn their stripes” or some such. It’s not an endearing quirk like the Cowboys dymo tape or the Red Wings eschewing their vertically arched nameplates for the pre-season. It’s stupid and bogus. But, here we are.

• • •

Los Angeles Chargers

I confess, I started typing “San Die…” before correcting myself. It still doesn’t sound right.

But this past off season, the Chargers announced two changes: they were moving the “powder” blue alternate to the primary home jersey (something they should have done a decade ago), and ditching the navy blue facemask for a gold one. Last night, unfortunately, they didn’t rock the new primary powder jersey (they went mono-white, a look I absolutely LOVE) as they were the road team in Arizona, but they did have the new facemasks:

We do have a “preview” of that new combination via Madden as well as the team’s social media. That’s gonna look really good on the field this year!

And of course, the Chargers have worn the gold facemask the past few seasons — with their color rash uniform (which also looks tremendous — if only they would wear that jersey with gold pants).

Guess The Game…

from the scoreboard

The game has returned! At least for a trial basis, but I got a lot of positive response to its return, so we’ll see how long we keep this one going.

Today’s scoreboard comes from reader Willard Kovacs.

The premise of the game (GTGFTS) is simple: I’ll post a scoreboard and you guys simply identify the game depicted. In the past, I don’t know if I’ve ever completely stumped you (some are easier than others).

Here’s a non-MLB scoreboard, and while I don’t think it’s particularly difficult, you guys will still need to put on your thinking caps for this one!

Here’s the Scoreboard. In the comments below, try to identify the game (date & location, as well as final score). If anything noteworthy occurred during the game, please add that in (and if you were AT the game, well bonus points for you!):

If you guys like this, please continue sending these in! You’re welcome to send me any scoreboard photos (with answers please), and I’ll keep running them.

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As before, the winner will receive a personalized jersey, tickets to the game when the jerseys will be worn (February 22, 2020), and public recognition at the game.

The jersey is going to be worn on the Griffins’ 90’s Night (with either red or black pants and red gloves/helmets), so for this contest, the team is looking for a “90’s inspired jersey.”

The deadline for submissions for this contest is Friday, August 16th, 2019.

All the details are spelled out in detail here, so be sure to read that.

Good luck to all who submit!

The Ticker
By Anthony Emerson

Baseball News: The big news yesterday was that the Cardinals are slightly changing their StL cap logo for next season, and have already soft-launched it on social media (from multiple readers). … D-Backs P Zac Gallen pitches with glasses, but hits without. Dodgers P Joe Kelly did the same thing when he was with the Cardinals. … The Athletic has a good (paywalled) article about the process behind Fenway’s manual scoreboard getting new city labels (from Al Hood). … White Sox P Jimmy Cordero appears to have an issue with his right sleeve in the team’s black alternates (from Jim Margalus). … Wednesday night’s Red Sox/Royals game featured Sox P Josh Taylor face off against Royals C Meibrys Viloria. Both players wear no. 72 (great spot by Dave Singleton). … The Yankees and White Sox will play a game at a location near the Field of Dreams field next year (from many readers). … JFK’s Gate 42 has a plaque dedicating it to Mariano Rivera, but the plaque features the wrong uni number font for the Yankees (from @BorchertField). … New Cubs C Jonathan Lucroy will wear no. 25 (from Andrew Cosentino). … Speaking of the Cubs, the team hung their home white unis in Cincinnati’s visiting clubhouse for good luck, as the team is 21-33 on the road this season (from Bob Gassel). … The El Paso Chihuahuas honored the 22 people murdered last week with home jerseys that read “El Paso” rather than “Chihuahuas”  (thanks, Phil). … Speaking of El Paso, the San Diego Padres wore “El Paso” caps for BP yesterday (from Cut4). … The Marlins Triple-A affiliates, currently based in New Orleans, will move to Wichita next year, and that team finally has a name: the River Riders. The current logos are preliminary and the final, official logos will be designed by Uni Watch friend Todd Radom (from Trent Guyer). … The Glendale Desert Dogs of the Arizona Fall League have undergone a color change (from @MiWiBi).

NFL News: Unbelievably, the Pats misspelled K Stephen Gostkowski’s NOB. Gostkowski is entering his 12th season with the team and has won three Super Bowls. No wonder he missed two kicks last night (from many, many readers). … For some reason, some Giants players have different-colored ad patches than others. … Speaking of the Giants, LB Alec Ogletree has switched from no. 52 to 47, and there are currently two no. 47s on the Giants roster (from Jakob Fox). … It appears Ford Field has finally gotten new turf (from Bradley D. Richardson). … Washington’s locker room has a uniform policy poster, but the poster has the wrong helmet striping. … The Jets still use the team’s old number font on the locker room nameplates. … Packers WR Equanimeous St. Brown is sans-period in his NOB (from @btownmoose). … Here’s a great photo of Doug Williams in his broken jaw-protecting facemask (from Jerry Wolper).

College/High School Football News: Alma mater alert, as we got our first look at the FB150 patch on Maine’s unis (from Heath Carignan). … UNLV will wear 1971 throwback helmets during their home opener (thanks, Phil).

Hockey News: The AHL’s San Jose Barracudas have revealed their 2019-20 specialty jerseys (from Andrew G.). … The ECHL’s Kalamazoo Wings are having a uni design contest, ending the 12th (from Jarae Thurmond). … New unis for the OHL’s Windsor Spitfires (from Wade Heidt).

NBA News: Apparently everyone gets a persona logo, because Heat rookie Tyler Herro has one now (from Lachlan McLean). … Work crews have removed the signs from Oracle Arena (thanks, Phil). … With Chris Paul taking no. 3, Thunder C/PF Nerlens Noel has switched to no. 9 (from Etienne Catalan). … More from Etienne: Thunder SH Luguentz Dort will wear no. 5, and Lakers SG Zach Norvell Jr. will wear no. 21. … The Mavs have ended their ad patch deal, presumably to try to find a higher paying one (from Michael T.) … The Blazers will reveal their new court on Monday (from multiple readers). … Argentina’s women’s team at the Pan America Games was forced to forfeit a game against Colombia for showing up in their navy unis, instead of their designated whites. The team manager and the country’s director of women’s basketball have both resigned (from multiple readers).

College/High School Hoops News: New court design for Toledo (from @Jackie_Moon_UT). … New court for Stony Brook (from Al N. Kreit).

Soccer News: Thom Gibbs of The Telegraph has published his annual Premier League kit review (registration-walled). … The Football Association will decide whether new Derby County FW Wayne Rooney’s kit number, 32, will be allowed. Rooney, who’s worn no. 8 or no. 10 for the majority of his career, has apparently chosen the number 32 as part of a sponsorship deal with gambling company 32Red, who are Derby’s shirt advertisers (thanks, Jamie). … New kits for Uruguayan giants Peñarol (from Ed Żelaski). … Also from Ed: German side Borussia Mönchengladbach will lose their main advertiser after this season. … One more from Ed: Scottish team Dundee United has launched its new away kit. … Last weekend, Liga MX teams with Bud Light ads wore intentionally misspelled Bud Light logos on their kits as part of an ad campaign. You can’t see me, but my eyes have rolled right out of my head (from @interpolyester). … Syracuse women’s soccer has a new kit (from Jakob Fox). … Bedale AFC of the English 11th tier have some, ahem, unique kits. The story behind them is here (from Todd Lisenbee and @AreYouHie).

Grab Bag: Australian National Rugby League side Cronulla Sharks will wear a tribute jersey for captain Paul Gallen, and it’s atrocious (from Alistair Hogg). … Virginia Tech has released new voleyball unis (from Andrew Cosentino). … Team USA has revealed its kits for the 2019 Rugby World Cup (from Josh Gardner). … The American Ultimate Disc League, which is apparently a thing, is collaborating with Savage Apparel Co. to make their kits out of recycled plastic (from Steven Maker). … Looks like Auburn is attempting to make a slight tweak to its logo (from Clint Richardson).

Comments (69)

    Very weird choice at the Delta gate 42. Looks like the current day San Francisco Giants font, on pinstripes. Can’t think of any connection, so if you’re not gonna use the Yankees’ typical Wilson font or something else that’s in the public domain, why the Giants?

    I’m sure the artwork for that plaque went through several hands of approval, none of which were attuned to the finer details of the Yankees number font. That’s a shame. Heck, the entire outfield wall of retired Detroit Tigers numbers in Comerica Park are in a font the team never wore, and it’s the same team that changed the jersey logo after 80+ years. Some people in the highest places “just don’t get it.”

    They Get It at at Boston’s Logan airport. Gate 34 is dedicated to David Ortiz, and the gate number is correctly rendered in McAuliffe.


    “The beige kit reminds me of their famous “denim” kits, except instead of being designed to be worn with jeans you should wear these with khaki chinos or something.”

    Guys, you’re confusing Manchester United with the 94 US World Cup jersey.

    1971 National Championship @ The Astrodome
    UCLA wins their 5th consecutive National title 68-32 over Villanova.
    First time that the Final Four was held in a non-basketball venue.

    I thought the Jets unis looked fine; still a little too Kotite for me and I’ll continue to miss the old ones, but it’s a solid modern NFL uniform. Maybe I’m just relieved that it’s not the train wreck/clown suit it could have been. I think the green-over-white will look even better. Heck, even the inexcusable BFBS doesn’t look half bad.

    Jets uniforms did look fine. I was all for seeing a kellyish green helmet back in the NFL. However, something about the helmet slightly bothered me. I think it has to do with the decision to go with the shiny shell. The colour did not look consistent depending on the light, sometimes looking like the helmet was black. Would have preferred it without the shiny shell to keep the helmet colour looking consistent.

    I’ll take it a step further and say that the Jets looked better than “fine”, but actually really great. The look they replaced was old and clunky and seemed to only exist in order to remind us all of the team’s one moment of glory from half a century ago. It was past time to let that go.

    Great review — look forward to these every season!

    Not sure when this article was written/sent in for editing, but the Crystal Palace third kit, was officially released with the Cahill signing.

    Great to see that not only did the Panthers switch jersey templates. But, it appears Nike has made the shoulder striping appear to wrap around more to look like the original jerseys back in the day. Awesome improvement!!!!

    Plus, the Panthers removing the logo from the top of the pants stripe is a perfect example of addition by subtraction. There was no need to have the same logo repeated six times on the uniforms, and this has bugged me ever since the team’s first season.

    Now, if they’d only remove the logo from the sleeves and move the TV numbers down under the shoulder stripe they’d be pretty close to perfect.

    The pattern on the Arsenal second jersey is an homage to a famous/infamous early-90s design, known as the “bruised banana”.

    “… a brand of alcohol I won’t grace with a mention”. Gonna guess that’s the Spanish word for “crow”.

    Did I notice anything else odd about the Cleveland Browns uniforms last night? They were wearing white socks instead of orange or brown. Have not done that very often.

    Wade, NOBODY does that!

    It was against league rules to wear plain, stripe-free, white socks.

    No team has worn solid white socks in a non-Color Rash game in decades.

    This is a HUGE deal! A total game changer if the league has relaxed restrictions on solid white socks. Since a lot of clubs have opted for more modern templates, they’ve eschewed wearing white socks with colored pants because it would mean creating a striping pattern that contrasts with the rest of the uniform (see the Patriots triple-stripe socks that don’t match the uniform).

    However, if teams can wear solid white socks with colored pants…..


    May have been against NFL rules when non-Color Rash. Is being done north of the border. One CFL team has been wearing the solid white socks since 2016. Does help break up leotard look.

    BC Lions road 2016-2018:


    BC Lions new road uniforms 2019 when they wear black pants:


    Thanks Wade! I didn’t get to watch the whole game so I was hoping that it just wasn’t some players pulling their sannies up to cover brown or orange socks underneath. I noticed the sock issue before spotting the stripeless helmets – it was that unusual to my eyes.

    Wolverhampton may seem orange, but it certainly isn’t called orange. It’s “old gold.”

    Newcastle’s third shirt is orange, so you can see the visible difference between them and Wolves.

    Other teams that wear the same color call it amber, but Wolves specifically call their primary color old gold, even if they’re not quite wearing it at the moment (which they’re not).

    Before the 1960s a darker shade of gold was used, known as “old gold”, which is still often cited in the media as the club’s colour.


    I started following the EPL two years ago and decided to follow Wolverhampton. A few weeks ago I bought a shirt on Amazon that was yellow in the picture but when it arrived it was orange. Denver Broncos orange. I just assumed I bought a fake shirt,but could they have changed colors? Or colours as it were?

    Also looks like from the first Panthers pic that their sleeve logo is an actual patch now/has a black outline around the whole head, instead of its previous rendering: link

    With powder blue as their official home jersey, presumably they are making powder blue their primary color, yet their white uniforms barely have any powder blue, and are heavy on the navy. They don’t look like a powder blue team on the road. Also wondering if they will still wear the navy pants?

    The stripes on the West Ham shirt are not apropos of nothing. They’re a reference to a popular shirt from the 70s (I believe it’s the 70s anyway) viewable here: link

    The new one is probably not as well-executed, but I’d hardly call it “disconcerting.”

    I like Browns helmets without stripes.

    I might be the only one, but I think it looks great.

    Just when you thought advertising couldn’t get any worse: it should be illegal for jersey advertising to have numerals in it. That’s going to be totally confusing looking at photos of players from the front many years from now.

    Also, this is a fun coincidence: advertiser ManBet’s name is written with the same Chinese characters (万博) as the abbreviation for the Expo ’70 Museum in Osaka. This was the World Exposition whose 1967 incarnation gave the Montreal Expos their name.

    It’s honestly mind boggling to me that anyone could like the Jets new uniforms. The helmet is fine, but not good; the rest is a train wreck. But I guess it’s all relative, as there are certainly much worse uniforms in the league. The wordmark on jerseys trend needs to die. Along with random pointy stripes, looks too 90’s, so the panthers pants for reference.

    I’m not a fan of the tapered stripes either, but I’d hardly describe them as “random.” To the contrary, they seem to be rather well-thought-out and restrained.

    I have a few minor complaints with this design. I think the stripes extend too far toward the collar, but that’s a flaw in the Browns’ and Chargers’ designs as well. Since football jerseys don’t have sleeves anymore, designers have to find other things to decorate. The black outline on the numerals is unnecessary, as is the front wordmark, although that doesn’t bother me as much as it does others. I’d also prefer that the 1’s and 4’s had serifs.

    link is a train wreck. So is link, and so is link. link is a solid, if unspectacular, modern NFL uniform.

    I don’t mind the stripes, as they sorta-kinda resemble the jet from the Sack Exchange era logo.
    I’m even OK with the NEW YORK.
    But Incorporating “stealth black” into the design ruins what is otherwise a sharp set.
    As far as your train wreck designations go, I only disagree with your inclusion of the Titans, though it’s tough to defend the navy-over Oiler/Titan blue(those pants should only be worn with the white jersey IMO). Yes, the number font is maddening but the pre-season-only(?)navy-over white combo looked really good, and I may be in the minority but I like those navy helmets.

    Does anybody know why three different EPL teams use claret and light blue for their colors? It seems to random to be a coincidence.

    I was surprised to see that myself, and also that the two non-West Ham teams used the colors in a manner so similar to the classic West Ham look.

    Burnley and West Ham both derived their colors from Aston Villa, who were/are the original claret and blue team.

    I don’t know, but after yesterday’s article about underused color combinations, I’d love to see a major North American team (NOT in soccer) adopt that claret-and-light-blue combo. I’d like to see it on a baseball or basketball team.

    Scunthorpe United (currently playing in League Two, the 4th tier of English football) also wear claret and blue.

    You’re talking about clubs with histories that go back over 100 years. Back then, teams didn’t opt for a lot of orange, green or purple. So with a limited color palette, there is a lot of overlap. Teams also get promoted and relegated; Sheffield Utd and Southampton wear red/white stripes, but so too do Stoke and Sunderland, who have been relegated from EPL. This didn’t come from recent marketing or focus groups. It’s a thing that has been this way for decades. It’s why teams have primary and clash kits; the idea of “home” and “away” is a recent import from American sports and marketing.

    I am hoping that Stoke and Sunderland can join Southampton and Sheffield Utd back in the Premiership, for the sole uni-related purpose of having four teams whose primary is red and white stripes.

    A bit more about the uniform change for the OHL’s Windsor Spitfires. They took the opportunity to change their look during a time when every major junior team in the CHL is switching to CCM Quicklite uniforms for the upcoming season.

    They have switched back to a uniform design they wore in the recent past. It is basically using the Washington Capitals’ template.

    Better than the hot garbage the Spitfires have worn in recent years:


    I would have preferred they adopted a recent third they have worn as their primary look. This royal blue third featured aspect of different uniforms in the Spits’ past. Would look good as primary with an updated logo:


    This third is similar to one of my favourite Spitfires uniform from the early 1990s, back when they wore Cooper SK2000 helmets that were tri-colour:


    Happy to see Aston Villa back in the top tier.

    Quick question for those more knowledgeable: They’re wearing Kappa? Is there other top-tier teams wearing Kappa out there?

    I don’t think think I’ve seen Kappa clothing in 20 years, it feels like a bit of a blast from the past.

    Kappa hasn’t been in the Premier League in awhile, but they have had a presence in lower English leagues and in the top tiers of other European leagues – especially in Italy. A few Kappa-clad teams include Leeds United, Torino, Real Betis and Napoli.

    Am I misreading the source article? I came away from it understanding that River Riders is the first of several finalist nicknames that the team will be releasing on social media in coming weeks, with the final name to be announced thereafter (presumably closer to or after the end of the AAA season).

    No, you did not misread that. River Riders is one seven names they have chosen. My first thought was of the 1980s video game River Raider.

    CJ didn’t add anything to the PL preview. Just agreed with Kyle mostly or repeated what he said.

    Have the advertisers gotten larger on the Premier League Kits? They seem extra big, or maybe I am getting more annoyed.


    Nice tweaks to the Cardinals cap logo and I noticed them right away before checking them out side by side.

    Chargers at home with powder blues, gold mask…best out there.

    Three teams in the EPL with the same color palette (two of which use essentially the same uniform). Worst.

    I can kind of see why reviews of these uniforms don’t really reference the ads (what’s the point, right?). It seems like they’ve gotten larger over the years. Some of the ads on these are so large and garish that they distract from what would otherwise be some clean, outstanding looks. They can’t be ignored. I guess it’s just me being raised on ad-free uniforms, but I can’t look at the uniforms here and ignore how badly the ads ruin them.

    Wichita baseball team name…the River Riders is the first of seven names presented for comment. I sure hope the rest are better as do most who completed the poll at the Wichita Business Journal website. The official name will be announced with a Todd Radom logo around November.

    I am tired of the metallic helmet shells in the NFL. It was a nice whizbang thing for a while, but I am over it.

    A lot of teams have gotten away from it; the Vikings and Seahawks leap to mind. And I’ve been saying since 2000 that the Giants should nix it; it doesn’t work for their otherwise-retro design. But in the case of the Jets I think it works; that is a gorgeous shade of green.

    I don’t see the appeal of the matte look. The Vikings helmets looked so much better in previous versions. The matte is . . . blah.

    It’s honestly mind boggling to me that anyone could like the Jets new uniforms. The helmet is fine, but not good; the rest is a train wreck.

    John, I couldn’t agree more. The NEW YORK???? Black borders???? Ridiculous stripes on shoulders and pants???? As bad as the white jerseys are, the black ones will be borderline unwatchable.

    You’re entitled to your opinions but consensious shows that you guys are wrong. Uniforms are a big improvement over the old dated designs and rank among the better in the NFL.

    Why don’t we have a giant Mr. Yuk over all the soccer uniforms? These are akin to walking through Times Square. Advertising overload!

    Man City 2nd kit: it’s a nod to the Hacienda days in “Madchester”. It’s pretty smart if you ask me.

    Aston Villa 3rd kit: it’s a reference to the 1993-95 away kits with the “Müller” sponsor. A huge classic and I guess fans will love it.
    Also as mentioned earlier in this forum AVFC was the first club with the claret and blue. It’s such a nice colour combination. Up the Villa!

    If you’re interested in kit history of english clubs I recommend

    Huge database and a lot of history

    Great EPL preview! It is interesting that a lot of teams are at once doing bold things by reaching back to their pasts for their clash kits (good bold thing) and also trashing up their basic kits with superfluous details you can’t see from the stands or on TV (bad bold thing). A good uniform should provide easy and quick identification and should be able to be drawn by a child. If you asked a child to draw Chelsea’s or Everton’s kit this year, it would just be royal blue.
    Completely non-uniform related: the ballpark in El Paso looks AWESOME.

    Why do multiple English teams wear Claret and Blue? it’s not seen in any other league that I can recall?

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