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I’ve Been Everywhere, Man: The Many Caps of Edwin Jackson

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Pitcher Edwin Jackson, the player who puts the “journey” in “journeyman,” made his Blue Jays debut last night, starting and going five innings. In so doing, he set an MLB record by appearing with his 14th franchise (and moving ahead of reliever Octavio Dotel, who played for 13 teams).

The graphic shown above was tweeted last night by Fox Sports. It shows all 14 of Jackson’s teams and, therefore, 14 distinct cap designs. But Jackson has worn a lot more caps than that. Even if we leave aside one-off designs like holiday, throwback, and Players Weekend caps, and also disregard spring training and BP caps, we know the following:

• Jackson played for Tampa during the last two years of their Devil Rays incarnation. So in addition to wearing the Rays cap shown in the graphic, he also wore the green Devil Rays cap.

• In addition to wearing the Tigers’ home cap, as shown in the graphic, he wore their road cap.

• I’m assuming he wore some Diamondbacks cap other than the one shown in the graphic, although I haven’t yet found photographic evidence of that.

• In addition to wearing the Cardinals’ red cap, as shown in the graphic, he also wore their navy cap and Sunday cap.

• In addition to wearing the Nats’ red home cap, as shown in the graphic, he also wore their navy road cap.

• In addition to wearing the Braves’ red-brimmed home cap, as shown in the graphic, he also wore their solid-navy road cap.

• In addition to wearing the Padres’ white/yellow-lettered 2016 home cap, as shown in the graphic, he also wore their road cap and throwback alternate cap.

• In addition to wearing the Orioles’ white-front-paneled home cap, as shown in the graphic, he also wore their black cap.

• In addition to wearing the A’s yellow-brimmed home cap, as shown in the graphic, he also wore their solid-green road cap and Kelly alternate cap.

That’s a lot of caps! And it’s safe to say there’s at least one more Blue Jays cap in his future — unless he moves on to yet another team before that can happen. (Did I miss any caps, aside from one-offs like holiday and throwback designs? If so, feel free to post them in today’s comments.)

I don’t even want to think about how many different distinct jerseys, pants, undershirts, socks, belts, and other uniform elements Jackson may have worn, although anyone else who wants to research that is welcome to do so.

Also: According to, Jackson has worn eight different uniform numbers during his career. Three of those numbers came while playing for his first team, the Dodgers. His favorite number appears to be 36, which he’s worn for six different clubs.

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The Ticker
By Lloyd Alaban

Baseball News: Cubs P Yu Darvish did not have the MLB 150 patch on his jersey last night (from Jeremy, who didn’t give his last name). … Padres coach Damion Easley was caught at last night’s game wearing an Opening Day cap (from multiple readers). … Korean pop group NCT 127 threw out the first pitch at last night’s Dodgers game. All members wore custom No. 127 jerseys (from Greg Franklin). … Spotted at a Milwaukee Macy’s: a Brewers cap with the World Series patch on it, in case they made it past the NLCS last season (from @NeymarGarciapara). … The Reds released wallpaper images of some of their players in throwbacks (from @100pctAkronite). … Starter is selling a Mets jacket with a 1986 World Series patch, but with a “New York” script that wasn’t introduced until 1987 (from Eric Wright). … Here is a photo of the 1990s-inspired uniform the Sussex County Miners will wear for 90s Night (from John Cerone). … There’s lots to like in this article documenting the 1940 World Series between the Reds and Tigers, including classic ticket stubs, game programs and footage of some kind of boxing match during warmups (from Brice Wallace). … Cardinals season ticket holders receive their tickets in a retro-inspired envelope (from Jordan Mayblum). … Yesterday we reported on an upcoming collaboration between MLB stadiums and the National Air and Space Museum. We now have details: 15 clubs will place replica statues of Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit outside their stadiums to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon. … The Buffalo Bisons, Triple-A affiliate of the Blue Jays, have released their updated Buffalo wing-themed uniforms (from multiple readers). … Color vs. color for Clemson and Coastal Carolina last night. … Wellington Baseball, the regional governing body of the sport in the Wellington, New Zealand area, has a very Nats-esque logo (from Camryn Brown). … Brook Lopez of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, who’s from Fresno, wore a Fresno baseball jersey to his postgame interview after last night’s NBA playoff game (from Bill Fenbers).

Football News: Here’s a look at the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ uniform under new Canadian Football League uniform manufacturer New Era. The jersey’s design is the same, but a template change has made side panels look different from past Adidas jerseys. For example, note how the white shoulder striping sits much lower on the advertising patches compared to the new jersey (from Curtis, who didn’t give his last name). … Speaking of the Roughriders: Former longtime NFL P Jon Ryan has returned to the CFL and to his hometown by signing with Saskatchewan. Backup QB David Watford gave up his No. 9 so Ryan could wear it (from Wade Heidt). … For some odd reason, a random flyover of Tom Benson Hall of Fame Field in Canton, Ohio, on Google Maps shows the 2016 Sugar Bowl turf (from Greg Enkers). … Reader Ben Schueren found this Bills QB Baker Mayfield jersey on eBay. Mayfield was drafted by the Browns and has never played for the Bills.

Hockey News: A Blues player lost a lace on his skate in last night’s Western Conference Finals game, so an equipment manager subbed the lace with a zip tie (from Jack Wade). … D Moritz Müller of the Germany men’s national hockey team had his No. 91 sweater ripped at the 2019 Men’s World Ice Hockey Championships, so he changed into a No. 53 sweater with no captaincy patch (from Steven Schapansky).

Basketball News: This Knicks fan made a premature (and ill-advised) choice of tattoos (from Kary Klismet). … Here’s a set of Tar Heel blue commemorative soda cans celebrating North Carolina men’s basketball’s 1982 national championship (from James Gilbert). … The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association and the National Federation of State High School Associations have approved several rules regulating high school basketball. The ones relevant to UW readers include: Starting in 2024, jersey numbers can no longer be the same color as the jersey. For 2019, updated rules have been issued on folding or rolling shorts at the waistband, headband width, and “hair-control device” colors (from Jeff Ash). … What happens if the ping pong ball machine for the NBA Draft Lottery malfunctions? Paul Deaver explains per this ESPN article: “The NBA now has a backup ping pong ball machine in case the real machine malfunctions. The NBA’s contingency plan until this season: stuff the 14 ping pong balls into a basketball with a hole cut into the top. I swear, that is a real thing. League officials on hand told me that even with the backup machine, that carved-up basketball remains Plan C in case of a power outage and/or double malfunction. One day, people. One day.” … A hand dryer at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame looks exactly how you’d expect (from George O’Dea). … Cross-listed from the NBA section: Bucks C Brook Lopez, who’s from Fresno, wore a Fresno baseball jersey to his postgame interview after last night’s Bucks/Raptors playoff game (from Bill Fenbers).

Soccer News:ton of updates from our soccer super-fan Josh Hinton: Here’s every 2019-20 Premier League kit released so far. … And every Premier League winner’s kit since 1990. … New Bayern Munich home kit, and a possible leak of their away shirt. Fans complained about the club adding blue to their recent kits, so Bayern’s front office promised nothing but red and white home kits starting next season (with Jamie Rathjen). … New Borussia Monchengladbach home kit. … New Mainz home kit. … DSC Arminia Bielefeld, a 2. Bundesliga club, announced a retro 1970s kit. … Possible leak of Liverpool’s third kit colors. … Hoffenheim’s new home shirt was teased. … New second shirt for Feyenoord. … New Red Star Belgrade home kit. … New maker’s mark deal for English League One club Shrewsbury. … Ajax debuted their new second kits yesterday. … DC United wore black armbands for MF Júnior Moreno’s father, who passed away recently and was  — among other things — a former coach of the Venezuelan national team (from our own Jamie Rathjen). … Speaking of Bayern: Here’s some of their home kits since 1965 (from @snggugel). … Arsenal and Republic of Ireland F Katie McCabe gave fellow Irishwoman WWE wrestler Becky Lynch a custom Arsenal shirt. The NOB on the shirt is in reference of Lynch’s WWE nickname, “Becky 2 Belts,” since she holds both of WWE’s major women’s titles (from David G. Firestone). … Manchester United’s new home shirt has been revealed (from Charles George).

Grab Bag: Duquesne University unveiled a new look for its athletics program yesterday. … New logos for the Brooklin Lacrosse Club of Major Series Lacrosse. They used to be called the Brooklin Redmen but changed their name in deference to First Nations concerns. … Cross-listed from the soccer section: Arsenal and Republic of Ireland F Katie McCabe gave fellow Irishwoman WWE wrestler Becky Lynch a custom Arsenal shirt. The NOB on the shirt is in reference of Lynch’s WWE nickname, “Becky 2 Belts,” since she holds both of WWE’s major women’s titles (from David G. Firestone). … From @UntilTheNight: “There’s a market in Tzfat, Israel, that sells team-inspired yarmulkes. Some, like the Georgia Tech one, look decent. Others, like the Mets one, on the other hand…” … How loud is too loud for sports officials’ whistles? (From James Gilbert.) … Faculty of Maryland’s College of Journalism have custom terrapin logos for their nameplates (from Griffin Smith). … Here’s how the Disney Channel logo has evolved.

Comments (56)

    I don’t know if Paul was thinking of Johnny Cash but Hank Snow was the first to record the North American version. Snow’s version went to #1 on the country charts & crossed over to the pop charts 4 years before Cash recorded it

    Not too long ago, we saw a LGBTQ tribute photo spread of Shaquille O’Neal wearing the rainbow throughout his career. (Miami red, Orlando Blue, Laker yellow, etc.) Does Edwin Jackson have the rainbow? The purple seems to be the hard one. Looks like it would have to be a throwback Diamondbacks to their original colors.
    That purple amnesty shirt is hilariously awesome! If it isn’t a tequila sunrise, can I call it Shabbos Sunset? It reminds me of Manischewitz.

    Jackson never wore the gold tops with A’s it appears. And never a throwback with Arizona, sadly. (At least on what I can find)

    Love the Hebrew transliterations of English words/names (Mets, Springsteen) on the yarmulkes!

    The turf from the Superdome was donated by the Saints/Tom Benson as part of the Hall’s stadium renovation. If you remember the Hall of Fame Game that got canceled in 2016 because the paint on the field made it unplayable, this was it. They were trying to cover up the Sugar Bowl paint job (It was replaced again right after that).


    Awhile back I was looking up stadiums on Google Maps and looked up the LA Coliseum and I noticed that the midfield logo of Super Bowl I was visible. I was like “WTF” took a screenshot and sent it to Paul. How does that happen?

    I suspect there may be someone around Buffalo named Mayfield who is trying to get rid of the shirt he had made for himself.

    Also “Purp Walk 2019 logo (the same *on* that appears at the beginning of this section).”

    Edwin Jackson has also worn the camouflage cap for the Padres. Padres wear camouflage every Sunday.

    One of my best friends in high school constantly referred to her “hair-control devices,” mainly because it upset her mother (due to the “birth-control device” similarity). To this day, I still use that term whenever referring to such items.

    I have something a little bit similar. Friend of mine usually refers to his toque (knit hat for you non-canuckleheads) as a block heater.

    I occasionally adopt the same self-deprecating name for this winter headwear.

    Me too! That will probably be my curling shirt next season. Which means I’ll need to track down some purple and/or lavender and/or pink stirrups too.

    Edwin Jackson also played for the Cubs during the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field. They wore a few throwbacks during that season as well.

    Funny thing is that I actually have a game worn cap (standard Cubs cap) of his from that season.

    Duquesne left the NBA logos on their basketball court mock-up. Looks like they used templates.

    Can’t decide if the “MadDog 20/20 Sunrise” purp shirt is awesome or horrible.

    I have listened to your thoughts on the subject, and I now wholeheartedly agree.

    It is!

    Oh, man, I watched David Watford quarterback my beloved Hoos during their most disastrous season this century, 2013, the worst in 31 years. He wasn’t all that bad, glad to see he landed somewhere…

    The patch on the Mets Starter jacket appears to be their 25th season patch (also worn in 1986), not a WS patch.

    I’m a Yankee fan but always liked that script New York logo that the Mets used in 1987. They definitely should’ve kept it.

    Came here to say this. It’s too bad that New York script was a one-year deal. It sure was a beaut!

    re: Purp Walk shirt

    Will there be youth sizes available? My daughter would rock this in softball.

    Clemson played Coastal Carolina, not Carolina Coastal. Looking forward to tomorrow’s Purp Walk!


    Never mind, I got it from the Gmail link. When I clicked the Yahoo link it didn’t fill in the address for some reason.

    As a Roughrider fan I like this year’s jersey overall, but would prefer less white underarm trim.

    Who is likely to be the last Devil Ray (pre-“Rays”) active in the MLB?

    I can only think of Ben Zobrist and Edwin Jackson as candidates.

    Could someone who has already ordered the standard tequila sunrise shirt let me know how the sizes run? Sometimes I’m an XL, sometimes I’m an XXL. Has anyone worn theirs with a t-shirt underneath?

    Speaking of caps, does anyone know why the Cardinals wore their red caps on the road against the Braves last night?

    Don’t the Cards routinely wear red caps on the road when playing navy-capped teams? Making the Cards the only team in MLB with a legitimate reason to have more than one cap in their closet.

    You’re totally right, had a total brain freeze, I knew that. When I asked the question my thought was: they wear the red caps against teams with red hats, which would make no sense.

    Thank you Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association. It’s about time someone said no more numbers the same color as the jersey. Completely asinine look. It’s a shame you gotta make a rule about it.

    Same as our standard tequila sunrise deluxe shirt – $35.99.

    Yes, I know that’s a lot. Sublimated designs are expensive. I make the same profit on one of these as I do on a normal screen-printed shirt. The price difference is all at the wholesale level.

    I actually think that’s quite reasonable! I was expecting more in the $50-$60 range. I’ve never ordered any UW swag but am looking forward to doing so tomorrow.

    What about the White Sox block S-O-X Sunday Alternates? – Jackson must have had at least one Sunday Start with the Pale Hose.

    It’s possible, but not a guarantee. Those jerseys (S-O-X) weren’t a weekly thing until 2013 – the 30th anniversary of the ‘83 division championship.

    For 30 years, I’ve been toiling in higher education at an SEC member school. With this job comes a front row seat from which to watch the troubling (now largely accomplished) separation of athletics from academics at big conference schools. But damn, even a place like Dusquesne openly and without a hint of irony now finds some sort of need to “eliminate brand confusion by creating a system that is clear and distinct from the University?” Wow.

    RE: Premier League’s Winners Kits since 1990.

    The Premier League didn’t start until 1992-93 so the first three kits are from the old First Division.


    Here is Edwin Jackson in some other hats
    * Diamondbacks black hat (May 22, 2010 vs TOR) link
    * Padres camo hat (July 17, 2016 vs SF)
    * Padres white/orange hat (August 3, 2016 vs MIL)
    * Orioles black/orange “O’s” hat (June 9, 2017 @ NYY)
    * Nationals red/navy brim hat (July 30, 2017 vs COL)
    * Nationals navy/red flag hat (September 15, 2017 vs LAD)

    There is a graphic that shows Edwin Jackson’s hats here link. This doesn’t seem to look at what he actually wore, only the team’s hats from when he was on the roster. This site shows black with green brim and all black Devil Rays hats, an alternate Braves hat with the tomahawk, and a red with navy brim Nationals flag hat but I didn’t find any photos of Jackson in any of these, although Jackson did wear an all red Nationals flag hat but that was for July 4th in 2012. The graphic also shows the wrong Padres throwback (the one Jackson wore has the brown curve onto the front two panels). It also didn’t include the navy Padres hat with the white and orange SD. I checked off all the hats where I found a photo of Jackson wearing them. link

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